Fabulous F**kery

Episode 5: SwiftKick Fuckery with Tim Craggette

February 26, 2019 Baroness Brée/ Timothy Craggette Season 1 Episode 5
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 5: SwiftKick Fuckery with Tim Craggette
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 5: SwiftKick Fuckery with Tim Craggette
Feb 26, 2019 Season 1 Episode 5
Baroness Brée/ Timothy Craggette

Today we talk business, and nerd life with Tim Craggette. Tim is a serial entreprenuer and a fan of all things nerdy!!! Welcome to our land of fabulous fuckery!!

Title: Host/Producer/Engineer
Company Name: SWOT Coaching

Timothy D. Craggette is a serial entrepreneur with over 10+ years as an educator and coach for small business entrepreneurship and marketing.  He has trained budding business owners within the Washington, DC Metro Area as well as globally through his online coaching and “The Swift Kick Show”, on WERA 96.7 FM..DC’s #1 Online Small Business radio show. As a member of the National Business Educators Association, he has spoken at the University of Maryland, the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, and on stages nationally on the topics of business and health. As a member of the entrepreneurship advisory board for The Yleana Leadership Academy, he serves as an advisor for entrepreneurship curriculum and a mentor to teenagers in underserved communities. Timothy is also a 6x award-winning and best-selling product creator and executive producer/engineer with over nine figures in sales.

Find Him at http://www.swiftkickshow.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/SwiftKickShow/ https://www.facebook.com/ILoveNerdLifeFanPage/
IG: @Tdcraggette @Ilovenerdlife
Twitter:  SwiftKickShow 

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Show Notes Transcript

Today we talk business, and nerd life with Tim Craggette. Tim is a serial entreprenuer and a fan of all things nerdy!!! Welcome to our land of fabulous fuckery!!

Title: Host/Producer/Engineer
Company Name: SWOT Coaching

Timothy D. Craggette is a serial entrepreneur with over 10+ years as an educator and coach for small business entrepreneurship and marketing.  He has trained budding business owners within the Washington, DC Metro Area as well as globally through his online coaching and “The Swift Kick Show”, on WERA 96.7 FM..DC’s #1 Online Small Business radio show. As a member of the National Business Educators Association, he has spoken at the University of Maryland, the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, and on stages nationally on the topics of business and health. As a member of the entrepreneurship advisory board for The Yleana Leadership Academy, he serves as an advisor for entrepreneurship curriculum and a mentor to teenagers in underserved communities. Timothy is also a 6x award-winning and best-selling product creator and executive producer/engineer with over nine figures in sales.

Find Him at http://www.swiftkickshow.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/SwiftKickShow/ https://www.facebook.com/ILoveNerdLifeFanPage/
IG: @Tdcraggette @Ilovenerdlife
Twitter:  SwiftKickShow 

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spk_0:   0:14
Hello. Welcome to fabulous Hungary. I'm your host. Fairness free. Where does our gold toe always emerge? Fabulously inspite of fuck. Hello, everyone. Welcome to Fabulous factory. I'm your host, Baroness Bree, I'm so happy to see everyone today. We have our guest, Mr Tim Crag. It hosts of the swift kick. So what can I get there? I'm sorry. So yeah. Host the swift kick show. He's awesome. He's on w e r A. And he's also the host of the I love nerd life that we call ill new. Um, Tim is a serial entrepreneur. Does a little bit of everything. Speaks a little bit little bit. Primarily he helps businesses to get started. Thio get their growth patterns and drive sales. I'm excited to know you. I'm hoping you're gonna help roll my business, grow my sales. Maybe we'll talk about it, but welcome.

spk_1:   1:17
Thank you very much. Glad to be here.

