Fabulous F**kery

Episode 8: Multipassionate Fuckery with Monica Livingston

April 10, 2019 Baroness Brée/ Monica Livingston Season 1 Episode 8
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 8: Multipassionate Fuckery with Monica Livingston
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 8: Multipassionate Fuckery with Monica Livingston
Apr 10, 2019 Season 1 Episode 8
Baroness Brée/ Monica Livingston

This episodes guest is Monica Livingston Head Dog of 36 Nation
Monica is a retired DC Diva Running Back, who promotes positive living through her speaking engagements with Positive Coaching Alliance. Check her out and listen her new podcast in May 2019!!!

Twitter/Instagram: @Livingston3636
Website: www.36nation.com

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Recorded at 202Creates Studio in Washington, DC

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Show Notes Transcript

This episodes guest is Monica Livingston Head Dog of 36 Nation
Monica is a retired DC Diva Running Back, who promotes positive living through her speaking engagements with Positive Coaching Alliance. Check her out and listen her new podcast in May 2019!!!

Twitter/Instagram: @Livingston3636
Website: www.36nation.com

For more information:
Web: baronessbree.com
Twitter/IG/Pinterest: @Fabfuckery or @baronessbree

Watch our YouTube Channel:

Recorded at 202Creates Studio in Washington, DC

Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/baronessbree)

spk_1:   0:14
Hello. Welcome to fabulous luxury. I'm your host. Fairness free. Where does our gold toe always emerge? Fabulously in spite of fuck.

spk_0:   0:26
Hello, everyone. Welcome back to this week's episode of Fabulous Factory. I'm your host, Bareness Bree. And today I'm joined by Miss Monica Livingston. She is a superstar. OK, she's a d. C. Will retire. D. C. Yes. Podcast host, Motivational speaker, CPR trainer. She does everything out. You know. He's the leader of 36 nations. 3636 s o. She is inspired to help people change. Yes, and we need more people like you. Could you work with key? Did you work with adults? You work with anyone who's struggling to be their best years, right? That's right. So, tell me, what you working on right now? What am I not working on? Brief. First off, Thanks for having me. Thank you for coming.

spk_1:   1:12
We're supposed to do this and then the flu hit me and I mean, it took me out, but I'll tell you what happened with that, uh, I lost, like, £4 girl that started me on my

spk_0:   1:22
way. So however you can get it, took

spk_1:   1:26
them £4 I turned that into another four. So I'm going sometimes getting sicking the eight. The worst thing that happened T o blessed in everything. Hallelujah. But you're feeling well. I'm feeling well. Okay, well, my exercise routine has been a little challenging. I shared with you Look a little quick on my back here, but that's okay, but I'm working on a bunch of stuff I'm working on, you know, really getting out there and helping people and just doing that. The podcast. I want to focus on that. So we pushed the date back, but I finally had this different concept in my mind. And I just want to hear people's stories, other people's stories. Every single person has a story, they have a journey, and I'm always in an airplane or one of the train. And so I thought, you know, I made that call it the Lonely Bar Hotel bar stories or whatever, but like, you know, I spent a lot of time on trips where it's just me. After I'm done speaking, I have several hours go back to the hotel so I always end up like speaking to people in the uber driver and I have found some fascinating people just wrapped in our ordinary life, right? And it seems mundane. But their stories were so powerful, and I think I just wantto put people on the platform, so I'm calling it like I don't know what the name of it's gonna be. But I want other people to be the producer of it, so to speak, because their story is the show, okay? And so that's gonna be the new format was still, you know, yuck it up like we did before and talk about current events, stuff and silly people and all that kind of stuff. But I want to highlight people. And my thing is, I think that in doing this, I'm gonna find that we arm or the same than we are different even in this politically divided and racially divided climate, the same things that somebody is struggling with. You know, my, uh, the chick that was flipping my burgers in New Orleans is the same thing that the guy that was struggling with here and they both from completely different walks of life. And so just hoping that we could bring some unity and synergy to people, but Yeah, that's that's the goal. That's the dream. Will see, You know, if it all materializes, but I'm thinking so.

