Fabulous F**kery

Episode 10: Collab Fuckery with Elle VanDyne

June 05, 2019 Baroness Brée/ Elle VanDyne Season 1 Episode 10
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 10: Collab Fuckery with Elle VanDyne
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 10: Collab Fuckery with Elle VanDyne
Jun 05, 2019 Season 1 Episode 10
Baroness Brée/ Elle VanDyne

Elle VanDyne
Creatrix + Founder
CollabCreate DC

Elle is a community leader and entrepreneur living in Washington, DC with her partner, 1 kid, and 3 cats.  Currently, her work focuses on launching CollabCreateDC, a new collaborative network for creative entrepreneurs. When she's not connecting people + promoting the DC creative community, she loves sharing DIY home design + holistic lifestyle tips, cooking up delicious healthy-ish food, and tackling the never-ending project list at her brick row home.

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Elle VanDyne
Creatrix + Founder
CollabCreate DC

Elle is a community leader and entrepreneur living in Washington, DC with her partner, 1 kid, and 3 cats.  Currently, her work focuses on launching CollabCreateDC, a new collaborative network for creative entrepreneurs. When she's not connecting people + promoting the DC creative community, she loves sharing DIY home design + holistic lifestyle tips, cooking up delicious healthy-ish food, and tackling the never-ending project list at her brick row home.

Find Elle:

Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/baronessbree)

spk_0:   0:13
Welcome to Fabulous Factory. I'm your host. Fairness Pre fabulous factory is yours to fist erratic destination for discussion on wellness Dating family and blur Life Come with me while we discuss emerging fabulously in spite of life's factory Hello, everyone. I'm your girl Baroness Free Welcome you to today's episode of Fabulous Factory. I'm here today with L Van Dine, the Create IX and founder of Collab Create d. C. Thank you so much for coming having man super excited l is doing amazing things in the D C area. She's working with small businesses to help us find each other, collaborate, do some great work, make some business, makes the money She has a lot of interest in homely like cooking D I Y you like a hodgepodge of all kinds of cool stuff on dure recent leave departing from corporate world. Going into entrepreneurship

spk_1:   1:10
is about to be three years and I'm like, Where did that time?

spk_0:   1:13
Did he go fast for you?

spk_1:   1:15
I mean, when I was in it, it was going real slow.

spk_0:   1:18
But now nobody

spk_1:   1:20
like prepares you mentally for that adjustment from like leaving corporate life and realizing, like how much of the shit that you hate is like your own

spk_0:   1:28
shit. You have to

spk_1:   1:31
deal with it instead of like having a job to blame it on. So

spk_0:   1:34
it's a lot of unpacking now, how long were you corporate?

spk_1:   1:37
I mean, often on. I changed careers from government contracting to residential construction.

spk_0:   1:43
Oh, okay.

spk_1:   1:44
I'll back s o. I was in, like, corporate residential construction. But before that, I was in, like, that government contracting world. So all I know, like, about 15 years of that total.

spk_0:   1:57
When did you know it was okay to make the leap to entrepreneurship?

spk_1:   2:01
When I just wanted to cry when I had to go to

spk_0:   2:06
work and

spk_1:   2:07
I was like, I can't do this anymore. Like it's hurting my soul to, like, show up and deal with these people. I don't care about anymore. And like, I'm good at my job. But like I hate my job is not a compatible like I just I couldn't do it anymore.

spk_0:   2:22
You're speaking to me. Oh, you know, because you're you're at this job in as Americans. We've been told that our jobs air to work this 9 to 5. Go home, pet your dog, kick your kid or the other way around and, you know, and then, you know, save your thrift savings plan in your full one k until you can retire. But now we're all starting to break the mold. Yeah, and realize Oh, yes, I can work this 9 to 5 job, but my real passion is my side hustle. How do you get from side hustle to real life? So you know, other steps that you took to realize?

