Fabulous F**kery

Episode 3: Wellness Fuckery with Camille Reed & EZ Street

November 14, 2018 Baroness Brée/ Guest Camille Reed & Special Guest EZStreet Season 1 Episode 3
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 3: Wellness Fuckery with Camille Reed & EZ Street
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 3: Wellness Fuckery with Camille Reed & EZ Street
Nov 14, 2018 Season 1 Episode 3
Baroness Brée/ Guest Camille Reed & Special Guest EZStreet

Episode 3:  Wellness Fuckery with Camille Reed & EZ Street

Today's Guests:

Camille Reed, Owner of Noire Salon, and Award winning Bodybuilder

  • Winner of the NPC Baltimore Classic Championship -1st Place Grandmasters 40
  • Winner of the NPC Baltimore Classic Championship - 2nd Place Open Bikini

EZStreet, Radio and TV Host, and CEO of CYA Multimedia find him at http://ezstreetshow.com

Camille and Ez visit to discuss bodybuilding, business ownership, self-care, and randomness.

Recorded at 202Creates in Washington, DC.

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Show Notes Transcript

Episode 3:  Wellness Fuckery with Camille Reed & EZ Street

Today's Guests:

Camille Reed, Owner of Noire Salon, and Award winning Bodybuilder

  • Winner of the NPC Baltimore Classic Championship -1st Place Grandmasters 40
  • Winner of the NPC Baltimore Classic Championship - 2nd Place Open Bikini

EZStreet, Radio and TV Host, and CEO of CYA Multimedia find him at http://ezstreetshow.com

Camille and Ez visit to discuss bodybuilding, business ownership, self-care, and randomness.

Recorded at 202Creates in Washington, DC.

Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/baronessbree)

Baroness Brée :   0:14
Hello. Welcome to fabulous luxury. I'm your host. Fairness. Bree, where does our gold toe always emerge fabulously in spite of life's fuckery.

Baroness Brée :   0:29
Hello. Welcome to Fabulous factory. I'm your host. Fairness, Bree. Today we welcome Camille Reed, owner of Salon. You are in Silver Spring, Maryland, and Easy Street, eh? Easy street. Evening deejay for W H. You are an owner CEO of Seaway. I'm sorry. Siya multimedia. Thank you guys, for joining me today. So right now I'm here too. Celebrate, Miss Camille. She recently just won the NPC bottom or classic championship. She got first place in the grandmasters 40 and second place in the open bikini competition. So looking at you were like, you're a beautiful woman, but I would never think that you would decide to do bodybuilding. What made you decide to do that? About four years

Camille Reed:   1:24
ago, I found out that I had autoimmune disease. And it was an adventure. Trying to figure out how to both heal from the auto immune disease, feed myself correctly and grow muscle at the same time. So just with various trainers working with a couple of people figuring out how to call my system down enough to feed it correctly. And about a year ago, my trainer was like, I think you're ready and let's get you started. And let's start this really hard core training. And we did it. We just walked right into the show. I did show June. Okay. Did third place in that show in both divisions. And hey said, Okay, I think we

Baroness Brée :   2:00
could do a little bit better. So we pushed a little harder

Camille Reed:   2:02
into the summer, and by the fall, we were doing it.

Baroness Brée :   2:05
Okay. Now, as a person who the gym is just somewhere I go to try on out E o Jim, don't do this. I follow

Camille Reed:   2:16
you on Instagram and I haven't seen any photos. I haven't seen the sweaty

Baroness Brée :   2:20
face. Uh,

Camille Reed:   2:21
you know, people. I've just been at the gym. Look, I

Baroness Brée :   2:23
don't do that. You know why? Because I feel like that's stunting for the Graham. You go and get you going, Catch me. You catch me in a bikini In the summer time, I've gotten my hard work pictures. Show us

Camille Reed:   2:35
a shoe in the gym, then just a foot or leg. Some way we can No, really. They

Baroness Brée :   2:41
got sneakers. I gotta go to old Navy. I got some bomb work out. We want to see that, Jim otherwise weren't there, right? Thank thank. So, But for you, What is it like, Just ship training, Your body learning new systems? Thio Work out. Like you said, Feed yourself. Probably. How hard is that process? Just a transition. Um, it was

Camille Reed:   3:01
a lot of routine. So learning how to eat a certain amount of food every two and 1/2 to 3 hours, five meals a day. Okay, That took about six months to master. It looked like, you know,

Baroness Brée :   3:13
food. You How much leeway right now, But 1 29 I suppose. The accident, But But she does this and people that are in ways

Camille Reed:   3:25
they did it. Try and you fit into a weight class, right? So everyone needs to know what your waited and me just for individuals is hearing this. Right. So you said 100 wet 1 29 1 30 But

Baroness Brée :   3:35
you're pretty lean,

Camille Reed:   3:36
though. Very lame, but it's mostly muscle now. So, um, I lost about £23 to get to the first show, which was in June. So that was bringing the body fat down and bringing the muscle up. We're kind of doing the same. We're doing the both of the same time, which is really difficult to be very disciplined. You have really strategic and how you do that. You have to stay on your meal plan every single day. So you don't either gain too much fat or just burn about your muscle. So it was very strategic working through it, but by bit being very disciplined. It was not a

Baroness Brée :   4:07
lot of eating out. No alcohol, no ice cream. Ice cream, No milkshakes. You already have a very limited diet.