spk_0:   3:33
Okay, Mess it up, make it, write it down. Make it playing

spk_1:   3:36
everyone. I got a little diary. I went back to back to paper yet you know, all these gadgets and stuff I can't reveal my password to get in the half stuff. So the idea is a loss. I

spk_0:   3:47
lost my idea book. I was at an event. I don't know what I'm better. I'm better. But it took me about I mean, I was on Instagram. Anybody seen? Have you seen this book? You know, people have pictures of me holding a book, and it's like, Don't see me. No more pictures of me Hold my notebooks. My heart is broken, but, you know also, watch

spk_1:   4:04
out. Make sure your ideas aren't coming out. I don't care about the good ones of copyright. Okay? No, no, we're

spk_0:   4:09
good. But so but the thing is, is that that was the universe's way of telling me that the idea if you sit on it too long, is no longer yours. If it would ever turn back to the universe is so

spk_1:   4:20
you know, I need to hear that

spk_0:   4:22
there's a book called Big Magic but Elizabeth Gilbert and she's the Prey Love Woman s O. Her book is the premise. One of the premises was if you write a story and you take too long with that story and then you see a movie based on the story Okay, that's that was my idea. But, you know, it's so she talked about this idea she had she said on and then she was watching TV, and you know it. So we have to move on that factory. This is for life. But we have to do a better job of when we got an idea. We'll be sitting on it for right. You know, fear, right? Mainly

spk_1:   4:58
Revere just keeps you going, things not ready. And I'm not the one more thing I want to do to it or it's not the right person. And I think that that's one of the biggest thing. You know, You just gotta not be scared

spk_0:   5:09
us. So full disclosure. We met last year on Sarah free Hey, free podcasts. And we were doing the royal wedding, the royal wedding before your wedding And you were all decked out about out you to bubble out puts a montage way The first time I've ever done a pocket was drunk by living Lubitz. Rashed. What? Really? Well, we got there late, So I was there for like, it was like a seven called Gay Am. People am. Yes, I am. But by the time we get I mean, like, it was fine, Yes, but to see the timing the way she did her business, Sarah is just one of my favorite. Is she? She's amazing. And, you know, it was a call, you know, we were just, you know, this is a schedule. Who are you? Are you on the list? And she

spk_1:   5:59
shares information like she's not one of these people. That is, like, stingy with information. And those were good people, right? Anybody, this and I'm going to put this out here. This is the opportunity to say this if you don't get back at me when I call you a text. You

spk_0:   6:14
I know you're scared already. No, I already know, But something is, kid, I'm

spk_1:   6:18
really trying to collaborate. OK, I'm not trying to take your spot is enough out here. There's no shortage of money. There

spk_0:   6:25
really isn't going to find Some people don't have it

spk_1:   6:27
in a different way to go back and get it. But it's no shortage of money not drying up. There's written it somewhere right around here.

spk_0:   6:32
There's enough money for everybody. And there's enough. There's enough light for everybody With all of these media outlets. I don't need to sit close to the vest, But my thing is when I see you. So I saw her. We changed information. I never followed up. I saw you, Ugo. I wasn't ready. Right? So then I saw you at a book. Um, but part of that process again. And you like So Yeah, we meet again. He was going on. I got you. Now I gotta show, You know, every time you don't stop, don't mind stuff. But then I started stalking you like that. We had

spk_1:   7:09
a date and then the flu hit.

