Fabulous F**kery

Episode 6: BlerDCon Fuckery with Hilton George

March 13, 2019 Baroness Brée/ Hilton George Season 1 Episode 6
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 6: BlerDCon Fuckery with Hilton George
Fabulous F**kery
Episode 6: BlerDCon Fuckery with Hilton George
Mar 13, 2019 Season 1 Episode 6
Baroness Brée/ Hilton George

Hilton George CEO/Con Chair for BlerDCon
Founder and convention chairman for Blerdcon, the black nerd convention held in Arlington Va each summer to celebrate blerd culture, diversity and inclusion in cosplay, comics, anime, scifi and gaming.

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Recorded at 202creates Studio in Washington, DC

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Hilton George CEO/Con Chair for BlerDCon
Founder and convention chairman for Blerdcon, the black nerd convention held in Arlington Va each summer to celebrate blerd culture, diversity and inclusion in cosplay, comics, anime, scifi and gaming.

For More Information on today's conversation please visit:

Twitter/IG/Facebook: @Blerdcon

Find Fabulous Fuckery podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. 
Twitter/IG/Pinterest @fabfuckery or @baronessbree
Recorded at 202creates Studio in Washington, DC

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spk_0:   0:14
Hello. Welcome to fabulous Hungary. I'm your host. Fairness free. Where does our gold toe always emerge? Fabulously in spite of Hello, everyone. Welcome to fabulous factory. I'm your host, Baroness Bree. I'm so happy to see everyone. Hilton George. Hello. Hello. That was dry. Okay, well, thank you for coming. Let me tell you guys a little bit about Hilton. He's the father. And I'm saying, if I call, you conned Father. So but he's the founder and convention chairman for Blurred Con, the Black Nerd Convention held in Arlington, Virginia, each summer to celebrate blurred culture. Diversity and inclusion in cosplay comics animates safa and game. Thank you for coming.

spk_1:   1:13
Thanks for inviting me,

spk_0:   1:15
guys. It's so in case you don't know, I'm a huge blurred. I never really considered blur to be a word until I heard about blurred con. So blurred is a black nerd And can you give so definitional network?

spk_1:   1:28
Well, it is exactly that. And it is a a sub community within the larger nerd community across all phantoms where many of us who have been in the shadows, who have been in the background who have quietly enjoyed nerd things for our entire lives are starting to come together in this age of social media, where we're able to connect without actually having to go out, be social and nothing right on. These communities are starting to form where we are supporting one another. We are finding out there are more of us like us, and we are starting to enjoy the convention space. We're starting to enjoy a bigger role in, in all the different phantoms of gaming enemy cosplay, side fi and music now, and it's the It's the next big thing, and we're trying to make sure that we are here to serve that community and show how great and wonderful and fabulous we are when we are doing what we do.

spk_0:   2:27
Well, your con actually a little different because it's very inclusive. So for everyone who's not aware, blurt Khan is an amazing space in Arlington, Virginia, it's being hosted. What's our dates for this year's

spk_1:   2:40
July 12 throughly 14th of summer 2000.

spk_0:   2:45
It is a very inclusive space. I have never seen so many diverse groups come together and call it play. Um, you've actually opened it up. I feel like for a lot of the other cons to make groups feel welcome because, you know, we had nerve Tino, Um we had the lesbian gay. Um, thank you. They are amazing. And they're cost place. They bring it, they bring it every time. And it is just you have made people feel comfortable in your space.

spk_1:   3:17
Well, uh, what it really is is the intersectionality. These are We aren't just two things. We aren't just black and nerve, you know, I always call it black nerd. And on whatever that and is, you could be Afro Latina. You could be mixed, bi racial. You could be disabled. You could be a member of the LGBT community or all of the above. And when you're putting together a convention where people are coming together on our trying to indulge and trying Thio validate the entire nerd, You know, you put a little bit of everything in there for them and for us. You know, I'm not a member of the LGBT community, So it would be an authentic for me to come forth and to say Well, from my perch, I will put forth this programming that's relevant to this community that I am not a member of the same thing for the Latino community. Same thing for the disabled community. So we bring in these other groups to come in and put some content together so that, you know, people feel like there is a depth to the experience and a recognition of the depth of the individuals within the blurred community. And being intersectional is one thing, but also being opened s Oh, that's inclusive free people outside of the blurred community. Come and see on event where the the black nerd uh, demographic is the main thing on menu. You know, when they see the artists and the guests and musicians and vendors and the cosplayers, which are a huge part of ah blurred con, we have a great time.