Camille Reed:   4:15
Direct. I'm allergic to about 75% of the American die. Oh, my good. Yeah, some down to vegetable seafood. Healthy fats. I could do fruit and honey. And we're about right there. Okay. Wow, That won't make me said What is the cheat day like? Is there any cheap days cheated? I'm all about the cheating. No, really, I do.

Baroness Brée :   4:37
He likes food. That's all right. So on the cheat days

Camille Reed:   4:40
on the days I could have a little bit more calories. I usually have a little bit more of the honey. A little bit more fruit. I may have a bigger portion of meat on may have a fatty, your meat like a salmon. Or, if I have, like a shrimp, maybe I'll have you know, I have to make my own little better sauces. But you know, I make I make something just with

Baroness Brée :   4:56
a little bit more calories. And

Camille Reed:   4:57
it's, um so I'm not hungry at the end of you. When you cheat, you created yourself. You're not like at Applebee's like me with with Brownie heated up. But the big ass ice cream That's not e.

Baroness Brée :   5:12
I mean, that's how I

Camille Reed:   5:17
tried. And it was. My body was like, Look, this is your window mixture calories When you pushed beyond this we don't like you, So I learned very quickly. You know what mine? My range. Waas. So

Baroness Brée :   5:29
honey was something that I can eat

Camille Reed:   5:30
kind of regularly and my body Wouldn't Mao react to? It? Said

Baroness Brée :   5:33
a couple tablespoons bomb eat to have the jar go on to go. Anger go in honey is like your guilty pleasure. It

Camille Reed:   5:40
is my guilty pleasure. Raw honey as organic as possible. There's a local AP Eri in northern Maryland that makes and brands their own so I'm at Whole Foods. Psyche.

Baroness Brée :   5:51
That jar. Thanks. Bye. So

Camille Reed:   5:54
is that good for all of us people that may not be competing, but just can't wait. All benefit

Baroness Brée :   5:59
from people that are

Camille Reed:   6:00
prone, perhaps to inflammation. This may be a good alternative to root vegetables. I have a root vegetable allergy. No carrots, potatoes, girl.

Baroness Brée :   6:09
No french fries.

Camille Reed:   6:11
You know, Remember fresh rice Used to be my jam last year doing it

Baroness Brée :   6:16
train. It was like she used to be French. Fry used to do that stuff. But now my trainer was like, What's going on right around here?

Camille Reed:   6:23
Thought I wouldn't notice. Oh, my gosh. Wait a minute. Stop right there. So if you cheated or you ate something that was not in the regiment of what you guys plan, he could be able to see it. But basically stomach. I may be holding more water or may lose definition a bit. Really? Like

Baroness Brée :   6:41
what did you eat? I never eat anything easy. That has made you blue. We all have. Okay? Doesn't say so. Her She just because she is a lean right, that bloating becomes more evident when it's time for a show. So he can tell because that's what he's paid to do. Pays him very well to tell her that she's wrong

Camille Reed:   6:57
with their punishment. When? No, not at all. He would just be like, take this out of your diet for a

Baroness Brée :   7:02
few days. He was paying him to take it off for a few days. We wanna watch this

Camille Reed:   7:09
guy trained me if I messed up. Oh, egos in on your

Baroness Brée :   7:15
Really, Really? That's why you never see any food

Camille Reed:   7:18
on my on my instagram ever. Because the Angelo's not having

Baroness Brée :   7:23
00 you was OK. He was at the Wizard's game and you had a big beef brisket with the french fries in the MCA Jean Oh, no. Okay. Okay. You probably had something to drink with that too. Okay. What time you gonna

Camille Reed:   7:35
be in? And he turns into Chucky on my ass,

Baroness Brée :   7:38
I think is I'm supposed to reduce alcohol, Okay. And so right now that has been working out so well but

Camille Reed:   7:44
tough. Yeah. Alright. I literally like a whole single tear. Like

Baroness Brée :   7:48
you knew. I'm supposed to do no more than four glasses of wine a week

Camille Reed:   7:53
alcohol thing is really, really especially if you're drinking like those foodie ask drinks like

Baroness Brée :   7:58
See, I love most of Iraq is not for me. That

Camille Reed:   8:01
is like drinking rope a tug, those sugar. Yeah, but that the sugar content in those drinks, like, say, any names. But it's like some dudes that I've worked with in the past DJs in the club, getting these drinks for free. And they wonder why that Belize is off one of my boys. I was like, he ended up in the hospital having headaches and everything like that. And I was like, Dude, I don't want to see you at the club with no more free drinks, right? You have to really

Baroness Brée :   8:29
watch the fun part of being at

Camille Reed:   8:31
the clinic to curb your enthusiasm. If you want to be living with drink, I could feel the next day if I do some jumping jacks. I did some quick movement. I could feel the extra water just in certain parts of my body like, oh,

Baroness Brée :   8:46
try understanding over me like s. So you know, it's time to take that out. Okay, great. So I stopped drinking officially in July. No more alcohol. Good for you. Congratulations. Oh, my God. No. She's such inspiration because not only are you training, not only are you running a business, you're also a mom. Just so you know, you have the little ones. No, I know. We don't like to go into a whole lot about how to your kids.