spk_0:   1:19
I also wanna congratulate you because you have upcoming graduation coming up. So we should agree

spk_1:   1:25
for for audio production. Audio engineering, full sail university. You guys are awesome. Anyone I think about full sail highly recommend full sail, but yeah, great. Going down March 8, um, down in Winter Park, Florida. And yeah, thank

spk_0:   1:43
you very much for that. Appreciated. I'm excited. I'm all about people's growth. And that's what the show is about. Celebrating every little win. Thank you. So now tell me, with all of these business opportunity going on, how many businesses do you think you have going right now for you?

spk_1:   2:01
Okay, so the funny thing about that question ISS there's there's basically, like, two ways to answer it. The 1st 1 is okay, What's the core business? And the other one is, Well, what are all the businesses in the business? Okay, so that's what I'm gonna try to answer it.

spk_0:   2:15
OK, so you're like a umbrella.

spk_1:   2:17
That that's good way of saying OK? Yeah. So primarily, uh, my business where I'm like 50% with my wife is us SWAT coaching. And what we do is we actually coach people in health and wealth, though there are two big niche is, um she's the health side with wellness and balance coaching and all that. But she's, like, really awesome at, and for me, I'm the business side of it. So online entrepreneurship, content creation, distribution, publication, things like that. So those are like the big things that we d'oh right now. The main focus, at least on my side, is media. Because over the past two and 1/2 3 years, that's where a lot of my ah lot of my attention has been. I've been seeing a lot of people less in my network get into the PR space, which is actually where I'm going to. And there's this. Okay, I'm putting this out there for the people that sze watching and listening. Uh, branding. I'm sorry. I'm just I'm already getting on the 10. Just

spk_0:   3:24
don't just don't. All right,

spk_1:   3:24
go. So branding is not a strategy. Branding is a focus. Correct. So for those people that are stuck on branding, make sail sales is your branding that branding is yourself. I understand how

spk_0:   3:39
you can be a brand All you want if you're not making any money, does not think that there's nothing. So,

spk_1:   3:44
yes, so that's that's where I am. Um, and the other thing is just helping people to to increase their voice. That's another big thing like the podcast world is blowing up a lot of people really getting into it and We're helping people to learn the macaques of that, um, and getting into small broadcast, which is also a big thing.

spk_0:   4:05
Yes, it is, Yes, it itself for small broadcasting. There's so many different platforms. It's actually overwhelming for myself because I'm trying to figure out it's like you want to be on all these. You want to be on twitch? Do you want to be on YouTube? Do you want to be on in every week of some new fly by night corporation popping up that wants 49 99 the stream And I'm like, What are we doing here? And it's like, How do I know that this is legit business? And this isn't like an adult porn rebrand in my face. You did. I'm not Internet. We're not doing that kind of kids, but you know is really interesting. How do you know what's the best platform to monetize your

spk_1:   4:44
your videos? So videos. All right, so one of my really, really close friends, part of my master mind also was. It gets on this wicket show. Tommy Powers, a k Tommy traffic. Um, Tommy is legit when it comes to video and YouTube and and Also, I'm blanking on Mother Dude's name seem clear as day long story short. The whole thing with doing videos is it's mostly about consistency and time watch. Um, the funny thing is, and this isn't really, like my biggest form of expertise, but I know a little bit of something about it. Uh, right now, with YouTube and Google really being big on on time on time One video, um, everything right now is about having the most awesome content, that people will stay there and watch for at least three minutes and then after a certain amount of hours, which I think is like 1000 hours, then they'll get you into their ad networks for Facebook, their whole surgeon growth into doing videos and Facebook life. They saw where the money was being dropped off, and I'm actually more familiar with Facebook than anything. Um, with Facebook. Their whole thing is the 32nd and the minute watch. So they care if you can keep attention for at least 30 seconds, because that that they could do a break and throw the ad in the middle. So if someone was trying to maximize video for a way of exposure or channel. If it's YouTube, it's all about having that interesting. The interesting minute and 1/2 3 minutes. And for Facebook, it's about the interesting. 30 seconds to a minute. Yeah. Don't do any stunts there really cracking down the stunts that

spk_0:   6:36
because they're getting out of control. Good. Getting out of control. I know people. So my theory and in life is that we have a grandma sort shortage. We are. We're missing the elders that give the the wisdom about common sense safety and kids were doing very dangerous stunts. Don't want to talk about because I've seen some horrible things and you go to click on it like, Oh, this looks cute. It's like, Is he about to shoot somebody? So, yeah, it's not okay. But, um, now, with everything you do dio Yes, because you're all over the place. How do you manage self care? How do you take care to yourself?