spk_0:   4:52
You got some big guests coming this year we got so

spk_1:   4:54
far. Oh my gosh, I'm I am beyond excited. So let's start from the cosplayers cosplayers. A really great We've got out of Chicago. We've got Papa Bear cosplay. He and his daughter do these amazing cost place. He's an amazing builder. Hey, is one of the leaders of the POC cosplay community in Chicago. So a lot of the Midwest, you know, black nerd community really excited that we're reaching west, not just north or south. We also have Ah, uh, Cinven Quinn's. Oh, uh, she is after Latina out of New York. She is fantastic. If you've ever seen her work, she's amazing crafting and and, you know, make up And all of those great things out of New York. We have treaty pie sense A who is coming out of Atlanta, and her work is amazing as well. I mean, she is doing armor build. She's doing fashion. She is doing makeup. I mean, she's really, really brings it so that that trifecta there is gonna be amazing just on the cosplay alone. But the guests that are coming so we have got and I'm going to start with the last person we just signed. Okay, Stay in your seat. Okay? Don't you run a lap, Okay? We just signed Bo Billingsley as a guest for Blur con. Right? So if you know about Beau Billingsley, he has voiced video games from final fantasy to street fighter. He has done. He was jet jet black from cowboy. Beba has been on Star Trek. He's been behind the scenes with so much of what we know for the last 20 years in the sci fi and animate community, and you just it's just such honor. Just have him on board. We've got the Salmon Rider out of London. She's coming. The Salmon Rider with all of her martial art. She's bad. Oh, she really and really is. We're so excited. This will be her first convention in the States. So she's never done a convention. Okay, State. So we will see her for the first time on that. That's just gonna be amazing. And the one the only Rachel True? Yes, he is coming to Blur Con this year. You guys might remember there was a little dust up about the fact that she was not getting booked to be a part of the reunion for the craft. Frances, a four person cast for this film, and she was not getting recognized. He was not getting drawn in and she was vocal about it. Rightfully so. And we got tagged a lot. We got sent a lot. Okay, we've got to make this happen. So I made some phone calls, reached out to her people, and she is gonna come out she be doing panel. She's gonna be doing workshop. She's gonna be signing autographs, taking pictures.

spk_0:   7:32
People are excited, you know, She was in and thank you so much. She means a lot knowing that she looks exactly the same age as he looks.

spk_1:   7:48
Whatever makes her live forever. She does. Look at that.

spk_0:   7:50
50 years old. Looks amazing. Wouldn't look a day past 25. Um, I'm excited to see her. I'm gonna have to harass her. I'm excited. I don't know. You guys are just doing the blurred nerds. You know, our dream life. This is how much work do you think you would? How much of your life would you say you're spending to put this con together every year? Half okay,

spk_1:   8:14
everything is defined by half. Andi. I don't wantto take any direct credit because one of the things that the work is doing is just putting the space together on creating the, you know, the layout and the rhythm and the pace on the background platform. What brings that feeling that everybody comes away with comes from the attendees and the community and how they use that space and how they interact in that space and the year one, You never really know what's gonna happen. You know, if you're building office building or to build a mall, are you don't know what's gonna happen when people walk in the door, you can anticipate you can guess

spk_0:   8:53
you're one waas. So what, this year, being that your three,

spk_1:   8:57
this will be your three.

spk_0:   8:57
So and I feel like it's happened more than just three times, to be honest with you, because I mean my kids. My oldest was very shy and very closed off and Blur. Khan came right after his father and I had started our divorce process, and Anna made with his escape from the foolishness that was his real life. And I was like, Hey, you know, this thing coming up is called Blurred Con. It's 40 bucks. You want to go telling you whatever. I'll get a room. You know, we stayed up for three days. He did not sleep. We had Red Bull. We were running around in little one is, I think he's probably like nine or 10 9 at the time. He's like, What the hell was wrong with John? We're like, you know, they have a 24 hour anime screening room, which is hosted by the D. C. Animate chrome and Chris. And, you know, the kids were like, We get to watch enemy all night like some because after dark it turns into material turns

spk_1:   9:54
and after midnight

spk_0:   9:54
had learned dark starts at 11. 30. But, um, you know, the kids really got to see other people who look like them that enjoy the same things. Them, um, from our experience because, you know, your mom was watches and, um, a she's a weirdo, you know? Then you're like, Oh, Dragon Ball Z is actually kind of hot. Maybe he's on to something That's my gateway drug for everyone. If you've never watched anime, the pacing is a little slow in the older ones. But stick with me after the 65th episode is going to get to the point. But you know, just taking them out there. No, he speaks Japanese, so the oldest is taking it next level. He speaks to me. He's like, hardcore into Japanese rock music. Yeah, he's deeper than I am. He you know every day he wants some type of new Rahman or go to some new new bar and get some kind of sushi dish. So

spk_1:   10:47
he's part of the New World.

spk_0:   10:48
Hey is for real. Tackle like this is like it is hardcore. So cat sick On the other day with his dream life, it was so many people. It was amazing. Consul, catch you con is a con. It's at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor. They hold it every year. I think it's like the 20th year. So yes, a 25th 25th think is 25. So it has just grown. And when If you want to see some amazing builds ass awesome costumes this weekend that I have no idea how much it costs normal was scared. Foo

spk_1:   11:21
it draws cat Sue has personality. So whatever it is that you have conventions that kind of fall into these lanes, these grooves, if you will, and the community kind of channels themselves into these various groups. So, for instance, mag fest for the gaming not quite as cosplay heavy even though it's in the same venue has got a lot of the same components. Cats icon is known as a cosplay consul. People bring like those builds that you know, I don't know how you got that on the

spk_0:   11:49
way you put that. Did you get security right?

