Fabulous F**kery

Episode 4: Photography Fuckery with David Wardrick

December 24, 2018 Baroness Brée/ Guest David Wardrick Season 1 Episode 4
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 4: Photography Fuckery with David Wardrick
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 4: Photography Fuckery with David Wardrick
Dec 24, 2018 Season 1 Episode 4
Baroness Brée/ Guest David Wardrick

David Wardrick is a DC based award winning digital storyteller.  

His creative mediums are videography, photography & live events.  

  •  2015 NASA Videographer of the Year - Production
  •  2011, 2013 Bronze Telly Award
  •  2012 American College of Cardiology Pepper Bridgeman Spirit Award
  • 2016 Best Shorts, March 2016 Award of Recognition

Find David Here: 

Web: http://davidwardrick.wixsite.com/site/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ad79dave
IG: https://www.instagram.com/ad79dave/

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Show Notes Transcript

David Wardrick is a DC based award winning digital storyteller.  

His creative mediums are videography, photography & live events.  

  •  2015 NASA Videographer of the Year - Production
  •  2011, 2013 Bronze Telly Award
  •  2012 American College of Cardiology Pepper Bridgeman Spirit Award
  • 2016 Best Shorts, March 2016 Award of Recognition

Find David Here: 

Web: http://davidwardrick.wixsite.com/site/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ad79dave
IG: https://www.instagram.com/ad79dave/

Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/baronessbree)

Baroness Brée :   0:14
Hello. Welcome to fabulous luxury. I'm your host. Fairness Bree, where does our gold toe always emerge fabulously in spite of fuck? Hello, everybody. Welcome to Fabulous factory. Sorry I've been away for so long. This is your host Bareness free. I'm here today with David Ward. Rick. He's a D C based, award winning digital storyteller. Welcome, Dave.

David Wardrick:   0:41
Hey, it's good to be here.

Baroness Brée :   0:42
Thank you for coming, Dave. Um, his creative mediums are videography photography, love events. He's pretty much all around. Awesome. He's your guy. Whatever kind of footage you want to make, Um, David has one videographer of a year for production with NASA. He won a bronze telly awards. He's won a Pepper Bridgeman Spirit Award from the American College of Cardiology. He's once best short videos, awards of recognition for all kinds of good stuff. So thank you for bringing us here. Well, coming to visit us here

David Wardrick:   1:16
is good that you read my, uh, my little CV there.

Baroness Brée :   1:20
Hey, listen, I got to do this together recently. Just the reason I can't just have you. Come on. And I don't know what I'm talking about, but question for you, because you've done a wide range of photography you've done professional. You've done corporate. You've done for regular people like myself. You know, full disclosure, Dave does my head shot. So if you go to baroness bree dot com, you know, levels pictures on there. You know, you may use my little

David Wardrick:   1:43
my pleasure to take your picture. Thank you. It's good. When I got pretty people in front of the camera, it makes it a lot easier.

Baroness Brée :   1:49
Oh, your messes with your, um Now, when did you decide you love photography?

David Wardrick:   1:55
So photography is interesting because in some way, I think I've always liked to take pictures have always been involved with the visual arts. But to be honest, it was really hard to get into when I was younger before the digital age. And, um, about, I guess, probably about seven, maybe 10 years ago. I've always done videography my entire life. About 17 years ago or so, the equipment for videography and the equipment for photography blended together into the same pieces of equipment. So in order to do video, I was using photography equipment, and that overlap started to get me into stills more so I started doing more stills and less motion. And actually, I probably doom or freelance still photography now than I do videography on the freelance side, which it's kind of a shift.

Baroness Brée :   2:44
Um, what do you think has what do you think has changed the most since you started with the When you what you said all the technology changing technology change. So I mean, social

David Wardrick:   2:55
media has been a huge thing that's changed. I mean, like, you always hear those things about 10,000 hours, and that's how you become, like, really proficient at something. And so social media in still photography. Like when you know, when I first got on instagram or got on Twitter or something, everybody was just taking a picture of their lot.

