Fabulous F**kery

Season 2 Episode 5: Wynter Fuckery with Vivian Wynter

February 26, 2020 Baroness Brée/ Vivian Wynter Season 2 Episode 5
Fabulous F**kery
Season 2 Episode 5: Wynter Fuckery with Vivian Wynter
Fabulous F**kery
Season 2 Episode 5: Wynter Fuckery with Vivian Wynter
Feb 26, 2020 Season 2 Episode 5
Baroness Brée/ Vivian Wynter

I hope you enjoy this discussion with Vivian Wynter on beauty from the inside out.  Vivan shares her expert tips on beauty, momlife and selfcare.

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Show Notes Transcript

I hope you enjoy this discussion with Vivian Wynter on beauty from the inside out.  Vivan shares her expert tips on beauty, momlife and selfcare.

Follow her @VivianWynter

Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/baronessbree)

Baroness Brée :   0:13
Welcome to fabulous factory. I'm your host. Fairness Pre fabulous factory is yours to fist erratic destination for discussion on wellness, Dating, family and blur life. Come with me while we discuss emerging fabulously in spite of life's factory. Hey, it's your girl, Baroness Bree and I'm bringing to you live Today's episode of fabulous Fuck Ary. Today's guest is Miss Vivian Winter. Welcome, Welcome. Thank you for having me. And so this glam is on here. She does a little bit of everything she does beauty, lifestyle. You're a content creator and a gluten free mom. We're gonna touch on it. We're gonna touch on that. You have made a transition. Careerwise tell us a little bit about what you do in your brand.

Vivian Wynter:   0:55
Okay? Yeah. So basically, I was just sharing with, um, Bree and her audio engineer them so happy to be here. But I wanted to tell you guys that I have been esthetician and makeup artist for the past 60 years. And so don't thank you. I just released my own skin care line and I've really been on. And I don't know if a lot of people know that some of my followers no but I've been a cheerleading coach my whole life, and I've really been about being a makeup educator. I've been a teacher at a cosmetology school for four years for a while, so I really love to just teach important people. So here lately, my brand has been mostly about motivating people. I'm really speaking to people through, like social platforms. I'm writing the book. I really just want people to fill in power bi a beauty food inside and now and then, also asking for what they want, just going for the gusto in life.

Baroness Brée :   1:36
I know that's right. So that's what we're all about. So I don't know how much you know about the brand, but we are the sophisticate Ratchet destination for self care and of course, life buggery. And I'm here about growth and wellness and teaching people what they can do to make their lives better through conversation and cause when you're like, all pretty and like I'm on expert people don't want to hear that people want to see how you engage in how you come across with other people. So thank you for coming because you have such a She looks like her aura is like, so glowy and radiant. She's got her excellent skin like look at her skin is all pretty. No, but you know no. So she has a little skin care line, and I don't say little to be disrespected.

Vivian Wynter:   2:17
I know, I know. You mean it. I'm a little like

Baroness Brée :   2:19
it's so cute and delicate and gorgeous, like this packaging, but, um, no. So tell me about what made you decide to make the transition from beauty, too. You know, coaching and changing people's lives from the inside out.

Vivian Wynter:   2:33
So that is such a deep question. Because as as a practitioner in the field for the 16 years, I probably have worked with millions and millions and millions of women and men and the overarching theme that I always here and I don't be a Debbie Downer but I have to talk about it is just no self esteem. I'm really picking it themselves, be it with their body and with their skin and their face, their hair constantly picking it themselves, constantly dragging and pinching. And all of it, I've just seen it, and I I don't know, I just what I'm in service with people. I make it my goal to really speak life into them and talk about how beautiful they are inside and out. Fine features. Help them celebrate it. Of course, any beauty therapist will tell you that we typically play a psychologist role as well. So when people sit in the chair, you know, you get your service, Yeah, You sit in the chair, they kind of release it all. They may not be feel comfortable releasing it to their family or their friends. And we were the outlet. So I'm taking that on you mentioned like myself here. We'll get to that. That's a lot to to carry because I'm an impact, right? All right. But really making sure that I'm able to take that on the larger platform and not really just affect that one person effect, just like millions of women and manages, I know this sounds hippy dippy. I'm in a part of it. Maybe, but I really do want people to feel and, like, love themselves and really feel like they're worth it and, like, look in the mirror and find something to celebrate. And if you can't, then that's what we'll find. That's what practice

Baroness Brée :   3:49
Well, that is so important because right now we live in instant.