spk_1:   11:54
It's just you're

spk_0:   11:55
literally looks really real. I saw a knife that I'm like, certain he's like It's got attack. It's not really like I need your tips. And because now I'm at the point where I want to learn how to build. So I'm gonna do I'm gonna take a couple panels this year learning how to do some phone bills because it's starting to get expensive to buy everything. Exactly. And I ran the cost. I appreciate that. But all of a sudden I turned into from Super Halloween girl because I love Halloween. I love doing makeup love doing. I did like Iron Woman a few years ago, like red eyebrows and like gold. It was a hot mess, but it was fun. And now it's gone from showing up in the first year. Blur con with like a T shirt on. It's, um, you know, hot topic short like I'm, you know, a blur. You brought

spk_1:   12:39
your cosplay game last year? Don't know. Downgrades yourself.

spk_0:   12:42
That was my first year, Cosplaying

spk_1:   12:43
Well, lower case C you were You were Cosplaying in the year before. But you were casual.

spk_0:   12:50
Yeah, it was cash.

spk_1:   12:51
And that's the thing. You know, it's a thing now, too. Casual costumes, people who actually go out and they construct their fashion based on the geek aesthetic. So they might have a tie that's nerdy. Or a shirt within the business where that you might wear during the day. So people who know well, no, no, they'll notice. But people who don't really know are then won't really even this night in a discussion topic. But you did bring Cosplaying here to

spk_0:   13:17
thank you. Thank you Were trying way Have some surprises for a guy left. Well, apparently, I'm going awesome cone and I'm gonna be running the company you like. What are these cons come from? And my route so blurry. Khan is like a con and didn't like Akane on drugs. Is dragon want Jenko?

spk_1:   13:37
Yeah. That's like the Mardi Gras. Literally, because it's half of its outside. It's in between seven hotels. It's in downtown Atlanta. They're running on 33 or 34 years, going 100,000 people. Uh, that actually was the model for blur cons. 10 year plan. Okay, the Hyatt Crystal City sits right at the lower end, right next to the airport. You know, right of the armpit. And there are no residents there. There's one temporary residence behind us, the Concorde. Everything else is government corporate businesses. So after about 4 30 on a Friday, everyone scattered. So all the parking decks empty out, all the hotels empty out. So for us, the idea is that with the hire Crystal City, which, by the way, housed Cats icon during one of its start there. But it was there for a year or two. Then I outgrew and went to the Gaylord. Otakon was there before they went to Baltimore. Animal USA was there before it went to the Wardman Park. Marriott manifest was there for you.

spk_0:   14:42
I'm just gonna tell you, Blurt Khan is about the out bro that say that's

spk_1:   14:46
gonna happen probably sooner than we planned. And when it does happen, instead of doing what the other conventions didn't left, we're actually going to take the party across the street. So we will have a multi hotel layout so you'll have your host hotel Hyatt Little doing stuff, maybe in the courtyard Marriott and the residents in and the Renaissance. So you'll have this this moving area, you know, God forbid the wind or something, but that's

spk_0:   15:09
it's fine. If it works, we'll

spk_1:   15:11
make it work. It's so that's what we're hoping to have happened.

spk_0:   15:14
So with all of this, all this call is play blurriness. You got a day job. You know, this is the starting take over your world. What are you doing to take care of yourself? What is your self care,

spk_1:   15:25
right. This, uh, quiet quiet is is where I'm able to, you know, kind of call us. My thoughts sleep Very important. Hydration. Very important nutrition eyes important on its these air little micro choices that you could make during the day to just keep yourself alive. If you're looking at buying a bottle of, you know, Coca Cola versus a bottle of water, you just make the choice for the water, especially when you're in the con space running around in your talk and that kind of stuff. You know, if you're having opportunity, get some fried chicken fingers or, you know, a veggie burger. If you have that option, you take,

spk_0:   16:01
you know a better way. Need better con food.

spk_1:   16:04
Yeah, well, we got a solution for that. Okay, A food truck.

spk_0:   16:08
That is true. You did have a food truck rally last year. Whatever. Those. It was a snow cone truck out there last year. Yeah, people crazy, much neighboring.

spk_1:   16:18
I didn't know

spk_0:   16:19
what they look like. They had a contest where you ordered this. $30. No comb. And if you didn't eat it, you to pay for it. And then if you pay after you pay for you got a T shirt that said I failed or something like that. So and I can't find this truck. I need them in my life because they had some flavors that I just went back to my room ahead it some room to it. And in the food, I'm a grown ass woman. And if I went lick, I want liquor. So I

spk_1:   16:49
was waiting. What we're gonna what we're gonna do is so all the trucks that were there last year, I think it was three. We have won the first year. We had three year, too. The barbecue truck will be back right away, and that barbecue event on Saturday will happen. But we're gonna have a wide variety of trucks Right now, we've got eight lined up hoping to get a CZ many as 15. Okay, And that will run the entirety of the con. So if you wanna have, you know, bar food at the convention hotel bar or the restaurant totally fine. Have great food at the Crystal City. High it. However, if you want to step outside and get some of the DC Metro's finest food trucks, you know it's good weather. It's right around the corner is like you walk right behind the Hyatt big parking lot where we had the barbecue tonight and you'll be able to get food around the clock. That's our plans. So Okay, hopefully you'll make good choices. You won't put as much rum. Your E