spk_1:   7:11
Good question. My wife. Okay. Uh, I am I'm not the true definition of a workaholic. Okay, But I am the true definition of a focus entrepreneur. If I get in the zone of something, I will forget everything else in the world yet, Um, she does a really good job of make sure making sure that I manage my time. And that kind of helps me with care for myself. Like the things that used to be outlets for me, or have now become work for me because I've blended a lot of my life together. And then the things that I do, which I think we're gonna talk about, Um but for for being able to step away and actually breathe and get air and drink water And you know, all the things that are basic, um, it had to become an exercise, and she helped me to kind of figure out Okay, well, you know, if you're doing X amount of things for X amount of time, this is when you need to take breaks about Blye and not kind of scheduling in. So that way I could be like, Okay, now it's time. I just need to get that eight ounces of water and you know, something like that. Um, but it's it's for me. I have a very unusual situation where I have control over my time, so I have to be mindful of my health because I have that that lead way. And I don't have such structure to where I had to worry about those things.

spk_0:   8:37
Okay, Interesting. So, for you guys, because, I mean, you're awesome pairing. Um, thank you. You know, So you know, she's also to see both of you together. I actually met him and his wife. We were doing a media training course in the last year. We learned a lot about what to do and what not to do A media. And it was very useful. And so shout out to Jackie. But we learned so much in those courses about how our public personas are affected and all of those types of things. And, um, my question for you is with Do you keep the same persona across all of your platform? Because what I'm seeing is people with different projects or putting on different faces, and it's confusing their brands.

spk_1:   9:23
I like that question. Um, I am 150% authentic. Um, and that is by choice because I had no choice. I think I could share the story super quickly, and then we can move on. So, like, back into in 2020 16 2016. My identity was stolen by accident. So my father and I share the same first name and last name. Um, and you know about the Internet. When anything ranks, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to rank 150% correct. So I rank for my name Timothy Craig, get But a story broke out that went national, and he dominated the news cycle, which then dominated the Google search rankings. And from that point on up, I've had to be truly myself because I'm like, for years now I've been pushing that stuff down.

spk_0:   10:18
Okay? I'm

spk_1:   10:19
trying to push us stuff down. So when when I'm on S K s, I'm me at maybe 90%. When I'm on some of my other projects, I'm me at 110%. I have to turn up a little bit, but still within that 20% range, I'm still made.

spk_0:   10:44
Okay? Yeah. No, I ask because, you know, you see people, you don't know what you're getting. Sometimes you know, a 90% because it's a professional setting. Got it, you know, and then you get 150%. Bree you know, at a con, you know, running around with swords. So you know it. It really helps people to understand the brand and what the tone is because the tone is what sets how much energy we give for Egypt. So thank you for that. Because I see a lot of that across platforms where people are kind of, you know, it's like, Oh, this kind of seems like the semblance of the person. I'm a no, but I don't know who the hell that is. Yeah, yeah. Here. So

spk_1:   11:23
is this funny to with that? I'm glad you mentioned it. Like one of the things that I noticed too, is depending on what channel they they're in. Some people that they're in is how they actually will carry themselves in that because there's an expectancy of how that behavior is like a personal I G isn't gonna necessarily be exactly the same on Facebook and not necessarily the same on like, their stage personas or anything like that, because that they have to cater to someone or something. But, um, the ones that do really good of being themselves. Um yeah, they get they get to really resonate better, in my opinion,

spk_0:   12:07
So I want to just kind of transition to some fun before. So you've run a project that I'm in love with, which is called I love Dirt Line. Thank you. Um, I am a huge, blurred, blurred eyes. Black nerd for those disease. We're not familiar. Blurred con comic con DragonCon. Awesome call and cats. O'Connell, Taco Khan. Was it on what comic con is like As all kinds of comic cons going on right now. And, um, if you guys follow me on social media, I like to dress up. Um, I love doing cause play. It is one of the most amazing forms of therapy I've ever found.