Vivian Wynter:   3:52
It was a great everything is everything is Instagram land all like edited and and none of my photos are edited like you can go to my website. Nothing's edited like I don't I don't do that. It's simple or you like skin is really like people have concerns with their skin.

Baroness Brée :   4:07
I've got some pictures back and my CO to hell is that Is that me? And you're like, Oh, no, I can't do this And I did

Vivian Wynter:   4:12
the wedding makeup artist to It's always been about keeping that person who they are, right. Like we spoke about the audio engineer and his little friend is not little friend, his young friend. He was very respectfully calling his young girlfriend. But basically like when that time comes or with anybody, you don't want to look at that person and be like that's not who I'm signing up for, like, you know, I really want to live her him and be like, Yeah, that's it, That's the one right there. That's what I want and like just being able to replicate that. But it starts with life who they are inside,

Baroness Brée :   4:39
and you have to take care of yourself from the inside out. You have to. We got to watch what we eat. I'm trying to do better than ever over here. I had to give up pork because like my skin stop eating bacon all the time. Like I was eating bacon like we lived on the Oregon trail like it was my favorite food group and my skin like stuff to clear up you like, Look at that. And your stomach doesn't hurt all the time. Oh, maybe because you eating all this pork, your body shouldn't be dad dressed Also, drinking milk, getting ready to milk products, changing everything. One of the guests on the show is actually a natural. Um, she went the whole natural food lifestyle and named her book is Eat like a given day of Stephanie Harper giving you Ah, a shot out. And she has a podcast as well. Where she teaching people holistic food options. So, you know, I just applaud everyone in all the work that you're doing. Because if we don't like ourselves and we don't like who we are, and then we're watching the Internet tell us we're not enough. And then for people of color are little brown girls and little ground boy babies. They already come and starting from a place of just just

Vivian Wynter:   5:43
don't know because I hear that all the time like it's really heavy, all like

Baroness Brée :   5:50
and you just want to know that we don't know where people coming from. So I always tried to me everyone where they are because we don't we don't know where come.

Vivian Wynter:   5:58
Yeah, my thing is like never judgment like, especially when you were spoke speaking about earlier. When you are the expert like it, it's hard to be an expert in a lot of things and really, actually be that good in those. Like I walk that walk, you know, I'm saying, like, degrees licenses all I walk it, you know, And it's hard to be that, but that humbleness of like helping people and like also seeing people change like that's really it. Like you. You know, when you're teaching people and when you're trying, tell people what you know. You have to come up. There's gotta be a certain finesse. I call it about it. So my way is humor. When I'm teaching my girls and make up when I'm teaching people on how to dress for their body. Or if I'm just trying to come across and teach them something about internal health, right? Like things where it could sound judgy. My first thing is, hey, never any judgment over here. And I like that because that break size and people feel like a girl like, look at me like I don't run like whatever, right? Not trying to be funny, but whatever it is like so that we can connect and

Baroness Brée :   6:48
we all have our things share. We all have that laying and like you talk to people and you're like, What the hell? Like what is this person? Are you a robot? Are you being authentic? And so when you share with people and they feel that authenticity is not just sharing stuff, something will overshare just don't know any better, Right? But when you're telling someone about being authentic and they feel that you can feel authenticity and you know, you just sit down like again our favorite place. So instagram a stick or instagram and all this social media stuff you watch people and you're like what in the world is going on here. You don't even feel the energy like some people like you. Really positive energy. So, really, And it's hard when you meet people. You're like, Oh, this is giving me bad juju like, you know, for you as what you do when the energy do you have clients that you have. You had to turn away client because the energy was just not right. Or