spk_0:   17:42
can't do too much because you know I got the kids. I got the kids

spk_1:   17:46
not to be growing. He's baby sitting. You say, Watch your brothers,

spk_0:   17:50
I know, but you con space is different because everyone's want running while they're exposed to parts of the female anatomy they've never seen in person before. So, you know, teaching cons are a good place to teach kids no means no and consent because just because a woman looks sexy doesn't mean she wants you. Doesn't mean she's interested in talking to you. She just really wants a bunch of pictures for her. Instagram. So you know that she wants to be her character and everything in cosplay, But they don't, you know, does this because she's dressed that way is not an invitation for I can't

spk_1:   18:25
say that That's not just for the young people. You know, I'm thinking that there are whole strata of black nerds and innards in general who have not had the opportunity to either be in the con space around women who are dressed in a lot of cost place and be a little risque. Uh, and you have to have these learn behaviors. That's why sign it everywhere. Every cosplay is not consent. Hands to yourself, as someone there pronouns so you can almost like When you're driving, we try to treat it like a highway. You may know exactly how to get here every day, but I still put Waze app in just in case so I can get the signing say that's where the exit is. This is the stop sign I know this is Intersection. I could just notice that they put a sign there. Anyone? So you know, we kind of create the space where you know, if you follow the signs and you kind of keep in Iowa on how people are behaving right, you can normalize your interactions with almost anybody in a respectful environment where people are not. It's not as, ah, scantily clad. She might even find at a pool.

spk_0:   19:27
No. Is

spk_1:   19:28
that because you're not at the pool and your doors It sometimes takes on a different

spk_0:   19:33
won't away. Putting it at the pool is the perfect way to describe it because also, we have a lot of people who don't get outside. So you know, we the one thing cause my conversation I have with my kids personally every couple weeks is Hey, guys, when you're talking to a woman, you know, what's the plan there? Like what? And then, you know, you know, are you being respectful? Are you, you know, acknowledging she may not, you know, Do you know the warning signs that a woman does not want to be spoken to or not interested in you? And you know, there's a way for you to handle that. So we had some experiences last year. What not to do that my Children witnessed. So we have used those as learning opportunities versus me going full on crazy woman. Oh, that was Thank you so much for your interest. However, these are my two small Children. How are you? And you? My son's not a small child. He's told me he's not 6 13

spk_1:   20:26
years old, like Timbo. Hi, nice to grow down, shaking his child's hand, looking up, you know? And he's like, Hi, Milton, like

spk_0:   20:36
one gentleman actually pushed him out the way like I was talking to her first. He's like my mom. I don't need some money, so you go to the food truck is over That story. It is definitely been an interesting situation. But blurt life aside, I got a question for you. Are you excited? For all the Marvel stuff about to

spk_1:   20:55
happen? Excited isn't the word. This is my childhood. Come to life on I I. I am. I'm a first generation nerd, So there's nobody else in my family who's even remotely plugged into any of this. I am dragging all of my family with me on my nerd journey through the emcee, You cooking and screaming. Okay, so they if I make them see things in sequence, they don't understand why they can't see, you know, one movie before the other side because he's a Raul Progressive stories yourself contained movies that building a larger narrative. I remember reading Infinity Ward and just like Oh my God, the concept of the infinity stones. And you know this this You would never think that this is something that would make its way to the screen. And when you're watching it on the screen, there's this nostalgia. You know, you're you're you're an adult, but you're also a child sitting in the theater gripping the seats, and you're you're cheering madly and you're like, Oh, my God

spk_0:   21:52
sobbed uncontrollably Owner shoulder of a strange

spk_1:   21:55
little thug. Tears.

spk_0:   21:56
No, that wasn't I was when Spiderman didn't make it. And no spoiler alert if you have. But you haven't seen no, You know what? Shame get pretty much if you haven't seen it by now. What scene? Six times, Seven times? Probably more than that. But when spiky, didn't you know? And he Mr Start the poor man next to me, and I'm holding, you know? And it is my baby. That doesn't Tom Holland is one of the best Spiderman's that they could have ever cast it. I love him. And when they killed my baby, I wasn't right. And, um what, Actually, when I first started recording here, he had a Spider Man blanket that was on the table thing. Absorb the same. Like, this is where it smells of record, I guess. Spider Man. So what? Infinity warning with that Captain Marvel when she gonna come do her thing. And it's interesting because you realize how many people don't know anything about Marvel And Black Panther was the first entry way to a lot of black people learning about Marshall

spk_1:   22:53
for so many bloods.

spk_0:   22:56
And, you know, it's like, Oh, you because I mean, the Black Panther Party that we went to for the premiere. There are people dressed up like they were from zoo much. It was on Alexandria.