Baroness Brée :   3:14
You know what I mean? That's

David Wardrick:   3:15
all it was. It was a here's Here's my lunch gives a picture of it. Here's a selfie. That's what it wa ce. And then over time there's been this evolution of us going. Those things are great and there's there's totally a place for that. I love taking a picture of my food, but there's also a place for true art sharing and community. So that's what I started to pick up from social media. And so I was using this technology when everything was connecting together. My phone connects to my camera. I could just immediately upload something and put it on. And then other people who are in that same headspace can work together and go. Hey, I like this picture because you did this. And hey, let's go shoot something together. Hey, let's get 60 photographers together and go shoot together. And so that 10,000 hours really built up based on a lot on social media, not just workplace stuff.

Baroness Brée :   4:02
Now for you. I, um can you give your instagram handle for the people listening? Yeah.

David Wardrick:   4:08
Yeah, absolutely. So my Instagram and Twitter are 87 9 Dave. So that's like an O nominee Latin for in the year of our Lord. So ano Dominy 79 year. I was born Dave,

Baroness Brée :   4:22
um, following you on instagram you do a lot of collaborations with Can you give us some background with some of the groups that you work with and dc? Sure,

David Wardrick:   4:31
sure. I mean, like I was saying, It's it's all about collaboration and none of these groups I run and none of them I'm like anything that everyone else isn't. It's just people getting together. Um, I So actually, let me bring it out. Bring through chronologically. Okay. Okay. So I think so. Photo walks is the thing that's been done for years. Since before the digital age, photographers would get together, they have a photo walk, which is a bunch of people saying, Hey, at 8 a.m. On Saturday, we're all going to the Lincoln Memorial. We're gonna walk around cameras together. Okay. So the first like groups that I did this with was way back in the day with I think it was DC focus was probably one of the first ones. Maybe. Ah, think there's D c exposure as well. So that was That was a while ago. That was back when everyone was on flicker or 500 picks. Good. So this is before instagram BC instant. So that's where it started. And then maybe three or four years ago, I saw another photo walk pop up with de ses like biggest group I g d c So instagram d c. They're like they're like that Theo G's of Instagram in the Washington D. C area and they had a photo walk in the woods, Um, Rock Creek Park. It was amazing. Like people were ready for it. People had props. People had balloons, people had, you know, like raincoats and like, for certain colors. And they were ready to, like, take pictures, imposing pictures and commune. And they're handing out stickers. And I was like, it blew my mind because it was such a difference from, you know, the years beforehand. Where was it was? It was photo, Jax. This was people Which photo? Doctor People, too. But like it was, it was everything. It was people with iPhones, people with Samsung's people with $4000 cameras, that but everyone was together. So I went to that I g d c meet up. And I was like, I keep doing this. This is really fun for photography. And in a meeting new people and connecting a lot that same day, people are like, Hey, you feel like this walk. You should go to this other walk that's happening tonight, and this is this is how much the communities it was starting to build

Baroness Brée :   6:40

David Wardrick:   6:41
was that same night walk with locals was having, I think their second or third walk. Um, at the Kennedy Center. I think it was somewhere somewhere touristy downtown, and I couldn't make it to it. But then I just started following them. So then I started going to their walks and, ah, the leader of that group, Carl, he had, like, this huge thing where, yes, these photo walks are cool. But I want you guys to connected people. Okay? So they even, like, won't like one of the like, the cardinal rules of that group. Every group has its own rules and its own, like ways to communicate everything but one of the cardinal rules they had was don't share your handle like. So while you're walking around, they don't want you to say at they want you to say, Dave Bree Peter Parker. You know what I mean. They want to tell your

Baroness Brée :   7:30
samples people because people are social media. You know, Bujji, you know, they like, Oh, you know, I You don't know me. I'm Bareness Bree on instagram. No, you know, you know, people used their handles like currency, so I could I appreciate them making people humble and, you know, you got people with 100,000 followers. You got people with eight. And so this group sounds like everyone needs to be the same,

David Wardrick:   7:51
so everyone would be the same. That's it. So, like, I mean, and since that time which I said think was maybe three years ago, maybe two years ago. So all these other groups have popped up DC chasers portrait meat, D C District creates I'm no, I'm gonna forget a bunch of them, but like there's a whole bunch out there street meet all these groups.