Vivian Wynter:   7:36
I think I I think there's always a process of, like, Are you right for me and my right for you? Like even in 9 to 5 corporate world like people are interviewing, if you have a lot of people that listen to the podcast, that interview and that do these things, you know, trying to just be a millennial working out here is an adult. Just always think about that payer, right, like have people in co workers or people in the field that if fire clients for one reason or another, for me, it's never gotten At that point. I really do try toe. I try to be a good judge of people, so I try to like all that in the beginning, even when, like I was dating before. Like, it's the same thing. Like, I would do this whole, like, filter through process and whoever made it through those who made it through. And I just like you've taken that with everything. Okay, I know that sounds like so funny.

Baroness Brée :   8:15
Okay, well, you know, you have to write in your book which your processes don't. Don't

Vivian Wynter:   8:19
wait to talk about it a bit like basically. So I watch what people do with their eyes. I watch where they look. I watch, um, what they do with their body. I watch if they're looking at me when I'm talking to them. Um, I watch, um, more than anything. Like I can hear the listening for their tone rather than their words. So my degree and my back's disappears. Communication studies. And in that we talk a lot about, like why people communicate the way they do like cultural, social, like social, economic, like this sell political. There's so many things that make contribute to our cultural context or the way we communicate. So, like, I'm really trying listening for all those other cues. Like people could say, Oh, that person's bad, but they're not bad. They're acting out because they're missing something. So I'm looking at that. I'm not necessarily looking at like that. Just what that person present? Because I know it's always deeper than that again. Working in like personal service is people come in Dunn to the nines, right? And then they take the glasses off and real life they look like a raccoon because their husband beat the crap out of them. And they're just coming in to get concealer to cover it up at a client who was my dear client for almost five years, my first makeup opportunity, She would come see me. She had loads of money. It wasn't even about the money. She had no friends. Nobody spend it with no one to help her. But she lived in this grand place right in Annapolis, on the water, clear how's everything. And she would just come get her makeup done just because she was like, I literally don't have to do it. And I don't know how to make that stop. So I need help.

Baroness Brée :   9:38
Okay, well, you know, you feel a void, and that's so cool. Like, you don't even think about makeup being that deep, informational Yeah,

Vivian Wynter:   9:45
yeah, for most people, when you again self esteem, Would you have self esteem? Anything is lighthearted and fun, right? But when you are, don't have self esteem. You can look at the girls on instagram and say, Well, I'm not good enough. But I never had that talk to myself because I don't care what other people I know that I'm okay, right? Like whatever. Everybody has a pooper. Everybody has, like, fat around their jaw. Everyone has, like, bad skin like who cares? Like my hair is thin like I have, like, you know what I mean? Like, I was year old like Okay, Like I'm ready. I'm openly admitting that to people like I do that all the time to relate to people so that they know that it's okay to be a human because we're all human

Baroness Brée :   10:20
and our body transformer as we get older as 40 is coming. I'm like, What is this? What happens Are these things normal? So, you know, we definitely have toe edifying and bring each other off. And

Vivian Wynter:   10:31
that's really what it's about.

Baroness Brée :   10:32
And so I have a question for you about your skin. Can't because you use the word at the station for people who don't know what that means.

Vivian Wynter:   10:38
Yes, can. I didn't even notice me when I went to school for that.

Baroness Brée :   10:42
So can you tell a little bit about what that means? What your specialty was. And what do you think women of color need to focus on for skin care?