spk_1:   2:56
Um, you know, I like well, my side hustled them was different than what you know, you know, like I collaborate was a relatively late in the process thing because I think I really had to, like, spend some time figuring out like what I actually wanted to do instead of just assuming that it would be the like, past pop hobby kind of passion that I had, which I've realized, like, for now, that's what the D I Y in the home and the cooking like I love doing all that stuff in, like sharing it with people. Blake. I was trying to do that and Collab create for a while. And like I had to pick one because I only have so much band with

spk_0:   3:33
and see, that's my struggle was Well, you know, your Sydney like I like this on. This is pretty cool. People like when I do this, this doesn't make me money. This can. This doesn't You know, we have to be able to say this is a passion. This is the business. So you're finding that collaborate disease for

spk_1:   3:52
right now, Like that's my focus.

spk_0:   3:54
That's your focus. Focus. Until we make the until, you

spk_1:   3:58
know, until I get to the point. Hopefully, everybody wants to get to write where, like, things are kind of running themselves, and you have a good team, and then you can, like, focus on more of your passion projects. And maybe those air gonna change. And I'm sure they will, like by the time that happens, like my interests might be elsewhere. But yeah, like I could make money doing, like, home and design and d i y stuff. But man, drive me crazy to be on that instagram with, like all the home design people I'm like, I can't keep up with you all. And it just it wasn't feeding my soul. And like I really wanted to like connect with people and be connecting people. And as I got more involved with, like the creative scene in D. C over the past few years like that, that's where the idea for Collab create came from because I just kept meeting all these amazing people who needed to know each other on There's not a structure in place for that right now. Well,

spk_0:   4:47
I appreciate you because just following your Instagram and her Instagram is at Collab create D. C. And it is one of the cleanest looking just from the design standpoint, your graphics are all very consistent. And, you know, it's all these neat images for things going on in D. C. And so I'm always plugged into 202 creates and collaborate Dizzy, And people are actually starting to think of you guys has almost the same type of entity because, you know, till two creates the government side and, you know, they're they're giving us the access to the small business funds. But then you're organizations like Oh, yeah, by the way, these air off some also small businesses there consider Okay, this person makes plant planting things like the fin futile. Yeah, Easy only been

spk_1:   5:31
featuring them or like wrapping up those features this week, which will be over by the time this air's probably. But they are extending their pop up through the end of July, so people should definitely check that out. I mean, I feature them a lot because I love them so much like everybody's amazing in their own right, and it's just really nice to find, like local, you know, women made products and art and cool things that we can all use. Instead of clicking on the Amazon cart

spk_0:   5:56
like this,

spk_1:   5:57
I just click over to fem fatal for a minute and and check them out

spk_0:   6:00
and also see people in person, because the Internet has removed that personality behind who created your jewelry. So it's really need to be able to say, Oh, let me see what they recommend on their instagram and oh, there's a story behind it. There's a mother who's feeding her Children based on her jewelry. You know there's a person paying for her parents. I think that someone was paying for their cancer treatments or things of that nature through the arts and crafts that they're creating at these sports shops, and pop ups. And I'm like, Okay, we didn't support that exact verses that being made overseas with a person I don't know, there's a person and it's connected to a face. And that's what we're talking like the small Business week. When you buy from the small business, you're helping a family pay for summer camp or, you know, a bill. So no, I'm really grateful for what you're doing in here. Yeah,

spk_1:   6:47
yeah, that's exactly what we want to do is just, like, show the stories of the people behind all these great local businesses. And it's it's crazy because it's just like every day I wake up and I find, like, new people and like just this endless source and I really focus on D. C. But you know, I've expanded something like Maryland and Virginia, but like, that's a whole another, like additional, like bounty of these amazing creators and people. So I'm so excited to just be meeting people and featuring them, and we're gonna change up the way we do features next month and, like start kind of spreading it out a little more. And so I'm excited to like we're gonna feature our first guy like I don't know yet what I know. I've been, like six months now and I haven't really have. It's just naturally been a kind of women centered thing

spk_0:   7:33
and good for him for saying, Hey, I got information. Let me submit this to you, yeah, link me in. So because a lot of people feel as though certain spaces are only for women, as long as you're respectful in a good human, let's do

spk_1:   7:45
exactly yeah, I haven't created it to be like, just for women, but it's been like the people who were like showing up in participating in the community, and it happens to be mostly women. So

spk_0:   7:56
I want a transition for a second because you said when you went from corporate thio becoming your own boss, that you had your own shit you needed to deal with. What did you find? Well, for working for yourself with yourself every day, and I know you have some cats, but you know, you know you can't get your employees are now in the cat's during the day. But what did you learn about yourself in this transition that really stood out of something that we needed to work on.