spk_1:   23:08
I was there. Okay. This was the one that was put on by the

spk_0:   23:11
tummy. Yes. I didn't know you were there. I was there. I don't

spk_1:   23:14
have the cosplayers. And we had a big backdrop for blurred constantly co sponsored that and funny story. So I got I went all out for it, like you see my gold, black and gold. Uh, she can sew. That came handmade from Ghana. I really, really went out for it. And I pulled up early, obviously, because I'm recording parts of it. I'm getting it beforehand. I'm at my car and I don't want to drive in some changing, you know, in the open door, passengers are getting into it and I put on my little sash and I'm looking at myself. Sounds like you know, man, I might I might be just I'm gonna step out here and folks are gonna just have some black Panther T shirts on, and I'm gonna be totally over the top, and they're going to blow this guy, right? So I come around the corner and it looked like the opening wedding scene from coming to America. There was Kim take cloth hat wraps. That is, there was a shiki drummers. Drummers was like and I was like, Okay, maybe I'm not I didn't bring enough. I need to go back to the car, throw somewhere stuff one It was amazing watching. And you know, the really cool thing. There was a kn Asian family that we're wearing a dashiki and you have to remember, this is African culture, African American covert. And even though we take ownership right now, there was a couple of brothers that were part of the organizing committee with with city representative on. So what happened was all the African Americans didn't know what to do, like like, Is this you know, appropriation? Is this a So we look over at the guys from Kenya and Ghana were like It's like if they came to Ghana wearing regular T shirts, we would put those on them when they got off the plane like That's so this is totally fine. It's not ceremony, and we're like, Okay, so we'll relax. They were like, all right. It was just this big open, you know? So we just had a blast with it, and I cry every time.

spk_0:   25:05
But I'm so excited. I mean, it's the most beautiful. The black people just killed it. I mean, I'm just excited for the, you know, Oscar's you know they're nominated. Yes, sir. So it sze I'm excited and I'm so proud to be this nerdy girl who grew up on this crap, and it's like you get to see my stuff that I already knew about. So now people call me, I'm about to get to you because I love I really love this stuff. And what's funny uses that people homing their like Bree, what's about to happen? In the end, I might know. How many did you need to read? You need to figure it out. So, like Brie Larson playing Captain Marvel people like I don't see it for her. You know, you've never read the comment. I think she's going to kill it. I hope she kills it. Um, I have a Ms Marvel costume and works. It has to be stellar because they're following in the virtual brother's footsteps, setting the steps for excuse for Phase four. And if what happens if they can stick to the comics? And I think the Russos will everyone's going to, like, be amazed by what's gonna happen in the Marvel cinematic universe, and then the fact that they just required by Disney and if you notice, does he start to pull all their stuff off on Netflix also have their own Serve this, um because, I mean, that's where you go watch Black Panthers on Netflix. Oh, so you know, if you don't have the movie start buying them because Disney's coming for their coins. They made a huge investment in Marvel. Marvel was a money maker. As you go to Disney World Marvel Cities, they're gonna start popping up. I'm waiting because, you know, they start up the Star Wars. Oh, I'm already like, take a job. Like, what can I do to work in Florida? Because, you know, you got they already built the Star Wars City. So that's coming. I think, in the phone. And they got the Harry What powder. And I haven't been. So I have a whole list of nerdy. So now I can go to Disney World. I could do this. A small world after all, n van Gogh plan will conduct I'm never gonna leave. If that's the case,

spk_1:   27:11
your kid's gonna be home.

spk_0:   27:13
No, she never came home somewhere, but, you know, it's they're starting to see the vision of what this scifi nerd and may cause. I mean, there's a restaurant in Florida that is actually a go cool ramen shop e want to say it's outside of Orlando, but you can go in there and they have it all set up. Like, you know, go cool was always eating a Dragonball Z. You set up and go eat ramen like, Okay, so, um, the culture is really starting to be mainstream.

spk_1:   27:44
And that's what I really love about this era. I remember being in elementary school, middle school and even high school trying to explain to what you may call Normie Czar. Also, whatever term is, uh, you know, you know what's why are you so excited about this comic? And you try to explain within the context of one comic what's happened before, What it implies later and trying to physically or verbally take people on that journey while you're just sitting there never, ever worked. And until you were able to get someone needed thio actually buying and start reading the comics that bring people my house. Okay. He was fantastic for 100 You know, they're going into the negative zone. This is the perfect place to start. You know, Paul Smith just came off of X men, and you know, Chris Claremont is that, you know, like all right, is this really shut up? And then they would get into it. But now you have this vehicle in the movies, which is not totally faithful to the cannon, which is fine because it gives us combat nerds something to anticipate. You know, if it were just, you know, writing directly from the comet into screen, then we wouldn't have anything to expect. But they are rewriting the cannon, and what's happening is, is what they're putting on the movie screen and in the TV shows and on the Netflix stuff. And the animated movies is becoming the New Cannon and the Conqueror. They're all bringing it together. And that was the Disney way. They got a whole department over a Disney that their only job is to keep everybody in line. You know, make sure that nobody gets ahead in many buddy stories, and nobody does something that's this way on that that episode and

spk_0:   29:17
they kind of needed that management, because Stan was kind of letting people do their own thing, rest in peace stain. But, you know, it was kind of like Wait, like Thor Ragnarok, a beautiful movie one of my favorite Thor movies. You know, who I thought did You're gonna get, like, a buddy fun film from Thorin and profundity. Thorne. The incredible halt. Like what? I

spk_1:   29:39
was never funny in the car,

spk_0:   29:41
but, you know, they did a great job with it. And so we're going to subway for a second. How do we feel about D. C?