Baroness Brée :   8:12
Would you recommend for someone who's the up incoming photographer? Maybe they should pop into some of these meet ups. I I

David Wardrick:   8:18
think it's I think it's the best thing to do. Um, if you love photography or you love having your photo taken, I think it's great to go to these events and meet people who are like minded and make friends. I mean, you're legitimately meet people who are like, Hey, let's hang out and not take pictures. You know it and it just works like that.

Baroness Brée :   8:34
So, for all my photography hedge that possibly are listening right now, can you tell him what you're shooting on?

David Wardrick:   8:40
Oh, my technical gear Technical. So my number one camera that I shoot with the most is a Samsung Galaxy.

Baroness Brée :   8:48
Okay, that's

David Wardrick:   8:50
that Gets the most workout. Definitely shoot with my phone a lot. Um, I used to be a pixel popper and your head, and that was the biggest thing in the world. Um, it's still there in the back of my head, but it's all about art and not about your gear. But since the question is, what am I shooting with? I also have Ah, I have a Sony Rx 10 which is what's called a bridge camera. So the reason they call it a bridge cameras. It's right in between a point and shoot, which is just like that. That thing that you stick in your pocket and go on vacation.

Baroness Brée :   9:20
Do people still have those? Oh, yeah. Okay,

David Wardrick:   9:22
well, there's some great ones Cannon's got Can has got this cannon like a Sony. They have some amazing pointed shoots that will kick the butt of most other cameras. People are buying at Wal Mart and think your good

Baroness Brée :   9:33
looks like

David Wardrick:   9:34
it's Yeah, point shoot is nothing. The nothing the balk at, um So the bridge cameras in between a point and shoot and then a a traditional DSLR or pro camera. And so I got that that Sony. And it's great because it could do everything, um, the lenses attached to it. And it's made to go with that body, and it can be really good. Close up camera. I can shoot long distances. It can do portrait taken, do landscape. It does everything. It's like a Swiss Army knife of a camera. Cool. So I carry that a lot around. And then my my other camera is a can and five D, which is kind of just like cannons like basic flagship of their typical pro camera. Some. It's not the best, but it's not the worst, and I love it. It's good. It's full frame. Ah, lot of pixels. So yeah,

Baroness Brée :   10:21
very nice

David Wardrick:   10:22
brands. They don't really matter. It's it's it's Ah, it's mostly about price point, I would say whenever some was asking me about what camera I should get. I go. How much do you want to spend because of $1300 cannon is the same as a $1300 Sony or Night Connor, Fuji or any of any of them. They're all the same technology. They just slight nuance differences, but yeah.

Baroness Brée :   10:43
So what's your who's been your best or worst subject to photograph?

David Wardrick:   10:48
Oh, man. Best or worst?

Baroness Brée :   10:51
You got a war to hear mean, You know, doing something. Uh, I don't

David Wardrick:   10:56
know. This is a hard question to think about, because I mean, like, things start to blend together in my head. Uh, no

Baroness Brée :   11:02
Difficult. No, no. Diva's trying to thinkings

David Wardrick:   11:06
and see if I remember any divas there. Any good stories, Um, were ones that I could tell it. Well,

Baroness Brée :   11:13
how about this? Out curtailed with best issue the most about shooting.

David Wardrick:   11:18
It's the story. Um, I love to tell a story with a picture. Okay, so I love to take a picture of someone, and it's a still, but yet in that picture, you now immediately are connected to something happening. There's some type of story being told there, um and so that that's the thing that really like makes me excited to take a picture. Yeah, even even if it's not a person, even if it's just like a landscape or something I want I want you to think about driving past it or walking through it, or what's happening in that place. Yeah.