Vivian Wynter:   10:48
Yes. Perfect. So an esthetician is a skin care therapist. So we specialize in three things. Diseases, disorders of the skin and the health of the skin. Okay, so and I'm gonna put it out there were different than a dermatologist because they're your medical doctor. That will help to treat topic Lee or through medicine, different things that you may have. We're going to treat topic Lee and also internally so that we can kind of fix it from a like, holistic point of view. So that's your aesthetician. That person is the person that you would go to for your care of your skin outside of you washing your skin. You would see your dermatologist if you had a problem with your skin. Or if something was just out of the hands of the esthetician, then you would go to that. But always, and I always have to tell people cause this isn't like a usual thing. See, an aesthetician they don't, especially when the color onto that women of color any any woman that's African, African American, deeper Hispanic skin even deeper Middle Eastern, but especially African and African American women. We have a lot of hyperpigmentation, a lot of hyperpigmentation, which is basically a big word for saying hyper, which is a lot pigmentation, a lot of pigment, so a lot of pigment. So we have smaller and larger areas all over the face where the melon and so little group, you know, for me you can literally see it. I'm working on it hard. You see here, my melon and social group in here larger right? But here, their group and smaller so anywhere that's lighter. They're grouping smaller anywhere that's larger, their group many doctors. That

Baroness Brée :   12:05
makes perfect sense in

Vivian Wynter:   12:06
perfect. So now, knowing that we need to exfoliate the skin so that we can get those dead cells all on, get that darkness and that lightness to blend together, right, and then we're going to treat it with a vitamin C on dhe. Then we're going to use the SPF the locket in so nothing can penetrate it. No, darkness is coming in and we've already treated And we've locked and loaded,

Baroness Brée :   12:25
you know, because we've all been told. I know. I was told growing up. No sp that name, like people don't need, is like and I burn like a chicken. I mean, you just put me outside, and I'm just great. So it's so important to try to reverse the skin damage as we get older. And you, you know, you do better when you know about her. So now we're learning. Until that SPF

Vivian Wynter:   12:45
cycle, I want in on that too. I'm so glad you brought that up, because this is, like, such a misnomer. And I want to tell people the difference in the two rays of the sun. Okay, we understand how this get out if it's okay. So we got the son, right? We got the son. Excuse me. And then they has to write two types of race. There's UV A, which is UV aging raise. Those are the ones that you can't see it on. Grey and grey cloudy skies. I mean, that's exactly when we think we don't need, But those rays penetrate the top layer of the skin, so those ones are the ones that will help that hyperpigmentation get worse. Those are the ones that will kill the baby cells that haven't been affected by smoking or age of pollution. They will kill those before they even get onto the surface of the skin. So the aging Ray is truly the most damaging. But the burning ray UV B isn't when we all associate with the somewhere when we got so I would get a tan. That's the burning ray. But I always try to tell people about the A the aging right, cause that's the That's the one. And that's why we're using Our serums are SPF. We're really we don't care about the town. We're gonna get tanned amount of what? Especially African American and African women. But the UV A ray is the one that's gonna be our speaker warmer, 60 and 70. We want to make sure we're prepared for that.

Baroness Brée :   13:50
Ladies, we just learned a lesson about what we need to be doing. God's to God. D'oh! All the listeners

Vivian Wynter:   13:56
have thicker skin, but you know they need it to

Baroness Brée :   13:58
well, it is interesting because I'm seeing ah, higher number of African American people with skin cancer. And it's like, you know, you never heard of this

Vivian Wynter:   14:07
thing the thing. So this wasn't a thing in the aesthetic skin dermatology world until we deplete our ozone later, about 30 years ago. I'm 35. So this happened roughly when I was getting ready to go toe like elementary school. We have a such thing as the sun in the clouds. And then there was a little layer that was called the ozone layer, which was the filter to what would get poured down to us, right. The ozone layer through pollution has become depleted. So we're getting straight. You ve a straight you, bebe straight pollution from whatever it is. So that's really causing a lot of climate change in a lot of the sun cancers and things that things that we just don't have to worry about.

Baroness Brée :   14:39
So I have a question about your product. Yeah, because I'm sitting it because she has she brought samples. She's extra professional. I have a wrinkle recovery cream that I'm looking at right now, and I'm like, Oh, my under eyes need this right now on

Vivian Wynter:   14:52
top of makeup to I'll see you got your face, beaker.