spk_1:   8:21
I mostly learned that you know, my my beliefs about what I could do and what I should be doing with my life were so largely informed by other people, my parents and my family. And like my culture, like I grew up in the Midwest in, like, a really conservative Christian environment. And like, even though I really left that as a teen, I just those those stories stick with you, right? And nothing I needed some reprogramming of like not just that, but like all of the little things that you pick up along the way through, you know, your twenties and thirties, and then you're like, Oh, like thistles. Everybody else's shit is not really my shit. He, um So it was like letting go of a lot of that, um, you know, getting getting rid of a lot of relationships. Like I know a lot of people talk about this, but I experienced that relationship purge where all of a sudden you're just like they gotta go. Hey, gotta go. And like, it's not It's nothing like don't mean any malice or like Bill will towards them. But it's you just realize you don't have the energy in your life for that kind of energy because you want to create all these other things.

spk_0:   9:31
Yes, Maia's, though. No, I understand now the whole relationship purging because people show up in different phases of your life and that has an emotional attachment to whatever that moment was. How hard has it been for you to say, Um, girl, you gotta go. I mean, the first big loan was really hard on. It

spk_1:   9:53
was someone who was really, really close to me, and, you know, and it's it's been a process. But I think just showing up for yourself every day and trusting my intuition, like knowing that, like, looking back, I knew this all along about this person, right? Like I just never trusted myself to act on it and be like maybe I should put my energy elsewhere. So the benefit of all of that is, though, that like now I can identify the kinds of energy I don't want around ahead of time. Like before we start going down the rabbit hole of friendship, working together whatever by just trusting your intuition, cutting that off when you need Thio.

spk_0:   10:33
I've read in a book, and I need to remember what book it wasn't have to figure it out. When your phone rings on DDE, that person's name or picture pops up. How does it make you feel? Yeah, and I've looked You know, sometimes I'm looking for a phone number, a little feeling like folks like I don't want to talk to that person today. You know, it's some our bodies know how a person reacts to us, and it's crazy. So when you just talked about that, that really hits home for me, cause I'm really doing the the perch. How do you know? Okay, person. Thank you for the space that you have honored. And me Thank you for the growth you've allowed me. I'll see you at you know you. You know, see, you howl of some people. You just have to let go all together because they don't want to respect that. This base is no longer available for them in your lives. And that's the hardest kind of purge of this person that keeps popping up and, like, watch. You created a new account. Don't you have a new phone number like No, don't do this. and so good for you. And I hope more people find species to say I love you from

spk_1:   11:38
Yeah, it's getting out of your comfort zone and under your patterns. You know, I miss a lot of things about the people that aren't really like, you know, in my circle anymore. And not all of them have been like a like a friend Break up. A lot of it has just been like people just kind of flow out of my my orbit because I've got all of these other things that I'm attracting now, too. So, you know, it's been really nice to get more involved in the creative community and meet all of these people. Do you know that are doing the same thing that I'm doing, like they're going through this process of being an entrepreneur, being creative and like figuring out how to make all this mess work on. Those are the kind of people that I need to be around right now.

spk_0:   12:21
You know, you're absolutely right, cause you have to be around people who have other gone the path that you're currently going down because a lot of people like you're saying your beliefs from your family and growing up there scared for you sometimes. And they don't know how to say I'm excited for you or I know. And so I'm talking to people about old. I'm starting to sting. And I'm like, Why? It doesn't say I quit my job. I just said that started a podcast or that I'm writing you. Like, what would he What do you mean? You're doing something different and they're scared for you. And so I recognize the fear, but effort, we gotta do it anyway. And no. So I'm just so excited and grateful to hear someone that has that level of clarity that says, you know I'm doing it. This is how we need to do it. Yeah. No, I have another question for you regarding self care. And what do you do with this? L time? How do you take care of yourself and mist of always going? Always posting.