Camille Reed:   9:11
They are 11 and eight. I'm sorry. The little one is still seven, but she likes to claim eight, so let her have

Baroness Brée :   9:17
it. She's watching Mommy. She developing a fitness routine. Is your son developing a witness? My

Camille Reed:   9:23
son has told me very squarely he's not interested. He wants to be an engineer. He wants to make buildings.

Baroness Brée :   9:28
Okay. He's great. He's

Camille Reed:   9:29
that Mommy. That's great that you do that, but I'm not interested. I want to make stuff. Okay.

Baroness Brée :   9:33
My daughter, She'll kind of play

Camille Reed:   9:35
around, do the poses with me, but she must to sing and dance. And I'm like, Okay, pursue it makes you happy to stay active. Now Secret about my son, though. He's a very fast runner. So what? He doesn't know that I'm probably gonna put him, slide him in the track and he gets the like, high school age. Like

Baroness Brée :   9:50
go run. Just got to go this far. So it doesn't. I don't know where you are in the county, but they're all different types of programs just for him to do just for fun over the summer where it can be engineering and then kind of roll into a fish through because I had to make my son go outside for a clean

Camille Reed:   10:08
Oh, let me ask you this you being in tthe e fitness world and competing as faras the eating habits of your Children. How does that spill over? Do you allow them to be able to eat what they want? Or do you have them eating out like you do? I don't put restrictions on their food, but one of my Children does have a sensitivity to dairy. So we just replaced the dairy products with a lot of her. She can do starlet. She she can't do liquid milk. So when I noticed that, I said, that's making you sick. We're gonna pull that out. But here is coconut milk or hear. Some almond milk is just an alternative, but I let them have pizza if they want it. They really like broccoli and cucumber. So we'll add that into, you know, whatever meals they eat. I'm really trying to make food fun and enjoyable for them. I don't want them to have to grow up thinking

Baroness Brée :   10:57
I have to watch my calories

Camille Reed:   10:59
now. We're not gonna do that right now. If you starts to get sick or Mommy starts to notice that maybe your

Baroness Brée :   11:05
stomach's not quite film. Well, then

Camille Reed:   11:07
maybe we'll pull and adjust. They're on probiotics. They take vitamins. I'm very watchful over their health. Um, yeah. And then their their father knows that my mother is the same way. I don't do a lot of candy in my house so you could have fruit

Baroness Brée :   11:21
all all over the place,

Camille Reed:   11:23
but white sugar specifically on my kids since, um, in a spiral. All the keys? Yeah, about sugar. And I'm glad that you went there with it, because I think that a lot of time, especially in the African American community, were not paying attention to the effects of the long term effects of you know, those candid yams, you know, and in a rare coolly with TV with 15 15 scoops of sugar.

Baroness Brée :   11:53
Listen, I'm gonna make my tea the way I've been making way.

Camille Reed:   11:57
What you need to do you need to watch this documentary called Fed Up Tell you all about this sugar on how we addicted to it and what I brain looks like on sugar is the same thing in the way your brain looks as if you was on cocaine, right? Same thing I

Baroness Brée :   12:14
know. But listen, the holidays are coming. I don't

Camille Reed:   12:17
give a damn about

Baroness Brée :   12:19
I'm listening to what you're saying. But when you come and get some sweet potato pie, it was made with Splenda. If you wanted to be made with sugar. So I'm just letting you know, like the taste, right? Exactly. Listen, okay, Just don't tell them with, like, I don't know. I don't drink sugar in my tea. I gave up sugar in my tea. I don't even drink honey in it anymore. And it is just It changes things, making small changes. I'm not going on. I never wanna see 1 25 again. You know, we're gonna make you know this 1 40 Do what it do so you can tone it up. You can do what you gotta do, but I'm just so proud of you because she has an amazing instagram. Can you give your instagram handle.

Camille Reed:   12:59
It's at war, boss One. Everybody pull that up right now. I don't see. Okay, How do you spell it? Uh, no war in Oh, I r E B O S s and number one. Okay, everyone listening to this. I need you to pull it up to

Baroness Brée :   13:17
me. Oh,

Camille Reed:   13:18
he read.

Baroness Brée :   13:19
Yeah, she's amazing. She's inspirational.

Camille Reed:   13:21
You right now,

Baroness Brée :   13:22
You know, she's the epitome of awesome favorites. Fucker. We guess because you have a business, you're doing your own thing. You keep it going, and you could be wretched. So I appreciate about you. Way don't

Camille Reed:   13:43
nice orange walls in the background.