Baroness Brée :   14:54
I just little bit little bit. So, um, get my life together. I feel so good. It's really

Vivian Wynter:   15:00
light. Like the thing that is also another thing, too is like no matter if you have oily skin or draw skin or whatever. Like gone are the days where you had to do super thick cream to make it work. The fact cosmetic chemists are so savvy and so smart Now they're finding ways to get straight to the money and put it in a real light formula.

Baroness Brée :   15:16
Now, do you design your products than you had You create everything yourself?

Vivian Wynter:   15:21
Yes, I work with cosmetic chemist. OK, um, this is a private label, brands. I work with cosmetic chemists and they we come together on the products that we want to launch. We come together on what's in the products, and then they help me do the design and packaging on. And then, of course, the graphic designer helps with, like, the labels.

Baroness Brée :   15:36
Because when I tell you, I am so excited to meet a woman of color who hey is out here telling us about our skin care. This is so important, and I'm looking right now. She has this night wear cream, the detox nightwear cream, which we all could use some of that and the thing that I love the best is the first ingredient on all of her product is water, and that is so important. And I wish people understood that when reading labels is so real and

Vivian Wynter:   16:03
our food and our skin care, please, y'all redraws label

Baroness Brée :   16:06
bowling. It's funny because now I'm going organic with my trying to eat. No, it's just drive me crazy, but also with my skin care. I did a trip to the Middle East a few years ago and I was having a horrible break out and it was going on and I went to their pharmacists. You know, they think I think there's a doctor. Yeah, and she put me on to Newt Name and Turyk clear my apnea. And over here I was paying for Derma Logical.

Vivian Wynter:   16:30
And guess what? Even if it has because now it's cool for, like two ric to be in the math. When I tell you how they do a little spring,

Baroness Brée :   16:35
I know it's just a teeny, teeny, teeny. Just

Vivian Wynter:   16:37
enough. And they only And actually they wouldn't even have toe. You can please watch anything. They wouldn't have to even declare that it was in the product if it weren't for the FDA saying, hey, like people have all kinds of allergies people cannot ingest or topically do think you need tells us in this otherwise they really would be It would really be not Not much out there. I'm

Baroness Brée :   16:55
just And I mean, it smells like lavender,

Vivian Wynter:   16:57
too. Yeah, this stuff is pleasing to like so as an esthetician, I care about the whole sensory I hear about the way it feels the way it looks, the way it smells the way it by the touch Like just all of that.

Baroness Brée :   17:08
I'm allergic to air. I'm allergic to outside and I miss excited cause I'm sniffing everything as and I haven't, like, swole up. You'll still can hear me talk. It's so funny because, um, you know you're going to the allergy test and you go and get these products that are hypo allergenic and then it has, ah older that it affects my eyes and they have

Vivian Wynter:   17:27
a lot of fragrance and

Baroness Brée :   17:28
our a and you're sitting there like Oh my God, my eyes are burning. I want to be pretty diagnosis, part of life. And so beauty doesn't have to hurt. No. And so doesn't so Kim.

Vivian Wynter:   17:37
And the thing about this I want to mention to this line just hate. Get crunchy on your game. But I'm going to. It's vegan. It's gluten free. It's organic, and it's made here in Florida. If that lot of Sadie body

Baroness Brée :   17:45
is made in the U. S. In Florida, this is lovely. So now what do you do to take care of yourself? You're taking care, All of us. You're making beautiful. We're making sure that, you know, we were feeling ourselves inside and I out What are you going to take care of yourself?

Vivian Wynter:   18:00
Yeah, for be like especially cause I have a two year old People that followed me know that I have a dog named Luna. So she just came into my life. It was hard for me to get her. So now she's my miracle, baby, and we do all these things together. We have a great life, but she must be crazy, right? Like she's a two year old So, um, what I like to do is make sure that I exfoliate every other day. If I didn't do it yesterday, I do it today. Skin care is so important to me because we can wear this This one skin so I can shave my hair. I could do all the weave I can do all the different clothes. I could gain weight, lose weight. I could do this whole yo yo right. I only got one skin the way God wants it. The teeth right over to you. Like those two things that like Look, I know how to do it