spk_0:   7:10
Things happen has happened, but we make it happen. Absolutely. But so you speak and do all this thing motivational speaking thing about because you got some really cool stuff

spk_1:   7:21
coming. Eso primarily. I speak for an organization positive coaching alliance It's a nonprofit organization, and so I travel the country for them. And we speak Thio coaches, athletic directors, the athletes themselves and their parents. And we talk about the power of positivity in youth sports, how important it is to make sure that young people are having a good time when they're playing sports and not to concentrate on this peak performance. And are they the best on the team and really just focused on things that are gonna translate into their careers? Let later Are they given, you know, full effort, right? Because you want someone that gives full effort at work. Who cares if you scored the You know the winning basket. When you're 32 years old, it's time for work. And if you tell me that story at work, I'm being mad at you like that. Got to do it. What I asked you to do, right? So what? I want to know that you two type person that gives effort and then so we stress these things two parents and the coaches and the athletes, and also let him know that if you truly want to get peak performance, you've got to be in an environment in a culture where you feel like you can do your best. So yelling and screaming really doesn't do anything for people long term. It'll work short

spk_0:   8:33
term. You know that your appearance, you clean up your room, they'll go clean up the room right then and there. But then I could keep it clean every week because you yelled one Tuesday, right? But you have

spk_1:   8:43
to institute some things in and around positivity. They get the desired results. So

spk_0:   8:47
getting a WiFi off when I made is not They're gonna give you the desire I mean, to get you that one. Right? Then yes, that will work. I said negativity will work.

spk_1:   8:56
People that will work and just will not work long term.

spk_0:   8:58
Build the right skill set. Doesn't teach the accountability, doesn't teach the, you know. Hey, this is your responsibility. Is your room if you wanna live like this. Yeah, and you have to get to

spk_1:   9:07
that point right where you like, but Okay, You

spk_0:   9:10
know, I'm not gonna put him on blast, you know, But you and I won't

spk_1:   9:14
say what you told me before. We started taping about, gets all sails together,

spk_0:   9:20
But Yes, I do That, um, cool thing coming up

spk_1:   9:23
next Friday, I'll be in L A. So I'm super stoked about that. Glad the £4 is gone and almost close to my l A body. And so I'm going there for event that Nike is co sponsoring with we coach and organization that helps women get into coaching and just especially young coaches, gives him a curriculum. And so I'm going out there to learn their curriculum and then turn around and teach that. So I'm happy about that. I mean, you know, Nike and we could cause what do you say? I'm not doing some Friday? No, I say, OK, I'll be there. What? Time and win. So I've got that coming up. Podcast relaunch? Um, yeah, and I'm on the grind. That DC diva season is coming up. Women's pro Tackle Football. April 13th 7 p.m. Six p. M. The first game at the brand new facility the ST James in Springfield, Virginia.

spk_0:   10:19
The new fancy place That defensive thing is woo 500

spk_1:   10:25
square feet of fabulousness. I mean, anything you can think of, they have in doors, rock climb in virtual reality games. You can box and the virtual reality or skydive the What's that American Ninja Warrior? They've got like that inside their basketball courts the whole night and now. And this is gonna help us because we've been around 20 years. Divas have been, but we play in April, right? So April, May, June, July. It's really hot. A lot of rain. We

spk_0:   10:55
got an indoor spa, got

spk_1:   10:57
indoor spot. So it's a game changer for us. Our fans, you know, we typically get to 3000 people in the game. I'm open for 5000. Now it's fun, and these girls really play football. This is not Powderpuff. Daggone sure is not the lingerie league that's about to sing no longer. Only that's nasty. No. Okay, master to play football, which draws. Pulled aside, that's nasty. So it's not that really held its show. The band's really at the elites. It's gonna be It's gonna be a fun time. So,

spk_0:   11:28
yeah, I

spk_1:   11:29
am. And it's so so cool to be in their locker room space. And it's what the team deserves after 20 years, you know, these are women that dedicated their life to this sport in so many ways they are elite at the Leeds, and now they have the facility that matches their passion, their driving, the effort that they've been putting into some I'm super stoked to be even belonging to them. Still,

spk_0:   11:52
I just don't understand. You do so much. Yeah, you do a lot. How do you keep your work? Life, violence, insanity, violence.