spk_1:   12:50
Your dominoes really cool.

spk_0:   12:51
Thank you.

spk_1:   12:52
Seeing you with swords.

spk_0:   12:53
Thank you. That was fun. My son actually said You need a weapon. Agree? Like guns? No. Sorry. It's all right. So that was a fun day. But for you, you are a comic guy, mostly. So what? Comics kind of resonated for you to get you into this lifestyle.

spk_1:   13:14
Actual books? Well, uh, back in the nineties, um, I lived in Florida for a spell, and I didn't have much access to books. Um But I grew up as a Saturday morning kids, baby

spk_0:   13:30
in the

spk_1:   13:30
eighties, so I started off with turtles. Turtles was my big thing is a matter of fact, of my friends of the US four. I'm the Donatello out of the group.

spk_0:   13:41

spk_1:   13:42
um, would that moved me into X men? And that was where I had, like, my first, really, like real touch of comic books. Um, so the gym Lee stuff with the things that really got me into the culture, Um, and then it waas um Spider Man one Spider Man really resonated with me. That was it for everything else. Because it now that opened me up because the character of Peter Parker waas so relatable that it didn't feel fictitious, even though it was completely over exaggerated. It was just those core factors off the 21 factor, either. Too good. One batter, 101 good. Too bad. And Peter Parker was, like, perfect, like downtrodden. Can't pay his red, but he has to be here powers. And I didn't know what to do with it. That was That was where I kind of like fell into everything.

spk_0:   14:39
He's not one of my favorite superheroes because all of us, like, have secret powers that we can't show it work every day. So I like the fact like Superman. Now, you know, he was an alien. But you knows Peter, Peter got bit by a spider. I get bit by spiders all the time. I'm allergic to spiders, you know, like, you know, Where's my webbing? When I went to let last two hospital visits for spider Bites, But

spk_1:   15:01
they hated you for it.

spk_0:   15:02
No, no, I should have died. Super Spider Girl. But it is just interesting to meet it because, you know, Spider Man is like one of those things because my kids don't know what Saturday morning cartoons are because they're always on. And then, you know, you can go on Netflix and go on demand, and you can find whatever you want all the time, and it's not fair. I feel like they need to learn toe, wait to Saturday, sit down with your box of cereal that you shouldn't be eating waiting for Saturday, but the best part of the week. You got to put your parents out the way, you know, You suppose we cleaning. So you had to hurry up and either clear before or after. And, you know, X men come full theatre. You know, that was what Saturday was in our family. So, um, so you're a marvel guy. Uh, I'm here.

spk_1:   15:49
No, actually, I am an independent guy.

spk_0:   15:52
Oh, you're gonna be that kind of person. So? So

spk_1:   15:56
since we since we traveled down I roll, Let's keep walking.

spk_0:   15:59
Let's go.

spk_1:   15:59
All right, so my background is the arts. Okay, Shut out to Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Uh, classically seven visual arts. Um, So the whole thing in via was that we always had to create. And when I got older and got into books and all that, um, sure, there was the mainstream books The D C marvel, like, dominated everything, but the creativity came out of independent, in my opinion. And that was where you kind of saw the lead in for DC and Marvel to really start to explore their characters because they started to see what the Indies were doing. That is true. It's just like in business, like all the small businesses are the ones that are innovators. And then the big Mrs take notice and then they start to shift their their tactics saying D C Marvel did the same thing. Um, I love indie stories. Maur because there's less rules. Mart will have the comic code and D c a bed in the comic code, but none. Neither side really started to do stuff until image started to force their head when Amy started to force their hand. Then you start to see the boom studios come up. You start to see the, uh, the um oh, I feel bad because I see them clear as day that like it's not clear water. Um ah, camera of the name. Either way, I lend more into those stories because there there is a beginning, middle and end. Okay, I'm not so big on long drawn out stories because it feels like like I'm part of the bench culture and the new bench culture as trades. And I can I can sit on trades all day, but yeah, I love in these. Ah, bit more.