Baroness Brée :   13:46
It's Listen, certainly in the age of Harvey Weinstein that crosses over to pocket thief Way. Jim shot right here in the gym for real, for real. So when you have that kind of inspirational your timeline me showing on my new rose go Pumas doesn't help. You know what I mean? That does okay. I got authenticity on my timeline, so I let her do her authenticity. She's the real deal, but I'm so my question I was gonna go into self care. Yes, ma'am. As a business owner, as a mama as a bodybuilder. What are you doing to manage your lifestyle? What are you doing? Say okay. I've had enough clients for this week. My kids get on my nerves. What does Camille do to wind down and chill boundaries? Okay.

Camille Reed:   14:34
Very important on because of the age where my Children are, have a preteen. Almost. Have you no

Baroness Brée :   14:40
other active 77 year old? Um, So Mommy has to tell them, like, Look, I need my space

Camille Reed:   14:45
right now. I need to eat. This is my schedule. Time to eat. Let me breathe. Let me come down out of the ceiling instead of yelling, screaming, because that's kind of typically and culturally, what we do

Baroness Brée :   14:55
way are trying to do that

Camille Reed:   14:57
with them, or I'll send them out like you go outside and play or you break off and go to your bedroom. You go to your room, and then Mommy has her space. And in Grandma's upstairs, chilling everybody's happy. Okay, so boundaries, I found consistently at work. I don't do more than five clients a day. That is my limit. No matter what, they're getting five s so that I don't stress out. I don't overwhelm in the gym. If I am injured or if I did not sleep well the night before, I will not go or I'll tell my trainer. Look, we're gonna dial it down. I'm hurt. I'm tired. And I'm glad you said that because so many people will continue to try to work out. You know what? I got a call on my sweat this out. No. Your body is telling you you need rest and you need to chill exactly what the doctor always say. I want you to rest, drink some fluids, take this medicine. That's right. Right. But some people think that they can, you know, work through illness or no, no, you shut it down. Your body is telling you to shut it. Shut it down. And that's kind of part of a mule syndrome that I think culturally by people deal with. I just have to keep pressing and keep going till I

Baroness Brée :   16:02
know how you shorten

Camille Reed:   16:05
your life. Like a very scheduled breaks. Boundaries are necessary, you know? And I Dad, I'm very square about that. Everybody that knows me that knows

Baroness Brée :   16:14
okay? She and I had enough. We don't leave her alone. Wait. Give her her

Camille Reed:   16:18
space. I'm very particular. Don't want to be injured. I had an injury years ago. Just will not lower back. And after that, I said, Okay, I don't have to go hard. Six days a week. I go hard. Two days and very well. Those two days and the other three or four, maybe it's like a medium level

Baroness Brée :   16:34
workout. You working seven days a week,

Camille Reed:   16:36
About six days a week, six days a week. Okay,

Baroness Brée :   16:39
so wait. I want to see your nails into a nail fee later. So one of your self care is Obviously you take care of. You think they are beautiful work with that? Thank you. I have.

Camille Reed:   16:50
This is actually so practical. I'm trying to find a way to write it off on my taxes,

Baroness Brée :   16:54
but it helps me to part hair just a little bit easier. This particular shape, I said, Well, you ain't figured out a way to talk about things to be longer. That's all my my nails. Like, let's do an experiment. So she made him just a little bit longer.

Camille Reed:   17:09
I was braiding queen that month. I said

Baroness Brée :   17:11
yes. It's my accountant, my girl s. So for those of you who aren't aware. Your salon is a natural hair salon. No chemical noble does hair colors, No chemicals. You're in Silver Spring, Maryland, downtown Silver spring. It's a lock. Titian, do you do loose natural hair and OK,

Camille Reed:   17:31
lose natural hair, locked hair, color cuts. Um, some lightweight barbering. Um, we're in Norris Lan in downtown

Baroness Brée :   17:38
Silver Spring. And how long have you been open? Who? This will

Camille Reed:   17:42
be coming up on 13th year. Next spring will be my 13th year

Baroness Brée :   17:45
business at that location. You're not sick of hair? No, not really. I think it's because

Camille Reed:   17:50
my boundaries are so firm. I don't overwhelm myself. I don't have 19 people waiting in a day. No, Like your space. You come to the salon. That's a brief space. That's a brief time. No one else way. Go tell you something about going. Come on now, everyone listening to this right now. Being

Baroness Brée :   18:09
thio cannot 15 minutes. Hell no, No. Yo, Ass told

Camille Reed:   18:15
me to be here at two o'clock. I expect to be able to sit down at two o'clock, right and get it done. What happened was right. Try not to do that or if I'm running late I'll tell them. Look and get a snick e gave me, like, 15 minutes. I want to ask you this about hair because you know, locks are very populous. Now I'm hearing that people are able to now, like, give, create the lock. Look. Oh, yeah. Having your hair

Baroness Brée :   18:43
long. I get it all the time they're happening. Do that. Adjust phasers

Camille Reed:   18:47
on people coming to you for that? Not yet. I do some mild reparative work, but I try to work with the clients Own lock as much as possible. So say you've done a hairstyle when you're taking it out. Oops. I don't pop the lock off Georgie's. So bring

Baroness Brée :   19:00
it to me.