spk_1:   12:00
Your you give me an opportunity looking his she'd know how crazy she already. I have a PhD, and I think that that helps me, actually, um, you know, I did a thing for Washington Post about a DHD, and that's one of things I'm really passionate about is trying to get teachers to understand kids that have a DHD and that it's not that we're bad or that we don't really care about what you're saying. Our brains literally work differently. And so I had to choose things where my THD became a benefit for me. So I can, you know, concentrate on multiple things at the same time. When do multiple things. I need that. You know, when when I was sick, it was just like I'm looking at the wall. I'm counting with spaces. Has

spk_0:   12:44
that mark always been right there. I got this painting. Why was there

spk_1:   12:48
a mark, right? Yeah. You know, I don't lay around much or sit down much, so I think they DHD helps me with that. In terms of your answer, your question, to take care of myself,

spk_0:   12:58
I'm learning that it's It's ah, it

spk_1:   13:01
is in process. I'm trying to take time for myself, but because I'm bad at relaxing, I don't really know what that looks like. Right? For some people, they have this, you know, they know it's a massage or to sit outside and read a book or, you know, go to it. It's not like chilling is like, not really my thing. Like, I'm really bad at that. So, um, you know, I'm trying to learn that I know that I want to eat better. And I started that, um but yeah, suggestions.

spk_0:   13:32
We gonna have to have a fabulous mockery outing. Okay, Hilda, teach us about being outside in the cold. I don't know if you find gold. So Holistic held. It was the guest last episode. I know he'll do. I'm not available for cold things. Yeah, she goes outside in the cold, and she does like cold adapting and she goes out like a tank top in some gloves on tumble. She's cold. Adapted. I think we don't let However, she could help shed some. Okay, Insanity type exercises. Okay. You know, being just have like, baby Oh, do something, you know, working in this corner. You know, working. It isn't working in this corner over here. D'oh. Craft wine tasting want is an event that we can figure out sparing where people can just have wellness and just figure out what happened. I think I think that's a good idea, because I don't know if people know, right? Sometimes you don't Like I told you. I want the polarities and pop. I don't know what, but, you know, you're trying to learn all these new techniques because, you know, I could go in the house and laying on the sofa is my relaxation. However, my therapist has told me that that is a avoidance activity. And so I know now I need to take off the depression,

spk_1:   14:38
right? Especially you laying there with a bottle of wine.

spk_0:   14:41
Maybe that is called self. You know, some people take a bath and like I think you're right. If you can put people through, like, exploring what that looks like, that may be super beneficial. Thio look out pretty much. I'm gonna post this into

spk_1:   14:59
after, you know, the details together. Olivia calls marketing budget, but

spk_0:   15:04
way we got, we got so but, you know, it's just so this the hum of the city and the energy of the city can throw anybody off. Yeah, and so the fact that you're doing all of this you staying focused. You've been productive. You've been in the game for a long Yeah. Yeah. So you know when I gotta give props. Oh, geez, I appreciate that. You know, You know, let the great carefully. That's a 41 K baby. Hey, Liv. Well, you know, that's that's the hard thing to dating in the area, you know, in the whole sugar, baby sugar Mama, everybody wants some men. Don't you just don't get you right. Just get you almost the first. And then you

spk_1:   15:48
could share with people

spk_0:   15:49
will get to know you don't want to promote your album. Especially that album. Yeah, you know, like I'm all for following your dream, right? This is absolutely, you know, and I got told someone I said what it looks like in your twenties versus what looks like in your thirties or what it looks like. I think every decade brings a new level of you because you level up, you know who you want. It was toxic to you. We didn't know, You know, when I was 20 I didn't know certain things weren't from me. 30. We notice it. So now you learn all these things, and now we learn about it. We're doing better, hopefully, but also we also every day we get a new chance to start.