Baroness Brée :   11:52
So I have a question for you as a freelance business owner. What are you doing to take care of yourself. But if you're self care techniques, would you know

David Wardrick:   12:01
that probably needs, um um my, uh I mean, one of my self care techniques is the business itself. Um, it's a It's a business that is also a little bit of a hobby. So, like, I'll do portrait CE or I'll do events and that's the business side, and I'll charge for that. But the running around D. C. Taking pictures for fun is the fun side consume. My hobby overlaps with my business. So it's kind of like that is a bit of self care is that it feels really good. And it's relaxing to do what also is a job.

Baroness Brée :   12:34
So yeah, so, um, wouldn't just a kind of segue way out of this If this is what makes you happy, what do you suggest to people who are following their passions? What do you I suggest

David Wardrick:   12:52
to people to responsibility, Treece chase your dreams like do it in a responsible way. You know, like I mean, I'm I'm growing. I've got kids. Um, and I want to make sure that sounds my phone. Put that down there. I want to make sure that ah, that my my family's taken care of but that also I am chasing the dream of the same time. I mean, there's certain different periods in time in our lives. So, like, if you, I mean, I'm being very generalized here, but if you're 18 years old and you love shooting and you wanna run out, you know, in, in in just pursue that didn't do that. You know what I mean? Like, B have four roommates and get, like, a little side job. But chase your dream hard, right? But if you're at the point where you've got student debt and you've got, you know, a mortgage and all these other things will do the job that's gonna send that pay those bills every day, but didn't chase it a little bit. You know what? You got to balance it out. It's a balancing act.

Baroness Brée :   13:53
You told us to be adults? Yes. Being manager manager, priorities don't go into debt being fun. Um, trying to thank you for you, as far as you know, because you're a little bit of a techie geek myself. Um, what are we doing? As Faras blurted out, what do you doing A to nerd out your life right now,

David Wardrick:   14:13
uh, blurting out. I mean, like, it's it's Friday. And tomorrow Spider verse comes out. So I'm definitely going to see that it

Baroness Brée :   14:21
doesn't. It didn't come out already. I guess it are You? Yeah,

David Wardrick:   14:25
yeah, yeah. So it's already out and, like, I mean, I'm chasing all that that that nerd movie like I have no problem with Marvel making as many movies as possible have no problem with Disney. Take it over and putting now the money and cause It's a great entertainment. I grew up in the eighties when you had whole commute Spider Man on TV. It was fun and it was good And Wonder Woman it was good, but now it's Well, it's Fantasia's. Wow. It's

Baroness Brée :   14:53
actually kind of excited to see Aquaman and as a d m a marvel girl, I'm a barber. Grab our core. I mean, I'm you know, but I saw the footage and the CG after this. Looks amazing. Didn't know willing to photos in it. Yeah, I

David Wardrick:   15:06
had no idea what? I walked past the poster a couple of days ago in Manhattan, and I was like, Well, in the frozen. Okay, maybe I do need to see this.

Baroness Brée :   15:13
It's the first D C. Movie I'm really excited to see. Yes, I'm not. Don't get killed in my twitter mentions, But I did not, like, sit Suicide squad. That's okay. It was okay. I like it. I love the director. Ah, he's He's fantastic. Easy, bright. I did see bright right was really good. Yeah, I enjoyed right.

David Wardrick:   15:31
David airs. He's so he's such a good director. I think. I think a little bit. I mean, in my own opinion, way down here on the bottom rung of saying opinions about how movies made. I think the studio got involved, and they kind of ruined what could have been a good thing.

Baroness Brée :   15:43

David Wardrick:   15:44
um, I think it was a little bit of ah ah. Being edited by committee kind of ruins projects,

Baroness Brée :   15:51
you know, as a creative spirit. You can see where the story changes. You're like, Wait a minute. This doesn't think this scene doesn't feel the same with you. Can tell the post edits because you can feel the the lighting's all feeling only, added the senator. They did a lot of behind the scenes stuff on DC movies that they don't do with Marvel. Marvel is like, This is a cohesive story. We trust my actors. We trust our director. And if there's any edits, they redid the whole damn scene. And the best.