Camille Reed:   19:01
I will reattach it. Try to use as much of your natural here is possible to put it back in. There's a very fine thread and that's about it. But they have techniques now where you can someone can literally make a lot. Yes, again. And then they attach it to your your roots. Your Afro people into

Baroness Brée :   19:17
anything were measured. But you know it's my Giselle. Oh, I'll be honest with you. I had the full locks and they were fun and some places don't install them properly, have their very heavy. And

Camille Reed:   19:30
I remember when you had that those were not lying. You got us locks. Goddess lot.

Baroness Brée :   19:38
There's a hairstyle. It's called a goddess like hand the curly wavy ever

Camille Reed:   19:41
made. But they were thick right? They were. They weren't did that day, and micro ones were they?

Baroness Brée :   19:47
No, they weren't. Then Michael's. They were good, like medium, well, kind of marker with Yeah,

Camille Reed:   19:51
yeah, see those air heavy? So that's why I've never really stepped into extension work because it's a fine line with certain clients. Some some plans here can handle that way. Some people can't sew, and the people that want it are usually the people with the thinner, softer, more fragile hair. It's like

Baroness Brée :   20:08
I can give you this, but your hair's gonna fall out,

Camille Reed:   20:11
so I just try to work with the clients, own here as much as possible. I have people that I refer to outside for that kind of work. If you

Baroness Brée :   20:18
need. I have a friend

Camille Reed:   20:19
that makes the lock wigs. He's amazing that they got yo, you can never tell when you roll up on somebody at the club one night. Yeah,

Baroness Brée :   20:29
well you can tell a lot things men are getting man weaves. They're putting in the entire

Camille Reed:   20:34
unit. You make money off that can make money. Makes those. And I was gonna get paid. Probably driving, driving a Mercedes, beings on the joint.

Baroness Brée :   20:43
And it looks amazing. And it's almost like when you like, you say, walk up in the club. You welcome on somebody with a weave might not be there and may not be that man may not have hair either. Be careful, you know, never know what you get and you don't know what you get out, You might wake up. All right. Well, you know, I don't know what to do with the man's least front. Like, do I offer him my glue from my weave? Like, how does that work? Is it the same maintenance you? Your girlfriend? Here's Emergency Head. Is that part of what relationships are gonna be now? Now will be maintenance and lace front weeds from up future. Think we're going there? Everyone has edges that they purchase now. So this is a part of our culture. Oh, just that close. You can also get lace front lady part here. I have seen. I saw that on Instagram Me? Oh,

Camille Reed:   21:33
I think it is really a lady part here. So what are we talking about here?

Baroness Brée :   21:39
So when the ladies if you can get what you can get the hair shaped into whatever Brazilian wags style you could get.

Camille Reed:   21:45
You mean in the V area? An area? Yeah. Are

Baroness Brée :   21:49
you serious? Yes. Why? Why would a woman

Camille Reed:   21:51
want to do

Baroness Brée :   21:51
that? People crazy getting fake eyelashes. They're getting a big eyebrows and get laid. Get least front. I

Camille Reed:   21:58
don't understand the thinking. Why? Why?

Baroness Brée :   22:02
We live in a society where everyone is creating an image

Camille Reed:   22:05
from a man. Perspective of the lights is out. I can't even see that. Anyway, I'm just saying

Baroness Brée :   22:10
this is an exhibitionist culture now, so people are doing more to maintain. And I guess if somebody waxed you wrong and you didn't like how to hair looks, I got a least front extension to glue on there for whatever photos I needed to do that

Camille Reed:   22:24
or someone like splash you with water and you've drawn your eyebrows into perfection. You're like,

Baroness Brée :   22:29
Oh, no, no. But, you know, I'm really consider getting my eyebrows tattooed.

Camille Reed:   22:33
I have a friend that did that best investment of her. I'm really considered. Wait. Stop again.

Baroness Brée :   22:41
It was like so much deception. I can't deal right now. I feel

Camille Reed:   22:46
like a real man. But you want a real ***.

Baroness Brée :   22:48
Listen, he's my nails, Ariel. My hair's not today. Humidity wouldn't let me do what it needed to do. So we got a hair head butt, tattoo eyebrows. Yes, it's a filling of the natural, but because I draw them one every day, it stays with you. OK,

Camille Reed:   23:02
but what if one day you decide that's not what you want. What do you do? You get a tattoo removal,

Baroness Brée :   23:07
you can't get a tattoo removal. But they sure have a two year life

Camille Reed:   23:11
span. Fates faster than why did you tell me about this?

Baroness Brée :   23:16
And now he's gonna be scrutinized every obviously hole

Camille Reed:   23:18
in their face like girl.