spk_1:   16:23
About that I said that one of my talks is called Every day is December 31st. Like you don't have to sit around and wait until December 31st. Traditionally, everybody writes down. All these things are gonna change. Make all these declarations and I'm going to do all this and then by the 17th of January is gone.

spk_0:   16:40
I'll be honest with you this year it was like, Oh, um, we don't start the New Year old march for, um, way messed up. You wear that like it's march, right? So now you know, just like Okay, so into Mars. Yeah, And that looks like you said every

spk_1:   16:57
day you get to decide this is what I'm gonna participate in. This way I'm not gonna participate in. I'm gonna grow here. I'm just a petty here

spk_0:   17:03
and exactly, You know, sometimes petty people don't appreciate the healthy dose of petty. We need to be able to tell a person where to go, where to stick it, where to go. And, you know, people used to nice, pleasant, right, And that's fine. But now that you get older people have, I think also, But you have to speak people's language. You have to

spk_1:   17:22
speak his language. Like if I'm talking to you the only way I know how to talk. And you're not hearing me that I've got develop another way that you understand. And so some,

spk_0:   17:30
you know, every language

spk_1:   17:31
isn't for every person. But you better have them in your repertoire. So you can affect more people because you have those people out there that need to be reminded. I had ah, uh, someone I worked with. I'm not going to say too much more than that because I'd be like,

spk_0:   17:45
Why do you say about me? right that I worked with that about every four months I had

spk_1:   17:52
to check, like, and then they would cry. And I'm like this Nancy. Now you cry now, Supposed to feel bad, but you don't want to get yourself into this. Behavior got yourself to this spot in every four months. And in between those four months, we had fabulous conversation. We were able to reach goals, all of that.

spk_0:   18:10
It's just how she needed to be communicated. Thio and I

spk_1:   18:14
gave her some other

spk_0:   18:15
options, but she couldn't hear that. So checking people ISR is a real thing, and it should be done. Okay.

spk_1:   18:20
It's frequently as they needed to be done.

spk_0:   18:22
You know what? And that's spoken from a D. C.

spk_1:   18:24
Hey, now is a running back. I would not be a hit. No, but I was trying to stay away from the confusion. Okay, girls that see different, like, I'm gonna cut this way. Better

spk_0:   18:33
run. This thing is important at all. Yes. Yes. You know the fact that you have done this? You still making sure you're in the wellness and fitness game there? You know, I don't know how you do it and just you just put a smile on your face. Well, you

spk_1:   18:49
know, I gotta keep smiling. No points, you know, Not smile. And

spk_0:   18:52
life is good. That's the other thing. Life is good. Okay. You know what is there

spk_1:   18:55
not to smile, though I have is I had a car to get into. Come here to the city and money to pay the meter. Walked up here, Got the charge, my phone meet great people. When I'm sitting here talking to you like

spk_0:   19:07
I mean, what is there to complain about? Listen, life is too short. I tell people all the time. I lost both of my parents. They were very young when they pull out. So you know, you have these people that you know, they made about something, right? Well, what do you really mad about? And what can we do to change our focus? So I just try to take everyday knows. I mean, I had a period of time where I was just a miserable human. Sure, but, you know, you just say, Hey, what do I do to make things better? And what is my responsibility is what I can control for you, right? What? You're doing? You know I can control Is this little space that is brilliant? Sounds of my damn. Like you trying to control

spk_1:   19:41
it. We asked me some advice by work. Like you're trying to control everybody that works there. Okay. And the only person you need to be focusing on is the person you see in the mirror. You You are in control of your reaction to that person. You're in control of what time you get to work, What time you leave? How much effort you put in there? You are completely in control. And if people spent more time doing this to themselves and working on that, they would also

spk_0:   20:04
feel better. You can't

spk_1:   20:05
stress me out because I'm not giving you that power like you can't. Your inability to accomplish your goals will not affect me.