Baroness Brée :   18:37
in this expensive to replace is so

Vivian Wynter:   18:40
making sure I'm extolling every other day making sure I'm taking care of my skin making sure And I have a skin fitness guy that's getting ready to go on. My website will shout The website's up later. We have to get to know, Just know people will have a place to go Grab that skin fitness guide of what I do. I'm in a super simple just three steps. I tried to listen to spot music a lot. I listen toe Gary V I feel like I don't know if you know him. Yeah, he is my spirit and we speak the same language. We have that retail background were passionate about it. We're very black and white, No gray like So I just get my get a lot of string from him because I don't I don't have a lot of people that kind of have that gusto. So he's very

Baroness Brée :   19:14
passionate. He's very passionate, and I love that He's engaging younger kids and making them feel empowered to be entrepreneurs. It is such a good thing that he's doing, but everyone could do. Gary V is doing so. I was like, We need to like, look at him for a motivation to go out and kick ass every day. So no, I love him. So, no. Are you doing yoga? Are, you

Vivian Wynter:   19:34
know, glue? It's funny because I don't have much time to exercise, but I'm really active with Luna, but I will say, like and again not to get crunchy. But I had to go gluten free because I was overdosing on the way you were talking about overdosing earlier like that was me. I'm seven girl through and through, so I love my pancakes, rolls biscuits. I love it all. I just do. I do, you know? And for a while there, I guess I was overdoing it, and my body developed an intolerance to it. So in March, I went gluten free, and I lost about £35 between March and August, which was kind of crazy because it's a very short amount of time. It was healthily. So since then, I've just been trying to stay active like that. I cook a lot. Um, yeah. I mean, I don't know. I've been I've been a big girl and I've been this size I've been So it's whatever,

Baroness Brée :   20:12
you know,

Vivian Wynter:   20:12
I feel better this way.

Baroness Brée :   20:14
But it's so crazy because you have your baby. You don't know what your body's gonna d'oh. Your metabolism will completely change. Um, I was big when I had both of my boys, and you're like, and then you go down and wait. You get big again. And then life happened, and I didn't realize that my comfort food is cheesecake. So, you know, you're you're going through all these things in your life, and it's like someone people kept bringing me. When my father died, I'll share When my father passed away, people kept bringing me She she's gay, and I'm sitting there like a dumb ass eating this cheese gate. And it was so good and I felt so good. But one day just realize how big I'd gotten just because I was eating all the wrong things. I was drinking all the liquor. I was You know, we just have to take care of ourselves, and I gotta go to therapy. Yeah. Got to get

Vivian Wynter:   20:53
the hell. I actually have my third session. Um, tomorrow, I think it's about 7 30

Baroness Brée :   20:57
Yeah. Yeah, like it is such a big thing. And congratulations to you finding your person.

Vivian Wynter:   21:03
I was going to say I'm really excited. I even just found or I do feel like I found my person. I do. But I'm also open to the idea. If she's not my person, she's a heck of a good start, right? Like and we could just, like, keep doing this like

Baroness Brée :   21:14
in its Albion's it took before people before I found my therapists. And some of you have we have as people of color well, people in general. But you have women, person of color. Whatever your sexual orientation is later. All these layers. You're a spiritual believes your political police. And, you know, I go into a therapist office one time, and he was a trump supporter, and it's like, Oh, okay, you know, And he was a good their person, But we did not have the same belief system, and, you know we can. I just dealt with something for me. That was a no go. So But, you know, he's awesome. I've referred other people to him. He was very helpful with some of the things I was dealing with. But you're okay holistically

Vivian Wynter:   21:55
for everything you needed for life.