spk_1:   13:18
Um well, like today I got a pedicure because that was my monthly. Like must. D'oh! It's my first open toed shoes today. Today I'm sporting my new pedicure. I mean, I think just finding little things like that whatever makes you happy um, and making time to do those cause. Like I just, like, say, I'm gonna get a pedicure, but then I don't put it on the calendar. It's not gonna happen. Um, I also really got into meditation in the last since, like, November, I started a thing, and I just noticed so many differences in my anxiety levels and my productivity levels. And that has also been a process, like, everything is it's not perfect. But, man, I feel so much better when I do that. And I I'm like, why did I wait so long to start doing this? I don't know. I wasn't ready, I guess. Um so those are probably my two favorite things and just really I recently actually decided and not post on the weekends, all on instagram. Um, I was not doing like, feature posts. And then for a while I had someone helping me do stories on the week guns, and I was just like, you know, for the amount of energy and time that we're putting into this, like our engagement isn't that high on the weekends, people who are like on our feet are out doing stuff, only making stuff and have a lot of things going on. So I think at this point it's worth it to me, said. This was the first weekend that I did that and my God, it was amazing. I like I logged out of clap create D C and I love you all. But

spk_0:   14:50
it was so nice. It was so nice. And then I came

spk_1:   14:53
back on Monday and I felt refreshed and, like, reconnected. And it was awesome to see, like the people that did follow us in GM over the weekends, eye catching up with everybody. So that's my new. That's my new self care thing.

spk_0:   15:05
That's a great idea. That's a great idea. I've been going around like you said, You're plugging things into your calendar, then turns into a overwhelming to do list, and I've decided I just want a nap. You know, guys, cancel all my appointments today. When I leave, I'm just gonna lay it out, and I've had those days were like, crap hole schedule. Who's my assistant's assistant? So I have to like going on kind of virtual assistant it over. Stop me from doing this to myself. Do you have to fire myself? because I want to do everything for everyone and I can't. And then you're like, Oh, you have this person who you liketo connect with and then their schedules crazy and your schedules crazy. It was like, Why is my life this over? And I do have two kids, so you know, they have part of your 11 year, so you get it. So they take up quite a bit of time, and then you're like, Oh, he And on top of that, I run a business. I'm doing a thing. And it's like, How do I make my widgets if I'm always on the road? So, you know, scheduling that time I have time to right time to do scheduling. Black attempted to respond the emails. When did you become this person? And people like, Hey, you know, what are we doing this weekend? I'm like I'm actually booked through July, but But I'm also trying to get to a point where I could say OK, two Saturdays a month. Please make sure you have fun with your friends because you know those relationships are important. Yes. Oh, and I need to be around people who make me remember who I am. Yeah, who energized Lee? Charge every charges. And you know not everything is about a dollar and that everything is about working. We have to find some kind of work life balance, Especially since we've left the corporate hamster wheel. Yeah, you know, it's like, Okay, I'm not doing this fund, and I'm not working eight hours anymore, but I'm working now, working 100 hours a week. You sustain my family, we have toe figure out what that happy medium is of selling our souls and being happy.

spk_1:   16:56
Yeah, and sometimes that means, like cutting yourself some slack on being like I cannot do all of this. But I can do these things today. And if I could just focus on the day, it's much easier than, like getting overwhelmed by the week.

spk_0:   17:10
Yet in my therapist is like, Oh, you know, you've rescheduled twice this week. What's that about? And I'm like, So this is what happened. And she goes, Is this a priority to you or not? E Guess it is. You know, socially aging is already like you're doing great. We're down to twice a month. Let's do this. You can't do to a in a Yes, I could do twice. So, you know, I'm making myself hold that date in my calendar, making sure it's the same time. Every two weeks, we have to rely on ourselves. So good for you for getting your pedicure. I'm thinking next time I'm gonna have to get a pedicure. Came. So you'd like to take a picture? Your feet like a win. But also, you know, in your spare time. I know you do a lot of gardening idea way for a person who can't keep plants alive. What do you reckon? That's what Can you tell me? You recommend for me that I can put into my space? That's green and a snake plant. Mother in law. Tom. Tall girl. I can't. Okay, okay, is still alive. But I need something that is pretty.