spk_1:   29:49
Well, I think that it is is a widely agreed upon fact. I use that word very, very directly. Fact that D. C up until now, at least just, you know, has made better animated movies. And Marvel has many better cinematic movies. I think what is happening is that d. C. Is seeing what Marvel has done on. I think the mistake that they made and I'm calling a steak with Justice League was that we had almost a decade before Infinity War, huh? You know, we were Hoke and we were Iron Man. And, you know, we knew it was building towards something, But we didn't, you know, we weren't really sure what it was or how they were to get there. How long it was gonna take. We knew that there was an end destination. And we waited 10 years in the parade, and at the end of the day parade into the parade, we had fireworks, which is the way it should be. What D C did is that they tried to put the fireworks ahead of the parade. Right. So you had, what, two movies you had Batman V. Superman. You had, uh, Wonder woman, Uh, and those were kind of the only ones that were building that that story line. And and then they went straight to Justice Lee. And they introduced everybody for the first time onto the screen.

spk_0:   31:02
What? We had the Green Lantern movie.

spk_1:   31:05
Yeah. Did we though?

spk_0:   31:07
Listen, it existed. So just because the movie failed doesn't mean it existed,

spk_1:   31:11
but it wasn't building toward

spk_0:   31:12
didn't build all of their movies or self contained. They don't think about all of that. So I agree with you on that. But I just wanna remind Ryan Ryan Reynolds for the 80 of time that that movies looked

spk_1:   31:23
at it. And I think that everyone's feelings about that movie can be encapsulated in the post credit scenes for Deadpool.

spk_0:   31:30
Oh, absolutely.

spk_1:   31:31
Super. We're kind of like okay, Just trying to make the suit animated. They did exactly,

spk_0:   31:36
you know, but he killed it with Deadpool. But he had to come to marvel. So let his personality shine through because D. C. It's kind of limited in the Like you said the live action. If now, if he was green Lantern, the cartoon voicing a cartoon, I think it would have killed. But it was live action because my favorite D C cartoonist Teen titans? Yes, not teen titans. Go put a little 1 19 Titans go

spk_1:   32:02
kids love team notes were We are

spk_0:   32:04
I'm straight. I

spk_1:   32:05
love are We love our young people and we tolerate him because of that. But it's not for us to get

spk_0:   32:10
my little one won tickets to see Teen Titans goes to the movies. It was so it was a slave, really had high

spk_1:   32:21
expectations. And I was like, Okay, they're gonna do something different with this And I saw the outtakes and

spk_0:   32:26
and I love beast boy, because beast boy, beginning some like these boys album. What beast boy needs out? He's a record deal.

spk_1:   32:33
Would you say I won't be catching villains? That track was unnecessarily dope like that. They could have sold that track to Drake or Kendrick Lamar Anybody and they could have ran with it and made it. But they put it on the show. That was

spk_0:   32:50
It's fine. I have, you know, because the show was got cute little, you know, like the cyborg I like. Speaking

spk_1:   32:57
of which do you like the new The teen titans serious, This latest one.

spk_0:   33:04
So that's all in the DC universe Streaming service. So what I did was waiting to the end almost the end and didn't I signed up so I could watch him for free because I'm done. I'm done paying for all the streaming service is And the beginning was a little little rough because it was a lot going on. The Starfire was speaking Russian and it was just a lot, but it was well done. So I think they're trying on the small screen to see what works. And then hopefully they can bring these ideas to the big screen because Gotham is amazing. And what is the one? Flash is pretty decent. And, you know, I watch a lot of this stuff want to CW CW. They're doing a great job. It's just something happens when I'm paying my $14 for a movie ticket. What? He can condition together

spk_1:   33:52
for three d. I want to

spk_0:   33:54
go in the morning. So what happens is so colored. People time. We have to get up. We got to get up before you go. I have not. I goto three action movie. Exactly. Three. I have three people in buying tickets for you. Get up in the morning. We get to the Imex three D at the you know at the movie theater, you know, get there before before 11. 45 you can get it. Yes, because I mean because you're over on the other side. So yeah, all the movie theaters. And if you buy through your app on your phone, you can get a deal. So sometimes they'll take $5 off your tickets if you go early. So

spk_1:   34:28
but that's it. That's a very various Stoute, uh, delineation between what they're doing with Siri's. Because I really like what they were doing with the Titans live action series. There was a lot of controversy around Starfire on, I think, because of the way that I think their PR people need to find other work because the way they allow that to fester and not be addressed. Yes, there was definitely racism involved in that in a way that was very ugly, very blatant. But at the same time, you know you if the only thing you see about one of the for us, one of the most cost played female characters out there Starfire for black women

spk_0:   35:07

spk_1:   35:07
because because, man, she is she's very, uh, Avery well defined character. If the only thing you see is a woman in this coat with this kind of no, don't call the hooker dress, but it was very

spk_0:   35:23
but at the time we didn't know she was going to a Russian idea. And so it was, So

spk_1:   35:28
they should have done a very a much better job with that. But once you see it and if you haven't seen it, you definitely should.