David Wardrick:   16:18
The best ones are where you can see the directors which were trusted like I mean, I I thought this out. The people down there like what Marvel movie should I see? And I'm like Thor Ragnarok. Just Thor Ragnarok. You Kans is so weird and so out of the box because they trusted the director. And there Let's agree to, like, do your weirdness and let's put it on screen. And it worked. And it works so well that I really like that.

Baroness Brée :   16:43
It was interesting, as saw the Russo brothers at, um Smithsonian. Yeah, so when they came, they had kids that ex such deep questions and a little boy got up and said, Can you explain to me what it's like to maintain the continuity of the universe? Is when you're not the director of all of the other films and they're like, Well, shit, you know, that's a great question. And, like, you know, you just watch the movie, you study the movie, you try to see what you liked about that movie that you can put into your movie. But, I mean, the virtual brothers are kicking ass right now, and, um, you know, watching the trailer for the New Avengers movie. Um, my kids are, you know, a little bit of a nervous breakdown we saw, like, the missing person report. You know, Peter still missing, and Suri's missing. And, you know, I'm looking forward today. Like, I think we should make that a national holiday. We need to shut down the government so I can go. You know something? Go see and find out what happened. You know, I want to see Faneuil's die or whatever they're gonna do with that story line, because they could go a lot of different ways according to comic books

David Wardrick:   17:39
so many ways. You know, I like that, you know, from from my perspective of seeing the way things are, I like, um, that Captain Marvel is kind of taking over the Adam Warlock position in the books because, like Ah, One of my like Hall of Fame moments is that I have the Infinity Gauntlet comics

Baroness Brée :   17:59

David Wardrick:   17:59
my house sitting in bags. Yeah, it's like, Oh, I read this. Actually, you know, it's a sad thing about these movies is that the X Men aren't a part of it. Correct. My favorite panel of any comic ever written is Hulk and Wolverine are on the roof of Avengers headquarter smoking cigars before they go to fight. Fan knows

Baroness Brée :   18:20
they're both

David Wardrick:   18:21
remarking about how a lot of people are going to die and probably they're gonna be the last ones left fighting. And they're like, We're ready to go and it's like it's such a cool panel. It's amazing.

Baroness Brée :   18:32
I need two down Eso eso Marvel has a online website where you can download all the comics. So I'm going after down, look

David Wardrick:   18:39
down, screenshot that that panel and make it a post

Baroness Brée :   18:43
you know, as a kid, I remember reading all of those infinity Garland. You actually have him. So I'm kind of like phantom fangirl and over here, But it was

David Wardrick:   18:50
said when Adam Warlock didn't show up in guardians, but it's okay. I see where they're going with things and and bringing in Captain Marvel, I think, is a character they need. Thio and her movies, trailers look amazing.

Baroness Brée :   19:01
I'm hoping kills E.

David Wardrick:   19:04
I don't think there's a way. Not

Baroness Brée :   19:05
so That's my birthday gift this year. So it comes out on my birthday. If anyone was to send gifts match nights, actually, but oh,

David Wardrick:   19:13
you'll be wearing like a captain Marvel jacket.

Baroness Brée :   19:16
I have ordered a Captain Morrow suit suit, so But he's booked a photographer yet? Know your photographer? Photographer? So, um, you know, it's for you guys that know I am a huge blurred I love. And for those who don't know, a Blurred is a black nerd. But I love dressing up and doing collars play. And Dave actually has encouraged me numerous in cages like why haven't you? Why didn't you buy cosplay for that? What are you talking about? What? You just wear the T shirt. So I want to thank you. Because because of you, I got the cover Will not the cover, but ah, feature on ESPN undefeated and my sailor Moon costs dono I knew it was gonna happen. I was like, Why don't you just do this It was great. It wasn't my