spk_1:   18:17
Yeah, I like pa Fose like, heart shaped. Hey, I mind my tip, Witham, is that, like, do not water them until they start to like, a little bit like when they look a little droopy, give him some water and then leave him alone again.

spk_0:   18:33
Leave them alone. We won't come over water. You probably are like, Oh, you're a planet, don't you? You know, you know, with the burden, Ernie, I got a little plan. Likes a little water, is, you know, every day, away water, apply it. And it's like, No, no, no, don't do that. Yeah, so really, it's that simple.

spk_1:   18:52
Is that simple? I have those all over my house because it's the only thing I can consistently grow besides that snake plant. And you can break little pieces off and, like, stick them in jars and they'll start growing a whole new plan for you. So then you Yeah.

spk_0:   19:05
Okay. So do you do any gardening as well?

spk_1:   19:08
I do. I have a little yard, Um, impor clans and I I'm not a professional gardener, but like the woman who owned the house before us had a really nice like garden area. So once be uncovered, like 10 years of crabgrass from when she was in alive, that it looks really great. And I'm excited. So I like to, like, do that in the spring. It feels like a good ritual for kind of like waking everything back up.

spk_0:   19:33
Okay. Yeah, and it's actually really easy, like you just put shit in the ground and it like, blows us. It's amazing. It's so much easier than indoor gardening. Well, you make it sound when I guess when you say you put it in the ground, it blows up. Yeah, I guess that's the point. But for people like me, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm overthinking it. I'm giving the plant my anxiety like please don't die. Please don't die. You know, I just at one point time I used to grow things like strawberry plants and basil and mint and herbs. And I don't know what happened. Something happened to my phone. And

spk_1:   20:06
I guess that's just not where you're supposed to be doing with your time right now. I guess

spk_0:   20:08
not. I guess he's saying, going finish what you're supposed to be writing a Leave the plants to the professional side. I just want some basil lemonade. That's that is delicious. Exactly. So I am in going hopeful to buying Arabs are very expensive right now. Yeah, you get some farmers market. I have to know that I

spk_1:   20:27
always say I'm going to and I never go.

spk_0:   20:29
That means going outside. Yes. So outside into the hot I could do head I'm not I'm not a cold person.

spk_1:   20:38
I'm like a right now. Whether purses you this me, like, I wanna be sweaty. But I don't wanna have to wear 15 layers of clothing to walk outside my door. So

spk_0:   20:48
I get you right now is just, um excited. I'm hoping to see more of you in the area. Um, please, if there's anything we can do, if there's anything you want us to incorporate ourselves lifts to me email, we'll make it work. We'll make it work. But if you could tell our listeners where they can find you, you know, online website, all the good stuff.

spk_1:   21:07
Okay. Yeah. You can find us online at Collab create D. C on instagram. We're also on Facebook, but you will see the same stuff the CNN screams. He's just follow us on Instagram. Um and you know, our website is collab create d c dot com You can sign up for a newsletter there which launched June 4th, and we're gonna have a bunch of great content for creatives in D c area and, you know, hit us up for collapse and features. And if you have something you want to promote on Instagram. You tag us at full ab create D C in your stories, your coast Because we love the share What's going on in the community through our stories. So the more we know about, the more we can help. Sure, What people are

spk_0:   21:46
doing. Excellent. Thank you so much for coming. I really appreciate you. This has been awesome. Thank you. Guys. If you wantto listen and share this with your friends, I really appreciate it. You confine me on apple podcast Google podcast. I heart radio. We've just been added, and please just listen. Share. And if you have any questions, please feel free to find me a baroness spree on bareness bree dot com and Baroness free on Instagram Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can find us on at that factory on all platforms. Have a good one. And thank you, Felicity.