spk_0:   35:34
It's worth

spk_1:   35:34
it because come together. Her acting is brilliant. I think that if they were to allow this iteration of Starfire to be the Starfire that makes it into the movies, whether use an ante up or not, I think it would be successful.

spk_0:   35:51
Well, even so, the way that they So you know, a big part of what we do in the cause play world. I'm so grateful to see the hair be authentic toe foo hair. We're finding kinky hair and all the colors and it is exciting because sometimes wearing the little she had she, you know, Starfire head the kinky hair in the TV show and that she had that orange hair just flowing every time she got mad and it was well done. So that's one thing I do love about blurred because I never thought about being Selima breeds and have these little girls wandering up to me like you're saying the moon and you've got hair like me and you can do whatever you want. I don't even have to put this hair and I could just put it on. And just like that, here's my costume and we you know, we see these normalized images because you know, racism. But we can take anything. That's the good thing about our people. We can take anything, spin it, hook it up, put nothing on it, and it's amazing we make everything about

spk_1:   36:53
think about what she just said, and it's just kind of expand out from that. And that is the mission of blurred. Because one thing that we have to remember and I say this in every meeting when people we kind of get off on tangents because there's so much open to us is that this has to be a nerd convention. Black nerds love nerd culture just as much as anyone else. You know, we don't like the fact that we're not represented and we don't like the fact that we're not, you know, included in a lot of ways and our fandoms. But that doesn't mean we're not fans. You know where we are just as much into, you know, Dragon Ball Z is anybody else. We're just as much in the cosplay were just too much of the d c marvel. You name it gaming. So when we start talking about a convention in the same way, you're talking about cosplay, you know, I said, Well, you know, if we're all nerd fans, right, and we all love to play video games and we love playing retro Cabinet games, we love cosplay contest and panels and everything that are kind of currently components of the con space. How do we put that that black nerd top spin on the ball and re serve it in such a way that still is that defined item. It's still a panel. It's still a gaming tournament, still a cosplay contest, but has a very defined, you know, black nerd personality. So you have, for instance, the barbecue

spk_0:   38:11

spk_1:   38:11
which, by the way, hits all black people right in the 23 of me, which sits right about

spk_0:   38:16
here. I gotta I gotta get some.

spk_1:   38:18
Yeah, it's It is when I we debuted it at greater Philly Comic con. We started talking about it and, you know, I'm telling people all the guests I'm talking about the 24 hour game, By the way. It's a 24 hour convention. We don't, but

spk_0:   38:31
they do not shut down. Shut down, blurred after dark, blurred after dark.

spk_1:   38:35
Just so you know. So we got a lot to talk about in the pitch, and then I hit him with the Oh, yeah, we're doing a barbecue and then all of a sudden people would leave from the table. They would go tell their friends, bring them to the table and say, Hey, they're doing a barbecue and there's a convention around it. And barbecue was like the thing that just really, you know, you could you would tell a black person that we're having a barbecue. Tell them we're having a brunch, You know, when they would go. Oh, my God. You know, they're really doing.

spk_0:   39:05
So the barbecue was so much fun. And so and you, it was hot. So it was a little hot that but it's not It's not our fault, but, you know, just do not pick that day to be black widow.

spk_1:   39:15
However, this year, we're gonna have the water fans. The city of Arlington and the Crystal City bid are working with us. Oh, that's excellent. Yes, they're totally bought in Okay. Wanted to succeed. They love our use of outdoor spaces. So they're gonna be bringing some really cool stuff, and that will be no point of

spk_0:   39:36
barbecue was important. That was awesome. The brunch was awesome. What was it Cort tastic sponsored last year? Um, that was a great experience to have people because con So I hate to say it cause players are very, you know, as humans we don't like to. We don't necessarily want to talk to people is a group of introverts dressed up in costumes. And so a lot of people aren't really used to socializing. So it was really cool to see people speak to people, you know, we're having a meal. We had to break bread because there was no assigned seating. So it's like, Oh, can I come sit here and tell me about your costume? Did you build that? Yeah, I built it and it opened up a whole conversation with your instagram. And the next thing that you like, you're following people Instagram. Then you're texting with these people on Instagram and we're building community And there are all these little hubs that exist Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. Like right now we're still in February. I hope this air soon, but you know, we're still in February 28 Days of black caused by happening. And you know, Ava Duvernay was one of the first people on Twitter this year. She's like It's my favorite month is Black History Month and it's 28 days of black Cosplaying like, Yes, that's awesome Plug So black cause players were getting their shine every cosplayers important. Let me say that for all of my listeners, of all backgrounds. I love everybody, but my spirit gets happy when I see people who, um, are feeling comfortable enough in their skin to do what they dio and as the little black girl who was weird because I used to watch Doctor who, um and no one understood that was like

spk_1:   41:09
even amongst nerds, a young black woman watching Doctor who

spk_0:   41:13
and I started when I was older persons. Yeah, I started watching with my mom. My mom thought I was asleep and I was laying behind the sofa on the floor, watching Doctor who, when she was watching it. And so now tow. Watch the inclusion on that show and all of the is like, Look at that. His black people in Great Britain because you don't see that on TV on PBS Or are you being served for years? You never saw African American people want. You have black people, people of color, and now it's like, Wow, look at all the shows. So it's pretty interesting, and I'm excited, so I have a question for you. What else you have going on? Do you have anything you want the listeners to know about?