Baroness Brée :   21:56
No, it was okay just to get me through that period that I was going through. And he referred me to some other people that I have connected with. But it's just learning your network, and I'm working right now. Thio, help other people. My goal for 2020 is to help people find Oh, come here. Oh, but my goal for 20 twenties to help people find therapy, find out what their self care thing is. Because I've had people come here to say I don't know what self care is. I don't know how to take care of myself. That's huge. We as entrepreneurs and creative preneurs or whatever your nation is. You're burning yourself out and sometimes for no money, sometimes for no payback but because you believe in yourself and you believe in your brand. But you also have to have you said That lady doesn't have anyone to pour into her. So she was coming in to get her makeup done to feel good. And when you don't have that kind of network in background, it really does bother you and eat you up inside and we turn the bad habits. You know, people. What's the launch say in her song? She tried to sex it away. She tried to get away

Vivian Wynter:   22:53
with all these different things,

Baroness Brée :   22:54
right? And you know, we have to think about what we want to do and what it looks like. So I want people to be able to say 2020. My thing is, I'm going to do 15 minutes of meditation a day. My church right now is doing Ah whole spiritual thing and they're like, OK, down one of the rules when there's no social media from 7 to 3 you realize how

Vivian Wynter:   23:15
how long that is. That's a long time. 3 to 7 37 3 different,

Baroness Brée :   23:21
you know? And they wanted to do a different type of, you know, watch what we're eating and no liquids until this time. And I'm like, Wait, but this is too much at once. We should've been practicing. Give me a law. But you don't realize how much you're using social media and you wake up in the morning and before you even talking to yourself,

Vivian Wynter:   23:36
you go right on your

Baroness Brée :   23:37
right on the phone. So if I'm taking at five minutes to myself in the morning and say OK, thank you, universe. God, whatever you believe in for today, breathe my breaths. Feel my breaths and understand. Let me drink some water to tell my body I'm ready to start my day. Oh, okay. I have a whole different outlook cause I'm not a morning person, But now hell is I may not get out of baby. Yeah, until 6 30 How? You know? But you gotta come over from teens that are respectful to our energy that we want to put out there. Some people are night people. I thought I was a night person, but I'm realizing me you, Theo person

Vivian Wynter:   24:11
is giving you something to get up for. You feel like now when I get up, Like I know I got to do this like it gives you something. Look forward.

Baroness Brée :   24:18
We'll see you have a two year old is gonna be like a Yeah. Well, the thing

Vivian Wynter:   24:21
is, the crazy part is like Luna wakes up around seven or 7 30 But now I know I'm crazy. I'm a morning person. I'll have a systems two years younger than me. She is not a morning person with full options in that way. But for me, I'm up in four because I need to get my little two hours in before she gets up. I needed my two hours in a little shower, and then so I'd listen to Gary V ad. Look what passion like something has got to all guns. Um, and I literally just get to my business, figure out who can use that figure out who needs to see it work on my media kit, like working on business for two hours and then get my day started

Baroness Brée :   24:52
and see for me. I've been doing it at night. And

Vivian Wynter:   24:56
but I'm not where you are, girl. I'm just dying to get where you know your way are already

Baroness Brée :   25:00
starting nowhere. So the thing is, is that like every day you just make it a habit of making myself disappointed? I look forward to it. I have had so and I still do. I have horrible disciplined towards certain things, and it's like if you want to be skinny, you have to give yourself that time every day to be skinny. If I want to be a writer, I have to put in my 1500 words a day and you sit down, you're writing. You're doing things you in your mind is like Is the payoff worth the sacrifice? And people don't understand what that means all the time. But if I want to be here, I can't be here by doing the same stuff I was doing before. And I can't necessarily X the people that they're rooting for you and people are excited for you, but they don't necessarily understand and help sometimes, right?

Vivian Wynter:   25:42
Sometimes you can't help. Like I talked to like, for instance, like my family, I talked to my parents all the time. But it's maybe not something that can help with social media strategy or something that can help with, like, press stuff and all that type, though, you know, But they're supported. Maybe that's what they can offer me is an ear. Maybe you can offer, huh? Maybe they can offer me older, and then I just do that. And then I could go back to whatever it is like

Baroness Brée :   26:05
and it's crazy to me. I'm meeting all these people who are amazing spirits and they don't have any friends. They don't have any family. I don't know what I don't know if it's the area, I'm not sure what's going on. Oh, cities if we got just a shortage of teaching people in human kindness, But people just are not in a good place, and we have got to realize that sometimes you're the only person that's going to say a kind word to someone. You're the only person that may smile, and I have to stop smiling at men on the street because they think I like them. But