Baroness Brée :   23:20
There's more going on. It looks like you got Let me see it. Let me see whatever that bikini wax look alike Boobs. Hey, Theo Martin, or something like that coming out of all hurt you no doubt was fresh. Prince was fresh for when you know you're getting on my nerves. She stalked off her fingernail popped off. It was stuck in a chest. Came They was locked in the closet. So yeah, things a different

Camille Reed:   23:50
future. Cassie. They were trying to let us know

Baroness Brée :   23:54
I'm keeping my hair head. I'm just gonna tell you, this is my business hair taking care of business. I went to the bank of the work Better presentation. And

Camille Reed:   24:01
I'm just glad I'm a man because I gotta worry

Baroness Brée :   24:03
about that. I do have never lost a lot

Camille Reed:   24:07
of tea. Do what I do my little lotion on the parts of my body that you could see the rest of

Baroness Brée :   24:13
you gotta go. You gotta lotion everything. Thio, Don't show us the o please which issue back home. You know what,

Camille Reed:   24:29
brother right there would tell you. Do we put lotion on all parts

Baroness Brée :   24:33
that I could be on the show now and you want to show today?

Camille Reed:   24:37
Said he don't do it. Thank you.

Baroness Brée :   24:38
So our sale engineer has also admitted to being as she everyone is getting shape. But everyone Thank you. Um, if you let me know what sin

Camille Reed:   24:46
and we will continue to put it on the parts of our body that you can see?

Baroness Brée :   24:49
No, You know what? Nothing worse than a paper. So I have boys. E got boy,

Camille Reed:   24:55
you talk about the boy's picture, this get out of the shower, right? I got things to do, right? And now I'm putting shaped by shea butter all over my whole entire body.

Baroness Brée :   25:04
Think about yes. That's what is know what you want. You want your woman you want to

Camille Reed:   25:08
do I need to be playing Joe to see in the background. Look at myself in the mirror. No,

Baroness Brée :   25:18
with you, lady to help, you know. But you know, if you have a friend to help you wipe yourself down, it's mine. But just keep in mind You don't want your ass to be ashy like, literally you don't wantto She

Camille Reed:   25:35
is right now and I'm proud.

Baroness Brée :   25:37
I know. So I'm scared.

Camille Reed:   25:40
My mother always said you have been a

Baroness Brée :   25:41
car accident Brain t o tell you the one time that I did not lotion properly. I ended up in G w hospital and I'm looking like Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh my God. The They saw my ash. It it is like No, don't know. Yeah, I was Russian. I want to go do something and passed out on the metro. Passed out, ended up in the hospital. Blood pressure was low. Yeah, yeah, fainted and ended up. And I'm like waking up and J g W the teaching hospital for anyone who knows. So it's 31 people who saw that I didn't look like that. So, you know, just keep it and keep it real people. So I kind of want a segment for a little bit vision and purpose. You are a big vision board manifest sister thinking large scale. Absolutely. When you decided you want to do this body building, for example, how do you manifest your dreams and manifesting your vision?

Camille Reed:   26:41
I started doing. I went to a friend's show in 2014 and I took the flyer from her show and put it on my wall, and it stayed there for two and 1/2 years, literally until it fell off the wall. I said, OK, now it's time to get serious. And so as that's when Instagram was really starting to pick up, I started cultivating certain little saved pages. Looking at these people every day. What is their routine? How are they eating? What if their lifestyle look like they have Children, families, businesses? How are they managing all this? Also just having realistic expectations for whatever space I was in at the time. So when I was trying to lose the £23 I said, Just concentrate on being consistent. This this season next season was Let's kill it because we're trying to get first place. Also, uh,

Baroness Brée :   27:28
just a selective

Camille Reed:   27:29
imagery Like what you call it Cultivating my Facebook page, my instagram getting people off that are negative, staying away from those pages that want Thio

Baroness Brée :   27:40
You see a

Camille Reed:   27:41
lot of these fitness pages where you know someone's hole and the hole for your and just all out, OK, that's not fit this girl. You usually stripping page

Baroness Brée :   27:52
page any sales

Camille Reed:   27:54
team what a lot of you know, just fetishizing of this woman. So I stayed off of those pages and more on let

Baroness Brée :   28:02
me feel the girls that are actually doing pull ups the girls that

Camille Reed:   28:05
are actually, you know, tea or that their trainers, you know, they're working with other people or their nutritionists. Now they've studied the food and so I really had to cultivate on select my imagery to keep myself inspired. I made friends with some of the prose. Something was an area, and then just some of the ones in the division and bikini that study and I'm talking to them. What are you doing? Give me some tips. You know, was forging those networks and relationships is very important. I'm

Baroness Brée :   28:29
gonna have to You have to talk. You think you know, if £22 can come off in a year, I can maybe make it happen for months for you. And I need thio. No, no, four months as driven. That's driven. I mean, when you say that I woke up one day, it was like I want a polecat, right? What? I need you to part can call him. He gave me some ideas isn't easy. Also, you know of CIA multimedia? Um, he is really a good guru on a person tohave just to follow his board. Watch your journey. So you know, you've grown your business and you're doing branding and doing all kinds of stuff that is beyond radio. So for you, how do you manifest your vision inside? What youwant todo,