David Wardrick:   19:59
picture. It was great. You want

Baroness Brée :   20:00
t o? It was Marconnet Andre Chung from ESPN undefeated. So thank you, Andre. But, you know, and it was this funny. I was telling Dave, I'm like, it's all these people here trying to take people's pictures. And, you know, I could end up on, like, the front of a Japanese porn video. I don't know what the hell is going on here, and you're like, I just had to keep the faith, whatever. So But no, it was the photographer's some real creepy. So also, I mean, when you get into cause play, some women are sexy cosplayers, and some people are, you know, true to the character. And so it's really I'm not judging. I don't care what you were just, you know, you know, remember sometimes that their Children around they may not be ready for the butt cheeks, but yeah, I mean, I have an 11 year old Nichols mom. I can see her, but she's writing a song in public, and I'm like, it's part of her costume, you know, just teaching kids consent, be respectful, and, um, but, you know, it's really interesting. The CB kids like eyes like pop out their heads, but that's the first time seeing a favorite cartoon character and maybe pee coach. You have sexy boobs. So you

David Wardrick:   21:01
know what? It must be difficult to be an 11 year old in 2018. Way had to go to the libraries in National Geographic when I was a kid.

Baroness Brée :   21:10
That's like So I

David Wardrick:   21:11
mean, it was like a different world like you would like, flip out on anything you saw back in the day.

Baroness Brée :   21:16
That's right. You will see, like a boob. Someone breastfeeding a kid in Africa, something like that. You like Holy crap has a boob. Never seen those before. And now, you know. And when we were kids, our costumes were a plastic mess with holes in it, and sometimes they weren't pulled the right way. Almost died in my gym, costing back in the day cause we couldn't breathe. So, no, do you do any cause player you planning on doing? And, you know, I don't I wouldn't say I

David Wardrick:   21:39
do it very often. I mean, like, Halloween is like my only holiday s o. I do definitely dress up at some point around the holiday. Um, but I

Baroness Brée :   21:50
don't I don't cause

David Wardrick:   21:51
play much. I do love it. I love the idea of it, and I love following people who do it. Um, I think it's such a great creative outlet. I love fashion. I think there's some people who it's even a mix of that where it's like it's it's half fashion. It's half this house costuming.

Baroness Brée :   22:05
You have to come to Blur Con next year. I needed to go some of those costumes that were me. There's a couple of people and I'll give you the answer because I can't think of him right now where they stitch everything themselves. And it looks just like the comic book. And it's like you did this at home and some people like I did this the middle of the night last night. I got an idea Randy grabs from February can No, I'm you know, miss, whatever it's like, What the hell and I you know, I'm on Amazon, clicking through costumes like I'm going to be Scarlett, you know, you are. I'm gonna be, you know, black widow. I won't be Sailor Moon. And so I'm gonna actually 2019 to learn how to. So there you go, because I can't afford to keep having people meet me. Cost. It's

David Wardrick:   22:43
a great That's a great goal. Yes, gold for your creativity.

Baroness Brée :   22:46
No more, No more. Well, I don't know, etc. Has some amazing customers. So when you're ready to make your own first costume, say the word you gotta pick out, what would you be? What would you be?

David Wardrick:   22:57
Oh, that's a good question. I mean, so growing up when you were talking about being a Marvel girl, I've always loved Marvel the most. But Batman has always been my favorite comic book character

Baroness Brée :   23:08
there now,

David Wardrick:   23:09
so it's It's an

Baroness Brée :   23:10
interesting thing. Um, I think if

David Wardrick:   23:14
I was to cause Billy, it would

Baroness Brée :   23:15
have to be stolen. That almost dresses normal. I like that

David Wardrick:   23:19
where it's like where it's like just a hint of it. So maybe, like a Constantine or or something like that, I think probably that's the direction I would go in. Or maybe like men in black, something where it's like just a hint of a costume.

Baroness Brée :   23:31
OK, yeah, so it's not too attention focused. You don't want attention focused,

David Wardrick:   23:36
but you know what's happening

Baroness Brée :   23:37
so Bruce Banner. Not green.

David Wardrick:   23:40
That would be interesting. Maybe a post green Bruce banner just ripped up close or something.