spk_0:   20:15
That's when I tell people this time big. Yeah. How about that? If you have some awesome Don't, don't. Please. God drove. Knew Billy O. T. J. Maxx. I have gift carts. So But you know you think mutt? No, it doesn't. Doesn't take much, but it is. I don't know. It is just bizarre. And I'm just this whole energy like everything has been going on the D C area. The energy

spk_1:   20:44
has just been whack it. Well, yeah, and, you know, it's a whole nother

spk_0:   20:49
I've had to stop watching. Knew me too. I've had to, you know, that's just that's myself. Care? Yeah, Yeah, I'm

spk_1:   20:55
standing comedies on Netflix. I'm just watching Dave Chappelle over and over and had to

spk_0:   20:59
cut off the news alerts because it's like, Is that a nervous tick up developed right? It's really, you know, is my arm numb? Is that an exact Yeah, And the thing is also really like Then you start. I

spk_1:   21:11
started to the point where I was looking at people funny like, because I don't know where they stand up on the side of the coin, right? And so I would be at the bar, not just be looking at him like I want you to say something, just something so I can tell. I don't know which way you know, because there's so many people that I felt like I felt betrayed by this election. I felt betrayed because I knew that there were people out there that had opposing views. Okay? It wouldn't be America if they weren't people with opposing views. But some of the stuff that this particular administration stands for affect me tremendously. And so what? I felt like it was that people that are supposed to be my friend, which of the Poles and said, Monica all right, but and I really not for real for real, Never mind her. That's what that vote felt like. And I was taking that personal and then going out there like, I mean,

spk_0:   22:07
I remember the day after

spk_1:   22:08
election I was in the grocery store and somebody came in and they were on the phone and they laughed and I looked at It was a young young brother and I was like this what is funny today? Like he was looked at me and I was like, You probably voted your phone right? So

spk_0:   22:23
I took it

spk_1:   22:23
personal, So I had to do like you. I had to, like, shut some of that stuff off and shut some of that stuff down because it was starting to seep in and mess with my overall. You know, jovial. Everybody's good people. Personality was like, No, you're not.

spk_0:   22:36
You sucks your fault. I see you. It's been so bad that therapists are taking break. Yes. I don't think they have to and you know, not did. They don't deserve it, right? But it's so crazy right now that, you know, the energy is like the mom one of those Ghostbusters movies when they had to use your eyes on every staying and you play the music video today. But that news has made everybody angry and fighting in the street.

spk_1:   23:01
That's a that's a great So you just

spk_0:   23:03
you like what in the world is going on? And so you have to remove yourself from situation to the point where I almost didn't want to go out anymore, right? Because I don't want to have to fight you, right? I don't want to have to, you

spk_1:   23:14
know, charge. Did you vote for right?

spk_0:   23:16
You know, that's the whole conversation. And when people come together and who did you vote for it. It's like just just going and pay your check. This right, right, right. And you know, and you don't want, you know, and then the people who didn't vote at all that I

spk_1:   23:29
think I've become including most angry

spk_0:   23:31
and so you have. And then we just had a second election. You know, we just had the last round of elections, which is starting to change. People start to realize holy crap. Our kids are affected. All rights are infected, Mom on them and got no Medicaid. Exactly. And so now that we're realizing and, you know, people, I didn't realize that people had this.