Vivian Wynter:   26:34
like I say, even when I was like dating or whatever like that was the state like, yeah, I'll be 1/3 wheel. I'll be 1/5 wheel. I'll smile to go on the street. All smell. Tell Mary couple like whatever. Like it's not a big deal,

Baroness Brée :   26:43
you know? What is it? One l feel like smiling is my favorite. Like I love smelling of people, but smile like, man, you know, people will take because people aren't used to people being nice people. They don't know. What is she trying to? She wants something from me. You know, Is that gonna be my next baby mama? And it's like, No, I just want to give you that's like, That's all I have, like, you know, give you no money, but I'll smile at you. But you know, is that currency we have got to get back and I'm trying to get it to my kids. I have two boys, and so my boys, the little one is little like friendly, happy go lucky. And the oldest one is like, Why are you talking to me? Why are you looking at me? No, but he was telling me he's a mom. When I smell it people, they smile back and then I get things I said, What do you mean? And so he's looking No job hunting, all that good stuff. And, you know, I had a conversation with the lady that got kind of ugly. He's and then I stopped and I just thought about it a minute, and I kind of smile. He said that that was grateful for the opportunity. Oh, came from a place of our, you know, authentic real place, any site. And they called me back. And I'm like, Look, you wait. We just have to, you know, is, um I don't have resting bitch face. I have rusting Walmart happy face Wal Mart used to have the commercial with, and my sister always called me Wal Mart Happy face. And it is until people start asking for directions on the metro while you listeninto light big crit. I listen to my trap, you happy music and people stop asking questions. And it's like I don't want to answer questions so, you know, But also at the same time, I have to embrace that and embrace my brand and say, I have you. I'm some kind of ambassador to something. So, you know, it's interesting stuff that was going to tell

Vivian Wynter:   28:22
you See, I'm opposite like I want to help, but I don't know the directions. So, like I'll be like, um let me see someone hold on, Let me because I want to help.

Baroness Brée :   28:35
But, you know, you were looking at all that And you know what? The news being, what it is, You listen about all these horrible things that's happening to families that, you know, they're being pulled in. People were being coming. They're just trying to come for a better life. And families are being broken. And I just remember always hearing look for the helpers. And some of us are helpers. And, you know, you were connectors and people say, Oh, you know, I can't really do anything. Sometimes the email sometimes actually

Vivian Wynter:   29:01
share something. Share something on social like you want to buy my product

Baroness Brée :   29:05
just frickin share, right? Unless everything like, if something review it, say, Hey, I heard about this new thing. I haven't tried it yet, but, you know, this is a thing. It takes four seconds. I always say to people at the end of the show, you know, like share and refer, like, because a share can I may not be your cup of tea, but maybe someone else is like, Oh, you know what I really liked? Fabulous fucker is kind of coal. And, um, the episode that kind of air before yours we were talking about people who may not be your people, and it's not a bad thing, but there's someone's people and let's get them in front of right because skin care, Yeah, this is This is a way to meet people, open doors, everything. And you have such an amazing spirit as well. Let you guys. Her skin has been glow in the hole. I want you combine all of it and, um, you know, it's just really cool. And I thank you for your time and your energy and thank you for coming to visit us today if you could tell our listener friends where they confined you.

Vivian Wynter:   30:02
Absolutely. So I am at Vivian V. I. V i A N W. Why in t r and that's everywhere on social. And then the skin care line is Vivian Winter W Y in tr. So it's winter with a Y guys and that's it. My website is Vivian winter dot com. How simple it gets you all

Baroness Brée :   30:20
all right. And, Gus, thank you for tuning in. You confined me wherever you listen to podcasts. Fabulous buggery. Also, you confine me at Baroness Bree on literally every social media site, and you can find any more information on today's show on www dot bareness bree dot com. Have a good day.