spk_0:   17:55
All right, we'll see for you. You are in deep person. I love anime. Yeah, and so, you

spk_1:   18:02
know, that was super

spk_0:   18:03
obvious. I was schooled. Yeah, we attended catsuit con that was at the Gaylord National Harbor right into him and his partner, partner, Chico. Hey, Kiko. It was interesting because your your comic book guy, you're like, What the hell is that? Wander past me. You know, it was it was definitely some interesting costumes, but, um, I was a cowboy, bebop sailor moon Dragonball Z kind of girl. And so now my kids, they grow up around that. So now you know, I'm learning about my hero academia. I'm learning about all of these weird. These cartoons, like gone down the dark, weird side. So, you know, um, like thing So is it's interested in learning the different cultures and how and some of these But some of these cartoons are so deep, like Steven Universe loves it. So you know you're watching it. It's like I'm watching this movie cartoon about this key that turns into a lying whatever. Know that stuff in the next. And I was like, Oh, he's teaching them compassion, always teaching them empathy. And it's like, Okay, he could be watching the worst cartoon than this. But then I was a huge team Titans, the original dark, gloomy teen Titans fan and then I watched teen titans go with my youngest son who loves beast boy, which I think is adorable. That is not what teen Titans don't know who these people are. But this little goofy dances and you know this slug You know, I love

spk_1:   19:30
the booty scudi

spk_0:   19:31
e like, you know, I like I like beast Boy songs. Now he's going to have an album

spk_1:   19:38
they could package all those.

spk_0:   19:39
Usually I'd be catching feelings and I'm like, eh, Eh, So, you know, that's so much like my please cut it off, Cut it off. So you know, But, you know, it's just good to see all the people in all age groups. It was just so such a diverse gathering of people. And I wish, um maybe for blurred, Khan will have to dio collaboration. What did we talk? Would you call it? You called it fabulous Fabulous ner life. I love it. And so we may have to do a collaboration in love to do that. I think we should do that. I think

spk_1:   20:16
Burkhart's accomplice a table

spk_0:   20:18
Hey! And

spk_1:   20:20
the energy electricity Do you actually like set up? Because I have the gear? I could do it

spk_0:   20:27
taken on Haas and in Georgian shameless self promotion. But yeah, I'm thinking about maybe doing a panel. We could figure something out here, so we will. We will make some things happen. 2019 is a year to blurred. I want to just empower people to be themselves. I didn't know this was a former self. Care for me until I went for Blur Khanum like I am with my people And you know, if I can, then you're on line, like for a whole six months looking for costumes just like I'm going to be seen with you kids would like. Is she having a mid life crisis? Is this year It's like I'm going to be, you know, Beatrix kiddo, from Kill Bill. And I'm

spk_1:   21:12
curious now, like since you were kind of talked about this a little bit like over over the time that we've gotten to know each other. When you went to that conned and you stepped in, what did you feel like? What was the thing that said you felt like you were home,

spk_0:   21:30
so it was a lot. So the first year I went, I was just Ah, but I just watched that was a voyeur, you know, and I had only, you know, I have a whole closet full of cool, geeky shirts, but that's not the same as wearing the costume. You know, you're going. You're like, I haven't selling T shirts, some girls, just a sailor Moon. Let's take a picture. But then, when all of us address the Sailor Moon and we're all taking pictures and their kids that are happy to see Black Sailor Moon's because they've never seen it before like I had blocked, I had locked on braid lock things going on. And you know what a load she's like. You know, salmon with braids. It is nothing like seeing representation without the silky wigs and so to see us. It was so many Black Panthers last year was so offensive