spk_1:   23:48
I tell you, not until they

spk_0:   23:50
think are the ones who need. Right. And now with the When the fellow happened, you saw those people were government jobs out there, you know, getting men if it And, you know, if someone said to me Oh, is people getting diapers? Free diapers from the diaper drive? And you know, Jose Andreas had people showing up in suits and ties, Right? Right. T s. So it kind of, you know, said to people, everybody's 1/2 a paycheck away from being homeless. Joseph,

spk_1:   24:16
your government workers,

spk_0:   24:17
what is your goal in 2019 to not be in this place, right? And so I think right now, because everybody looks real good. We all look shiny, you know? Yeah, but what's that bank account, right, s. So we have to do a better job of saying, How do we build generational

spk_1:   24:34
well generation? Well, that

spk_0:   24:36
it's not about just me right now by sons. You know, someone had a means. Like I don't want my kids to just inherit a bunch of Gucci belts, you know? But it's the truth. You know, my kid might have boys, and I can appreciate my extensive wig collection. You know, like a mom. Excellent, Remi hair, Right Selections. And they're all colored and, you know, But they did not. Yeah, I don't think I don't know what they want to. Maybe they want to be drinking, But still, that's not competitively capability. Don't know. And that's also not going to help my great grandchildren go to college. Yeah,

spk_1:   25:10
and that's what we gotta start concentrating on generational. Well, because it's, you know, and we in spending it in investing it instead of just, you know, wasting it away. But I do like the waist, a little bit of money.

spk_0:   25:20
I like that, you know, But it's responsible, right? I'm learning adult thing. So yeah, it is difficult, you know, when you're traveling and it's like, Oh, look at this, right. No one

spk_1:   25:33
else. Nothing else to do right that you're I spend so much money on the road because I'm just me just They're just why not? You know, I even started leaving little room in my suitcase to bring stuff back up on that. This has become a problem.

spk_0:   25:45
I'm working on it. Um, Martian, April Mindell spend months, Reza, I have actual month. Where if I wish if something that I've seen that I need, I'll write it down, okay? And or put the link somewhere. I revisited. So then when June comes, you realize I really don't

spk_1:   26:01
need it, right? Because you haven't had it.

spk_0:   26:03
Didn't eat any of

spk_1:   26:03
wow, you know, spend. So no spin on what, though.

spk_0:   26:06
So essentials that doesn't go to go to T. J. Maxx and by $120 for candles. Because I've done it before. Look at that old you know, gonna be sexy. Your body that doesn't have

spk_1:   26:19
a headache in the autumn differences.

spk_0:   26:20
So you always think the same since, But then, you know. Are you going? You about a face mask sheet mass and I come back? My sounds like why is there a case of sheets? Because they're all of having a real good deal. I'm gonna have it no more. So you know, and that's everything to we buy stuff like is gonna go out. Yeah, it's so if it gets, what if it's not there? I found it on Amazon.

spk_1:   26:41
Everything taking over the world.

spk_0:   26:43
You just gotta. And that's why I try to go to TJ mates because I need a real story that run into

spk_1:   26:48
the Amazon supposed real store soon.

spk_0:   26:50
Well, they already have the bookstores.

spk_1:   26:52
Yeah, but they're gonna do, like, other, like the grocery store. I think it's coming next. Or these other stores I saw where you just go on. There's only one of everything. So you still have to order from them and you ring up and pay their or check out your cart somehow. And then it shows up at your door every size. Almost spooky

spk_0:   27:08
spooky. Now, Yeah, it's smoking, you know, like when you do prime now and they go to whole foods or wherever they bring whatever you like. Wait a minute. Date. This is magic, right? E train for amazonfresh. They have a water pump breath of inventory, but at prom, name was included with your prime members Yeah, I didn't know this existed, so I was just like I'm canceling. Amazonfresh goes for 14 99 a month. And you know, I'm just looking. Amazon's taking all my coins. I got Amazon prime. I got Kendall one limited. I got audible. I got yes, the plan. And you said it like I didn't. You know, I could finally cut the cord because I really don't watch TV. So I have the gift table. That's that's amazing. I'm nervous. But I will say that there's a lot of legal, legit programs that exists for. And I know celebutante girl, get fire stick. I don't know. You know, in the first, can you see stuff good you can. So there's been talking. People have told me of things in this lord's sake. I don't wanna watch fuzzy TV ad, you know, back in

spk_1:   28:16
the day we've ever used to remedy years the movies. Um, I had a schedule. It was the DVD man DVD man. And here you buy DVDs from him.