Camille Reed:   29:11
huh? Well, of course, this whole podcasting that we're on right now. And you know what? As far as my business is, it's related to what I've done over the last 30 years, which is, um, no broadcasting and producing material shows. This is just a spin off of it. And now, with the advent of the Internet, you know, now we're able to produce these shows and people can be able to hear them worldwide. So as far as my vision for for what I'm doing, it's just continuing thio to produce content like this podcast for the Internet space to be able to educate, entertain in power and, you know, be able to spread some positivity and messages out to help people's lives be. But, you know, to help them have better lives, just using this thing in a proper wedding, because very easy to get the mic in front of you and talk a lot of shit about things that really don't matter. You know, this rapper said this right? You know, this celebrity said that or we're talking about things that really have no impact on our lives. But to use this in a way they can empower and educate and inform people that have better lives, you know? And I'm not to disrespect the people that do do those ratchet you know, broadcast. But to produce something that's gonna enhance some of life and make it better is you know, that's what I'm all about. And, you know, that's how I I used to think this technology, you know,

Baroness Brée :   30:38

Camille Reed:   30:39
the most part.

Baroness Brée :   30:41
I mean, you know, it sometimes gets a little ratchet from time to time, but keeps it fun.

Camille Reed:   30:45
You know, you have to you you can't. There's no way for us to produce. Content does. It's going to be like church, you know, just straight, because it is only going to hit a couple of people. That's not that's not life. I'm glad you bring brought that up because I've been just now, just doing a lot of research on duality, you know, and the ying and the yang and good, and you know the bad side of us and being able to embrace all these things and really being who we truly are. And a lot of people, I think sometimes when they're young and they're spiritual growth, they think, Hey, I'm going to just be good all the time. You know, I'm just going to be like this for the rest of my life Now, dog, you evolve. Yeah, you're going, You're going. You're gonna have that dark side to until you learn how to, you know, deal with both of these things. You know you're gonna be

Baroness Brée :   31:30
stuck, right? That is absolutely true

Camille Reed:   31:34
and authentic. And then you, you know, struggling in one space

Baroness Brée :   31:37
and coming out of, ah, divorce process and being divorced for long. If you know, for a little while, you re emerge. Learn things about yourself. You see ugly, you see good. You see bad call healing. It's here. Oh, no. This is all the healing process in this podcast actually emerged from the healing process. So, you know, it was just to say, You know what, No more factory. That's right. And you know it. Buggery for those that have actually gotten some messages asking me to define factory factory has always been one of my favorite words. I read it first and Stephen King's The Stand Nowhere. And it was e like, What does this word mean in the deduction? A dictionary defined it at the time as a place where your house is like a whorehouse was called a fuck ary. What then is kind of right? So But it emerged. Amy Winehouse headed in the song Mr Jones and me where it she talked about. It was pretty much hu hum and foolery, you know? So it was just like malarkey. So it's for me. Fuck ary is that energy you don't need the space you don't need. And so, you know, just cleaning your heirs, clearing your space, figuring out what you don't want there. And that's why I say we emerge fabulously in spite of the fuck ary. Because every day is a new day and we have a chance to make things happen. So I think I'm a horrible blogger. So if you're one, I try to update when I can. But this podcast, I'm going to make it consistent as possible twice a month talking about fun stuff. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to email me. The link is on the bio for fabulous factory dot com and people just like Oh my God, fabulous factory that's so explicit. It's so horrible. It's who I am. So if people have met me If they follow me on Instagram. If the they've met me in real life, I could be a little ratchet. I could be a little fun. Also, have fun at church. Let the Lord. So you know, it's just about what we do, what we can do to make ourselves better. Absolutely. So just a kind of Segway knew our pixie dust brand. I say, Do I pricks? He does, because it's like black girl magic. But the grown woman version correct. And so you are about healing your about teaching women about. And so if once you look at her park on her instagram and get past the bikini pictures from her wait, you go into her instant story during the course of the day. She has inspirational music. She has inspirational quotes insane. I'm starting to see your quotes pop up on other people's time lines, and you know it makes me happy to see the growth. So it is not, you know, I'm proud of you, but have you thought about blogging that? Have you thought about packaging that your brand honey, I want to

Camille Reed:   34:18
and I know what's coming down the pike. I want to either write a book or just some Find some way to publicly address this. Okay. Public process with women. Want to start with black women first? Okay, Coming again, coming out of a divorce, trying to navigate a disease, you know, trying to accomplish things, create identity for myself. And, you know, make sure that my Children have a safe space to create their identity. So the quotes were really at first was just me working with me like

Baroness Brée :   34:44
I just need to see this on this might help someone else. People

Camille Reed:   34:47
started letting me know, like what you posted at two o'clock really helped me get through the day. So this is serious. We need voices. We need people like you using their voice and being brave and being authentic that it may encourage another sister or brother or young person. I could do that too, So it just keeps your repeating And African culture is all about repetition. That's the beauty of our art is sometimes the same patterns repeated over and over again. So we get it started, Then we encourage our young people to get it started, and then it can keep on going saying Cofer thing.