Baroness Brée :   23:45
We're like a Tony Stark. Just dress up in a really nice suit. Yeah. You know what? A test piece or a test Be? Obviously. Shirt. You know, that's a good idea. You know, just

David Wardrick:   23:54
a glowing chest piece and like, some type of windbreaker outfit running around with Miss Potts. Pepper Potts. Gonna save the day in Avengers. Infinity

Baroness Brée :   24:05
Don't do. I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything, but get me an ant man's back. Damn it. According to the trailer, Yeah. So, you know, there's a lot of little hints in that movie. So excited, so excited. It's in here thinking for you. So tell me what, But what else do you have going on? So, what do you mean the kids gonna do for that? You know, end of the year, um, trying to think

David Wardrick:   24:29
of. What do I have going on? Um, so I am doing a

Baroness Brée :   24:35
lot more writing right now.

David Wardrick:   24:37
That's one of my focus is It's something that I did a long time ago that I've been out of. So at one point. It was part of my job. And so I was writing. I was, I mean, in my job description. It was writer, and so that actually, like, kind of zap my brain of being able to write because I was writing nonstop for work. Then when I stopped writing for work, I forgot to go back into writing. So it's been like a thing of like, I need to get back into this And so lately I've been doing that. So I've been I've been putting down paper are digitally some more screenplays, Um ah, thrown together several small shorts

Baroness Brée :   25:11

David Wardrick:   25:11
And so I want to get deeper into it and create more original content. Um, that I'm coming out with. But I also really like working with other writers as well, things that people have created. Um, when you were mentioning the films on the awards to two of the things you were mentioning or things ever written up by people who I just think you're brilliant because they come up with these ideas that I wouldn't even thought off. And then I get division really kind of make it happen. Okay, so that's that's one of the that's that's a great thing I'm trying to think of. What else is going on. I mean, still just doing a lot of photos. Um, today just did a photo at the tool to create space. Um, and it was awesome just being able to come into the studio. It's got a beautiful, brilliant studio were used in the paper backdrops like, and it's just a great spaces. You know, Being come over here is part of the city and and do it. Yeah,

Baroness Brée :   26:01
I think it's gorgeous. No, no, he does amazing photography when you get a chance. If you could check out his web site, Dave can give your website.

David Wardrick:   26:07
Yes, it is. It's a long one s o. So it's David ward, rick dot wicks site dot com slash site think slash you to put a

Baroness Brée :   26:20
slash flight. Okay. Yeah. The link will be available on the favorite slippery dot com website. No, I got you. You know, your website. I think that's what it is. Yeah, Yeah, there's the word

David Wardrick:   26:30
site is in it twice. It is. It is. David ward, rick dot What? Wicks site dot com slash site. Okay. Yeah, it's all those words okay? Because I'm cheap. And

Baroness Brée :   26:41
so the website, You know, I don't I don't for me. I

David Wardrick:   26:45
don't think websites create traffic. I think they're great. Solidify our of. You know, what you're doing here is my portfolio. But very few people come to me from the website that come from meeting to them in person, and then they can see that the web sites there. So I've never personalized that. I've never paid to do that because I'm like, why would I pay this thing That no one's going

Baroness Brée :   27:04
well when you're ready? I know a guy who knows a guy. You know, you could make some things happen, but no, Dave, thank you so much for visiting and talking to us about your passion. Um, I'm excited to see what you do next because you always have such a good eye for detail. And he's such a humble guy like you're sitting here. I'm talking to you like he kind of these awards. He worked with all these amazing, fabulous people. Um, he shoots and does filmography for your some of your favorite youtubers. And you may not even realize it. And just such a humble guy. So Thank you for coming to visit us.

David Wardrick:   27:38
Thank you. This was great. I'm a fan of the podcast, so I was happy to be able to be a

Baroness Brée :   27:42
part of it. Thank you. Days thank you all so much for listening. I can be reached at Fab Fuck three on Instagram and Twitter. You can check us out on www dot fabulous factory dot com. You can listen to us on Spotify stitcher, soundcloud, iTunes and Google play music. Please make sure to subscribe and like us. And please give us five star ratings. Talk to your guys soon. Bye.