spk_1:   22:12
it was it was the year of

spk_0:   22:16
some, and then my son felt like innovator because the youngest has been dressing like Black Panther for like three years. So I have all these different sized Black Panther suits. I want the one with the zipper, and I want this one clause. And so you know, the kids are actually planning out their costumes and So we have one day that we do a family day. So the oldest was Samuel Jackson. I was black widow. The little one was t'challa. And, you know, we're posing for pictures and doing all our work on this stuff and people like Holy crap, this is kind of cool. And then the next day we were we rolled tacos. So, like the little one picked one. I picked one. We just did all these different characters, and it was just so much, you know? Hey, Mom, I wanna be peek atyou and, you know, most famously what? Anyway, like, we have our costumes picked out for this year already, so I had, like, three more. We have three more calls plays to do, the little one. He wants to do a Marvel day. So I'm trying to figure out something different for Marvel, and we're probably going to, like, indie comic day, So we're excited. This is good stuff. We love it. Hopefully we can get you a costume.

spk_1:   23:21
Okay, so let me let me let me address that since you brought it up. All right? So I've been for all the years that I've done the Khan seen both as a participant artist and a on the show side. I've always gotten bugged by someone to say you need to do cosplay costume. And so, um, I've I like I tried on my first week, I got to, uh and I felt completely like, out of like, a fish out of water. Um, but I talked to my wife afterwards, knows that. All right, We should think about it. Think about cosplay. And so we're settling. We we haven't fully committed to it yet, but we're settling on gender bending. Uh, me doing Ravens and her doing beast

spk_0:   24:13
boy s. So

spk_1:   24:15
we're thinking about

spk_0:   24:15
it. Look at you guys doing gender bending cosplay for your first cause. Way covered comforts. But you know the thing about gender bending class ways that you can do whatever you

spk_1:   24:26
want. Yeah, it gives you a lot more freedom.

spk_0:   24:28
There's no norm. Um, gender bending cosplay is when you're playing a cuss, a costume carry character that's typically male or female or, you know, non binary. Because that's also a thing, thio. But you can play, you know he can play Raven as a male. His wife can play beast boy as a female and, you know, she could make it girlie. He can make it kind of guys and, you know, just about playing around with it and having fun with it. So I'm excited to think about it. We'll see what happens. You're still many months between now and July.

spk_1:   24:57
Yeah, the the other. Okay, so the other side of the coin and that is I What I say is I've already caused played cosplay. That's myself.

spk_0:   25:07
Fair enough. You were the only you're the original cause play version of yourself. I like that.

spk_1:   25:12
Actually been in a calm book, so I could always be

spk_0:   25:14
Oh, you've been in the comic book. Okay? You got posted on your website. You gotta find it doing out to pitch for the peach crate now. Was that bit

spk_1:   25:26
Well, we're visit that.

spk_0:   25:28
Okay. On the next show, other. So one I want you tell people where they can find you.

spk_1:   25:34
Absolutely, uh, facebook dot com Forward slash with kick show That goes right to the radio show content. But basically, you can get to me directly from that TD. Craig, get T d c r a double G e double T e E on I g on Facebook. That's pretty much where hang out. And if you want the good stuff. I love nerd life. I lived their life on instagram, which were actually really, really getting good at now on facebook dot com forward slash i love in her life fan page. But if you just search her life, you'll see all the good

spk_0:   26:12
stuff there. Well, thank you for joining us today. If you guys have any questions about how to grow monetize any of your business strategies. He's awesome, and he's taught me so much. And I hope we get to collaborate in more 2019. Yes, absolutely. And thank you guys so much for turning tuning in. Please check us out on fab buggery on apple podcast, Google Podcast, bus sprout stitcher soundcloud and something else Probably I'm probably forget

spk_1:   26:46
anywhere you hear your

spk_0:   26:48
everywhere you hear them fabulous cookery dot com and please, you know, follow me on Instagram at Baroness Free. Have a good night