Baroness Brée :   35:22
Okay, Yes. You did a piece on

Camille Reed:   35:26
that. Yes, I did. Yeah, she's right. And I'm with her on that and we recycle, we remix and that's who we are. Absolutely no. And we keep it moving. We look back at the past Thio be ableto grab something back here and we remake it. We see this happening in music. We see it's happening and culture. We see this happening in films. So I mean, there's a saying that we've heard our ancestors say, Ah, lot, there's nothing new under the sun, right? That's that's real shit right there. I mean, everything. It operates in a cycle just the way there are seven days operate just the way the the the Earth moves and rotates with the moon and the sun. And I This is all this stuff is all cyclical and just the way our locks are the way our lives are here is locked in a in a circular fashion. Anyway, if we look at our fingerprints, we can see that it's all in in a pattern as well. So or when

Baroness Brée :   36:21
the aliens come, they leave crop circles. And he's talking about a real thing I know.

Camille Reed:   36:30
You know what? Hold on, Stop before you get into your real thing. I believe in UFOs. Let me tell you why. If God can produce any and all things that we can be conscious and aware, why are you telling me that It's not possible for God to produce something that we're not condescend to? Rancor? That's watching us studying us.

Baroness Brée :   36:55
But they do that. So I'm just saying that's why

Camille Reed:   36:58
I believe in UFO's. I really do.

Baroness Brée :   37:01
I just watched the news every day from a science standpoint, right? And I see all of the discoveries that are coming and, you know, a new planets, new exoplanets every day being discovered. And I'm like, You guys are so arrogant that you think you're discovering this and it's always been so you know, for me, I'd love space. I love scientists what I do, and it is really interesting to just see these. These guys at the press conference up Oh, this is what this thing we put into the space, and I'm like, Yeah, this has already been. Here's our reminded us. We've already it's there. It's already ready to be touched. It's not for us. It's just, you know, appreciate the beauty of it. Yes, we've got the science to see it, Correct. But I love it. It's the greatest thing ever. But going talk aboutyour. And so, uh, about three years

Camille Reed:   37:43
ago, near the end of my natural hair education career, I did a seminar, and it was on how you can find the golden mean. That's what that is. That pattern you can find that golden mean and pretty much everything. The curl of hair, fingerprints on a larger scale. If you look at the way tornado spin, even if you plugged the golden mean into the African continent, the shape of it, it repeats say these circles and cycles repeat themselves over and over again. So

Baroness Brée :   38:10
what I tried

Camille Reed:   38:11
to explain to those girls bless their hearts went right over their head that day. Was that were connected to all of this? You know, Please don't walk around sad or thinking that you're not enough. I mean, you are connected to the elements of life. Why are you walking around like you are not magnificent that you belong to that

Baroness Brée :   38:29
I was at that conference? Yes. That's when I met you Oh, my God. Like I remembered it. Okay. All right, well, I want to thank you guys were coming to the end of our time. I wanna thank you guys for coming today. Easy. Thank you.

Camille Reed:   38:43
Way not finished. Don't be giving the closing statements

Baroness Brée :   38:47
yet. Wait a minute, sir. This is my show question

Camille Reed:   38:53
before you close that Yes. Cancer. Okay, because you have a lot of tattoos and just tell me what you have right here. Uh,

Baroness Brée :   39:01
this is my peacock

Camille Reed:   39:02
feather on my right arm here. I got that in 2009. Okay? And the other one over there, this was family. So this funny story my ex husband said,

Baroness Brée :   39:10
Get a tattoo of my name. Never try that. I didn't do it.

Camille Reed:   39:16
And I know that's a bad sign. That's one that, dear, Let me put my name on the

Baroness Brée :   39:19
right family. And it used to be well, used to be an anagram.

Camille Reed:   39:23
You could flip it over and I said forever. But yet I got drunk one night and someone tweaked it anyway.

Baroness Brée :   39:29
Family, right? You have to come back. But you have to come back. Thank you. Thank you. So easy. Tell everyone where they can find you.

Camille Reed:   39:40
I live in Brandywine.

Baroness Brée :   39:42
Your social, your Internet,

Camille Reed:   39:45
you go down by three away

Baroness Brée :   39:47
people's Google. You start coming to your house. I don't want any that we This is Loc and I have no responsibility for any

Camille Reed:   39:55
disagreement. Easy street on everything. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Bring shape.

Baroness Brée :   40:02
Yes, it break. You bring You bring in some shape, but And Camille, where can we find you? I'm

Camille Reed:   40:10
on Facebook. Uh, communally read very easy to find. Um and on Instagram at Nor Boss one.

Baroness Brée :   40:18
Guys, I want to thank you for listening today too. Fabulous. Fuck ary. If you like what you're hearing, please make sure to hit the subscribe button or iTunes. Google play music and Spotify also, please engage with us on fabulous factory dot com and at fab Fuck Khoury on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Have a great day