spk_0:   28:26
And I remember

spk_1:   28:27
this one time it was three. For $20.

spk_0:   28:30
I'm in the mood. He's I'm watching the movie, and then I see it. Dude, get up with his popcorn is in the middle of my movie. Okay? That's the can know the guy that I was

spk_1:   28:41
like, Yes, I don't want fire stick to be a version of, like, something like that. I can't deal with that.

spk_0:   28:45
But you know what? People who have it, please. Okay. I've been using on file Oh, TV, which is actually pretty cool. Like 16 bucks a month. Very similar to Sling Sling is like 20 bucks a month. It's like all these little options. Do you want to watch? My thing is, I'm a game of Thrones girl. Right? So I'm gonna get HBO. Go. I'm waiting for my seven day trial and you get HBO go without having the subscription. Okay? You pay for it monthly until you don't want to pay for it no more, you know. So now the cable is dying. So now Comcast is like, oh, crap, people record. So now they offering you this row cool box for $5 a month where you can stream content. Well, where was this? Really? I was

spk_1:   29:22
wondering what horizon cans cocks. All those people are gonna have to do this. You gotta come up with an answer.

spk_0:   29:27
Apple Justice announced Apple TV.

spk_1:   29:28
I know. Then when soon is that I know of definitely cutting the cord.

spk_0:   29:32
I get what you already got a couple years. So it's like, Let's do this like that. Done. I'm gonna

spk_1:   29:37
tell you the example for everybody in the world should be Netflix. Like when you have something bad happening. You just look at Netflix. Netflix was dead. There was no Netflix. They were ahead. They were on top that these

spk_0:   29:51
DVDs and we were loving little subscription. And then that

spk_1:   29:54
went away. They tried with Blue Ray, and then they realized nobody was getting those $370

spk_0:   29:58
machine and I need a tow watch. Clear. And they went away. And now they have, like, major movie

spk_1:   30:05
stars doing original content, and they changed the game. That's that's the kind of person I want to be like. I want to be a person like Netflix, like Lex. Get knocked down and come back bigger and better. And batter, baby.

spk_0:   30:17
But you won't be the Netflix of what? What would be your branding? Netflix? I don't know. Yeah,

spk_1:   30:25
I go again with a Ph. D. I was thinking about all the things

spk_0:   30:27
to the next fix that you could be the Netflix of motivational coaching. You could be Netflix, Netflix, a life. Okay, let's do it. All right. I want to do it

spk_1:   30:37
all with me. The Netflix a life,

spk_0:   30:38
you know? And that's the thing people always like. What do you want? Do what you want to do with this with this podcast going do Right now, I'm just hoping that I'm reaching the right person who was having a bad day, right? Put a smile on their faces. It You know, maybe they learned a little something that they didn't learn something. They'll send me a message to tell me that, but that don't do that. Don't Apple tunes. You just just give me a d n way.

spk_1:   30:59
Radios don't work will improve working on things. Just

spk_0:   31:06
just don't just send me a happy email and we'll

spk_1:   31:08
get you fixed. And I'm trying to be you try to make sure that stuff is what I tunes and YouTube Since I figured out up to whatever they

spk_0:   31:16
listen to everything you need. We got it. We got here, I guess. First of all, I want to say thank you to you for coming by. No, thank you. Gotta come to me. Oh, you know, you

spk_1:   31:28
coming on my show. You have alcohol.

spk_0:   31:32
We can't have alcohol. Things thank you to chill to creates for allowing us to use their space in their engineer. Thank you for everything. Guys, listen to me wherever. Probably cancer downloaded, streamed. You can follow our YouTube channel. Just look at fabulous factory and you can find your favorite slippery dot com or bareness fri dot com. You guys have a great day and we'll talk soon.