spk_1:   41:46
Well, I think the the idea for Blur Con in the ideal for me is that Blur Khan will sit on the calendar for three days as a culminating event that represents 362 days of other activities that build up to it. So we're constantly looking for opportunities to go and partner with and build new events and spaces because you know we for nerds, you have to understand that the con space that might be weird for other people coming in looking around like what's going on? This is actually our normal space. You know, the actual cosplay, the mask that we put on happens when we go to work, or the family union or church or anywhere that is air quotes normal. It's in the Khan space where we feel most ourselves. So there really is no limit on how much of that spaceship could provide someone. It's just a matter of variety and scaling and finance. So, you know, we're doing, you know, we're participating in other conventions, just like you were saying at the beginning of the podcast. There are other conventions that have helped blurred Khan come through and I'm talking about Oticon. I'm talking about awesome con and Tidewater and another con Runners have been doing this for decades and organizations that have really helped us be successful, who are looking at us having success in bringing certain guests and programming that is relevant to the black nerd community and then are taking bolder steps in their own conventions to book black nerd guests and do black nerd programming and more diversity programming. And we don't want to take sole responsibility for it. But I feel like there was this idea of Is there a market for this? And when they see an entire convention, which you know, and I'm not patting myself on the back, this is really the response of the community. For a convention to start off in its first year, having 1800 attendees has not heard off. That's not normal. That was roughly three times what the average convention would do in its first year on then. For us to double that from year one to your two is also very rare on we're expecting to redouble that for your three so all of your other conventions, if you start to see them become a little bit more diverse, a little bit Browner and their programming and their guests and the representation and the inclusion. Is there it? There's there are discussions happening behind the scenes between us and other conventions and other spaces. So when we say Cats icon, we say Maggot fest, we say Awesome conned. We say mo, mo Khan and Oticon. You know they are partners with us on a lot of things, and so you'll see us around. Yeah, so the next big thing for us will be at the Alfa Street Baptist Church. Now this is airing after the event, but this is a college fair for HBCU. We're participating in that. I've got a representation table and all that good stuff, but then we'll be in the con space doing cool stuff. So just keep an eye out for us. Follow us on. Our instagram follows on our faces.

spk_0:   44:43
You can give all that information where people confined you.

spk_1:   44:45
Absolutely. Www dot blurred conn dot com This b l e r D c o n that, of course, if you just put blurred, conned into the search engine of your favorite social media, be a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Facebook. We have a group, we have an event and we have a page. So all of our stuff goes out mainly through social media. First on, we do most of our response there as well on anyway, that you'd like to connect with us. Whatever works best for you, we will meet you where you are.

spk_0:   45:14
Vendor space is sold out. If I remember correctly.

spk_1:   45:17
Yes, it is sold out. It is another thing that we're trying to get used to, uh, where the interest has been a little bit more advanced accelerated than we were expecting. So we have expanded so that there would be more space. So we'll be down in the in the bottom level with some more vendor space as well. Uh, but do not let that if you are a vendor or an artist or someone who has crafts or things like that. Please, please, please feel free to email us. We can get you on the list. If not getting you in for 2019 you'll be on the outreach list for 2020 so that you'll be able to sign up early and get you in, but it's It's an amazing group of vendors and artists that come through and

spk_0:   45:58
excellent. Also, if you're a content creator and have something of use to talk about. Four panel, there are some submission times. I think we have until late March for you to consider.

spk_1:   46:12
Submit a panel. We love love panels because this is the way that you get to shape your Khan way. Have over 100 and 25 panels from year one in year two. That's a lot of content, so please feel free to submit. There's no subject too small that you don't have to be experienced. I'll have to be famous, you know, if you just have a story to tell if you have a perspective. If you have a group of people, they want to tell the story. Submit. Just go to the website under panels and you can submit and we'll be looking at those in March.

spk_0:   46:41
Well, sir, it's always a pleasure to see you and talk to you. And thank you for talking about our bloodiness. And you've changed. Are my family's life definitely. Um so No, I appreciate you, but guys, thank you so much for turning into this episode of fabulous Fuck Khoury. I'm your host. Fairness Bree. I hope you emerge famously in spite of all of life's factory, and you can find me wherever podcasts are downloaded. ITunes School Stitcher, Lord Camellia There's a New Epoch, and on my website is bareness bree dot com Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest On fairness, Bree, talk to you soon.